50+ Unique & Thoughtful Christmas Gifts for Wife 2022

Man handing christmas gift for wife to woman

It may feel like fall just got here but before you know it, the holiday season will be in full swing. Now is as good a time as any to start thinking about the perfect gift for your wife. Whether you're looking for a gift to make her life easier or show her how much you care with a romantic gift, our gift guide has something she's guaranteed to love. We have unique gifts for every price point so feel free to check out the section that fits your budget.

If you want to get even more ahead of the gift-giving game, we can help you find an eco-friendly mother's day gift too. Let's start with our top picks every wife is sure to love.

Our top gift idea picks every wife loves

To help you narrow down your Christmas gift ideas for your wife we've gathered our top 5 gifts that are sure to make her smile this holiday season.

  1. The most practical gift for her: Pela Monarch Butterfly Case
  2. The most fun gift for her: 100 Date Ideas Scratch Off Poster
  3. The most unique gift for her: Lomi Electric Composter
  4. The coziest gift for her: MEROKEETY Women's Long Sleeve Pajama Set
  5. The most touching gift for her: Personalized Keepsake Box


Christmas gifts for your wife under 50$

Whether your budget is a bit tight this year or you're looking for a gift to round out her Christmas list, we've got gifts that won't break the bank.

1. 100 Date Ideas Scratch Off Poster

Scratch off calendar christmas gifts for wife

If you and your wife struggle to come up with fun date ideas, this poster will make choosing your next activity less work. Dates range from baking something at home together, to taking a hot air balloon ride. Even if you can't do all of the activities, it's a great inspiration to get out there and try new things as a couple.

Price: $14.94

Why she’ll love it: This gift is a great way to keep things fun and exciting no matter how long you've been married.

2. MEROKEETY Women's Long Sleeve Pajama Set

Woman wearing long sleeve pajama set

Does your wife work from home or does she live in cozy clothes on her days off? If this sounds like your wife, you are going to want to get her this cozy pajama set. This super affordable set with a long sleeve henley and matching shorts is so comfortable, she'll never want to take them off.

Price: $45.99

Why she’ll love it: This set is the perfect casual outfit for everyday life. Your wife can wear it to bed and wear it to run errands the next day. She'll want one in every color!

3. Personalized Keepsake Box

Keepsake gift box best christmas gift for wife

What's more meaningful to the woman in your life than the memories you share? She should have a special place to store all of the items that remind her of the good times you've had. This custom wooden box is perfect for holding photos and other special mementos of your love story.

Price: $19.00+

Why she’ll love it: To truly make this one of the best gifts she'll get, add some photos or other items to the box before wrapping it up. Just be ready with the tissues for her tears of joy.

4. Yeti Rambler 26 oz Bottle with Chug Cap

Tumbler best xmas gifts for wife

Yetis are the perfect tumbler to keep your beverages at just the right temperature. They come in a wide variety of colors and are virtually indestructible. Whether she wants to keep her morning cup of coffee hot for hours or something a little stronger cold, she'll love this tumbler.

Price: $40

Why she’ll love it: The chug cap is perfect for getting quick sips while on the go.

5. Ododos Out Pocket High-Waisted Yoga Pants

Red yoga pants with side pocket

These leggings have nearly 30,000 positive reviews on Amazon. Since they're so affordable, you could buy her a few pairs. With so many colors to choose from, she'll want a pair for every day of the week.

Price: $25

Why she’ll love it: The moisture-wicking material is perfect for the sweatiest workout, but they're cute enough to wear outside the gym too.

6. TheraBox Self Care Subscription Box

Self care box christmas gift for wife

Instead of one gift, why not get her a gift that's sure to please her every month? This self-care box is filled with products to pamper her and is curated by a therapist. The first box is $39 and each additional box is $45 but is filled with over $100 worth of product.

Price: $45

Why she’ll love it: Not only does this box have 7 products to pamper her, but it comes with one self-care activity that is inspired by neuroscience and positive psychology to lift the mind, body, and spirit.

7. Harry Potter Cookie Cutter Set

Harry Potter cookie cutters

If she's a fan of Harry Potter and the world of Hogwarts, she is going to love this baking set. It comes with stainless steel cutters in the shape of iconic Harry Potter images, icing bags, decorating tips, and a storage box to keep it all in.

Price: $29.95

Why she’ll love it: She'll love being able to whip up some seriously magical treats for the next Harry Potter marathon.

8. Adult Coloring Book Set

Adult coloring book with colored pencils

Who says that coloring is just for kids? This kit has a paperback coloring book and colored pencils, perfect to get her started. It even has some how-to guides inside that provide helpful tips for even the most novice artist.

Price: $16.29

Why she’ll love it: Coloring can help her unwind after a long day and get in touch with her inner child.

9. Chunky Gold Hoop Earrings

Gold hoop earrings

If you want to get her some jewelry this holiday season, but don't want to spend a ton, these gold hoops are the perfect gift. They come in a variety of sizes and are simple enough to be dressed up or down.

Price: $13.95

Why she’ll love it: These earrings are not only beautifully designed, but they're also lightweight. and hypoallergenic. She won't have to worry about heavy tugging or pain while wearing this great gift.

10. Marpac Dohm Classic White-Noise Sound Machine

Sound machine gift for wife

If your wife is someone who struggles to sleep at night, this sound machine could be the best gift for her. It has a sleek design that blends easily in with your home decor you'll barely know it's there.

Price: $46.99

Why she’ll love it: She can customize her sound experience with two-speed options to help mask background noise and lull her to sleep.

11. Bambusi Store Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray

Bamboo bath caddy tray

A bubble bath is a perfect way for your wife to unwind after a long day and this bath caddy is the perfect bath companion. She can toss in one of her favorite bath bombs and get comfortable with her favorite wine and maybe a candle for some ambiance.

Price: $49.99

Why she’ll love it: This caddy has room for her wine glass, a tablet or book holder, and any other items she needs for the ultimate relaxation.

12. Amacool Battery-Operated Stroller Fan

Pink fan with bendy legs

Your wife works hard and sometimes that means she's going to sweat. Why not help keep her cool, whether she's riding on her peloton or working on the computer? It easily straps to her bike's handlebars or can be bent to use as a stand for her phone.

Price: $35.99

Why she’ll love it: This super portable fan has three levels of speed to meet whatever needs she has but runs quietly so it won't be distracting.

13. Olaplex Hair Perfector

Olaplex hair mask

If it seems like she's literally been pulling her hair out this holiday season, she's probably in need of a good hair mask. That's where Olaplex's Hair Perfector steps in. It helps repair damaged hair and broken bonds leaving her with beautifully soft locks.

Price: $30.00

Why she’ll love it: This product is hairstylist approved for its moisturizing and restorative qualities. She'll look like she just left the salon after each use.

14. Anker PowerCore 10000

White charging bank for phone

Is your wife always complaining that her phone is dying? This incredibly helpful little charger will make sure she always has access to her phone when she needs it the most. It holds a lot of charging power so it's a good gift to have on hand.

Price: $31.99

Why she’ll love it: This device is super portable. She just has. to charge it up and toss it in her bag and it's ready to go.

15. Weleda Skin Food

Hand cream for wife

If your wife's hands are always dry, she is going to love this moisturizing hand cream. It's thick and creamy and full of hydrating ingredients. It's also sustainably produced and the packaging can be recycled through TerraCycle when she's done.

Price: $18.50

Why she’ll love it: Not only is this product a great gift for dry hands, it works as a beauty highlighter and can even tame her frizzy dry ends.

16. Auroshikha Natural Resin Gum Benzoin Sambrani Incense Sticks

Incense sticks gift for wife

If your wife is into meditation or just enjoys the smell of incense, this is a perfect gift for her. It's made from natural resin and 100% pure ingredients. The fragrance purifies your space and aids in concentration and meditation.

Price: $18.95

Why she’ll love it: These incense sticks last for a long time with one reviewer saying 1 stick burned for around 2 hours. That means she'll get through plenty of yoga or meditation sessions with this package.

17. Vekkia Rechargeable Neck Book Light

Wireless reading light

If your wife loves reading a good book before bed, she is going to love this unique gift. It's a wearable book light with noise-canceling headphones. It's the perfect gift for when she wants to get some reading in while you snore beside her.

Price: $21.99

Why she’ll love it: This lightweight book light is hands-free and features 9 brightness modes and 3 color temperatures. Perfect for reading or crafting without keeping you awake beside her.

18. El Paso Designs Mexican Yoga Blanket

Yoga blanket xmas gifts for wife

There are so many possibilities with this beautiful blanket. It comes in a wide variety of colors and it can be used indoors and outdoors. It's made of super soft, eco-friendly recycled fibers.

Price: $21.49

Why she’ll love it: This blanket is truly versatile. You can use it on your next picnic or she can snuggle up with her furry friend (or you) on the couch.

19. Darn Tough Hiking Socks

Hiking sock for wife

If your wife is into the outdoors, she's going to want a good pair of socks. Darn Tough socks are super durable, moisture-wicking, and guaranteed for life. What's more, they are through-hiker approved so you know they'll hold up to your adventures.

Price: $25.00

Why she’ll love it: They're made of 59% merino wool, 39% nylon, and 2% lycra so they'll keep her feet warm and comfortable.

Xmas gifts for her (50-100$)

Looking to spend a little more, but not go too crazy? Here are some great Christmas gift ideas for your best friend. There are some unique gifts that will be a total surprise to her on Christmas morning.

20. Pela Monarch Butterfly Case

Butterfly phone case christmas gift for wife

If your wife loves the cottage core aesthetic, why not add these sweet little butterflies to her device? She'll have a little bit of springtime with her even during the cold months until you can whisk her away to a warm meadow for a romantic picnic.

Price: $59.95

Why she’ll love it: While these phone cases look gentle, they are quite tough! Thanks to the power of plants, your wife's phone will easily survive daily drops with this 100% compostable phone case.


Pela Case

Pela Case


48,000+ 5 star reviews | The internet's most loved case

Protect your phone and the planet with the world's first compostable phone case. Pela Cases offer a serious drop protection without compromising on style. Over 857,205 people have switched to Pela. What are you waiting for?


21. Wisuce Bamboo Plant Shelf

Bamboo plant stand for wife

Is your wife a plant mom? Get her this sleek plant stand. It's beautifully designed and doesn't take up a ton of space while still having enough room for all her plant babies.

Price: $89.99

Why she’ll love it: It's functional and makes for great home decor to liven up your space. It even has a shelf for all her plant books.

22. Nearly Natural 43-Inch Dracaena Silk Artificial Plant

Fake plant christmas gift idea

If your wife doesn't really have a green thumb but wants some greenery to brighten up your space, this faux dracaena plant is a win-win. It looks real but requires zero maintenance.

Price: $86.99

Why she’ll love it: She'll love how real this silk plant looks, but she'll really love that it doesn't need any watering or trimming.

23. BCAN 38-Inch Foldable Mini-Trampoline

Woman jumping on mini trampoline

If your wife has gotten tired of her Peloton or is just looking for a more low-impact way to get fit, this mini trampoline is a great gift. It's easy to store and super quiet to use.

Price: $79.99

Why she’ll love it: Just 10 minutes on this mini tramp gets in the same cardio as 1 hour of jogging or 30 minutes on her bike making it easier to add a workout to her everyday life.

24. Terramar Thermasilk Scoop-Neck Top

Silk base layer top for woman

If your wife is always complaining about how cold she is, she's going to love this silk base-layer top. It's more luxurious than regular cotton. It will keep her warm without the added bulk that comes with some base layers. Grab a pair of bottoms to pair with this top and she'll be nice and cozy all winter long.

Price: $52+

Why she’ll love it: This top has thermoregulation comfort technology that helps you regulate your body's natural temperature. It's great for outdoor adventures and cuddling up by the fire.

25. JBL Clip 4

Small clip radio

This waterproof Bluetooth speaker is the perfect gift for the wife who loves to sing along to her favorite tunes in the shower. It's waterproof and can clip right to the shower head so she can jam out or bring it along to the pool or beach.

Price: $79.36

Why she’ll love it: Because of how small and portable this little device is, she can easily attach it to a strap, belt, or belt loop and bring it anywhere.

26. Blink Outdoor HD Security Camera

Outdoor wireless camera

Whether your wife is a dog mom and likes to keep an eye on her fur baby while she's at work, or just wants a little more security around the house, she is going to love this wireless camera. It has motion detection that alerts your phone so you know exactly what's going on when you're not there.

Price: $99.99

Why she’ll love it: You can hear and speak with visitors live in real-time right from the Blink app. So she won't miss an important delivery or guest.

27. Zodiac Birthdate Book

Zodiac birthday book

If your wife constantly checks her horoscope or reminds you that some of her personality traits are due to her Taurus placement, this made-to-order book is the perfect gift for her. It features over 70 pages of detailed horoscope analysis to help her understand her unique astrological birth chart.

Price: $95.00

Why she’ll love it: This unexpected gift is written with psychic intuition and charm so she can get a better understanding of who she is and what her future holds.

28. JoyGeek Wireless Charging Station

Wireless charger for iphone and airpods

Your wife can finally get rid of all her extra charging cords with this 3-in-1 wireless charging station. It'll be her one-stop station to charge her iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods.

Price: $59.97

Why she’ll love it: Not only will this help tidy up her nightstand, but you can get her a color that matches her phone or bedroom decor.

29. Karatasi DIY Bracelet Kit in Rainbow

Jewelry kit gift idea for wife

You're sure to win the holidays with a gift that is both an activity and something she can wear when she's done. She can customize up to seven colorful bracelets using beautiful beads and raffia tassels and cords. She can even give some as birthday gifts to her friends.

Price: $59.99

Why she’ll love it: Not only are these bracelets beautiful, each purchase of this ethically-sourced gift box helps women living in poverty in Uganda.

30. Umbra Triflora Hanging Planter

Hanging planter for window

If your wife has always wanted to create an indoor herb garden, this is the perfect gift for her. She can have fresh herbs year-round. It's a unique and interesting way to hang plants.

Price: $63.00

Why she’ll love it: The planter can be hung either from the ceiling or the wall so it makes a great herb garden, for succulent plants, or vines.

31. Revlon Hot Air Brush

Electric hair brush

If your wife usually takes what feels like hours to get ready to go anywhere, this little tool will cut her routine in half. This tool is both a paddle brush, round brush, and hair dryer all in one. She'll be able to quickly give herself salon-worthy blowouts at home.

Price: $59.99

Why she’ll love it: Not only does this tool speed up her routine, but it can also replace a bunch of different styling tools to help declutter the bathroom.

32. Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat

Green yoga mat gift for wife

This yoga mat is dense enough to protect her sensitive joints but isn't super bulky so it's not a pain to lug to the yoga studio. It has closed-cell material that keeps moisture and bacteria on the surface so it's super easy to clean after a hot yoga class.

Price: $99.00

Why she’ll love it: This mat is OEKO-TEX certified so you don't have to worry about any harmful substances coming into your home.

33. Amazon Basics Hardside Carry-on Spinner Suitcase

Woman holding suitcase

Perhaps you got your wife a romantic gift of a trip she's been dying to go on or you just like to travel a lot. Either way, this carry-on suitcase is the perfect companion for air travel. It's just right for a four or five-day trip.

Price: $75.89

Why she’ll love it: The telescoping handle makes it easy to maneuver and the ABS hard shell means it can hold up to any turbulence.

34. Authentic Japanese Snack Subscription Box

Woman holding snack gift box

If your wife is a snacker, she is going to love this Japanese snack box. She'll get 20 or so Japanese candies and snacks along with a curated tea pairing to go along with the box's theme to enjoy. She won't be satisfied with her normal snacks when she gets her hands on this gift box.

Price: $59.99

Why she’ll love it: Not only is this box filled with delicious goodies, but it comes with a booklet to tell you the history and information about each product.

35. ReFillable Candle System, Ultimate Pack

Candle holder with different candles

Now she can change out her candle scents whenever the mood strikes her with this beautiful ceramic candle holder. It's super easy to change the scent, just pull out the recyclable container and put a new scent in. It's that easy!

Price: $90.00

Why she’ll love it: With scents like Last Drink By the Bonfire and Behind the Unmarked Door, she's sure to find a unique and perfect scent no matter the occasion.

36. UGG Tasman Slippers

Ugg slipper

Who doesn't like a cozy pair of UGG's on a cold winter day? These slippers are easy to slip on and off and keep your feet cozy and warm. They may be slippers, but they are stylish enough to wear out while running errands or hanging with friends.

Price: $99.95

Why she’ll love it: She won't have to worry about taking off her warm slippers to take the dog out for a walk since these have a durable rubber sole.

37. Off-White Canvas High Tops

Off-white high tops for wife

If your wife is a bit of a sneakerhead, she'll love these crisp off-white high tops from Cariuma. It features lightweight cushion technology, a perfectly-weighted rubber sole, and a classic cap-toe design. It's the perfect old-school look made by new-school, ethical factories.

Price: $98.00

Why she’ll love it: These high tops are made from sustainable materials and an ethical production process, so they look great and are good for the environment too!

38. SAATVA Weighted Silk Eye Mask

Sleep masks gifts for wife

Nothing (other than maybe your loud snoring) keeps your wife up more than the little bits of light that manage to creep into your bedroom. With these soft silk eye masks, she won't have to worry about missing out on any of her beauty sleep. Maybe pair them with some earplugs if you're a snorer.

Price: $75.00

Why she’ll love it: These are like a mini weighted blanket for her eyes. She'll instantly feel the stress of the day melt away.

Best Christmas gifts over 100$

Now we're getting into the more expensive, but still great gifts for your wife. Whether she just has expensive taste or you want to give her a truly memorable gift, there are plenty more gift ideas left to wow her.

39. Lomi Electric Composter

Electric composter great xmas gift for wife

If your wife has mentioned an interest in getting some zero-waste products for the house then Lomi is the perfect eco-friendly Christmas gift for her. Lomi is an electric composter and makes composting a hassle-free activity. Your wife's Lomi would make a positive impact on her life and on the planet.

Price: $499.00

Why she’ll love it: A Lomi composter doesn't take up a lot of counter space and she can put it away when she's not using it. It's super easy to use, she can just toss in her food scraps and push a button. A few hours later and nutrient-rich dirt that she can use on her plants.


Lomi by Pela



Lomi allows you to turn food waste into plant-ready nutrients in under 24 hours. Boost your plants while reducing your waste.


40. Polaroid Originals Now I-Type Instant Camera

Polaroid camera gift

This gift is perfect for the wife who misses the old-school polaroid cameras but wants the modern convenience of uploading her favorite photo to Instagram. She can easily upload pictures via Bluetooth or print them like you would classic polaroids. It's really the best of both worlds.

Price: $116.46

Why she’ll love it: The Now+ has five lens filters, double exposure capabilities, and a ton of customizable settings via the app. She can get super creative without wasting a ton of film in the process.

41. Hunt A Killer The Moon Summit Mystery Complete Box Set Special Edition

Mystery gift box for wife christmas gift

Like most people, your wife is probably obsessed with true crime. Give her the chance to solve a mystery of her very own. You can work together to analyze clues in order to solve the mystery and catch the killer before time runs out.

Price: $179.22

Why she’ll love it: She gets to be part of her very own murder mystery in the comfort of her own home. Up to 6 players can take part in the 6 episodes so it makes for a great game night with friends.

42. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Dyson hair dryer

If your wife stays up to date on the viral beauty trends, chances are she has this hair dryer on her list. It's the gold standard as far as fancy hair dryers go. She'll get a salon-quality blowout from the comfort of her own home.

Price: $429.99

Why she’ll love it: This hair dryer includes five styling attachments, one of which helps hide flyaways. She'll love trying out all the latest styles.

43. Shiatsu Foot and Calf Massager

Massager gift for wife

Your wife deserves a little pampering. If a spa trip isn't her style, bring the spa to her with this foot and calf massager. It's great for her feet, heels, calves, and even her arms.

Price: $359.99

Why she’ll love it: Not only does this massager provide deep kneading with rolling and compression massaging, it also offers heat for all her aching muscles.

44. Wool Runner-up Mizzles

White warm sneaker for woman

These wet-weather high tops are made with merino wool and. a bio-based water-repellent shield. They're sure to keep her feet cozy and dry no matter what her day brings.

Price: $145.00

Why she’ll love it: Allbirds are all about sustainability. From the materials they use to their sustainable practices, she'll feel good about wearing these shoes.

45. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Coffee mug with electric base

If your wife likes her morning cup of coffee hot, but often gets distracted and comes back to a cold drink, she'll love this unique gift. She can control the temperature with her smartphone to keep her drink at the perfect temp. It's also hand-washable so it's super simple to clean.

Price: $149.95

Why she’ll love it: This is a truly smart mug. It wakes up when hot liquid is poured in and enters sleep mode when not in use.

46. Personal Genetic DNA Test

DNA test gift for your wife

Who wouldn't like to know a bit more about where they come from? With this DNA test from 23andMe, your wife can find out her unique genetic background and maybe connect with long-lost relatives. Maybe she could find out she's related to royalty!

Price: $199.99

Why she’ll love it: Not only can this test give insight into where she's come from, but it can also give health reports showing how her DNA can affect the likelihood of developing certain health conditions.

47. Matcha Maker Starter Kit

Matcha tea maker gift set

If coffee isn't her thing, but she still likes a bit of caffeine, she will love this starter kit. It'll make her morning routine feel a little more sacred while she whisks up the perfect cup of matcha.

Price: $299.00

Why she’ll love it: If she's new to matcha, this starter kit is a great introduction. It comes with three types of leaf blends so she can find her favorite.

48. 12-in-1 Pro II Smart Air Fryer

Black air fryer kitchen gift for wife

If your wife isn't a fan of cooking, an air fryer is an essential kitchen appliance. It cuts cooking time in half and the app makes cooking simple. She'll actually enjoy being in the kitchen with this thing around.

Price: $139.99

Why she’ll love it: She can cook an entire meal in this little machine and it makes for super easy cleanup because the basket is dishwasher safe.

49. Personalized Metallic LP Record

Personalized record romantic gift for wife

This is the perfect gift to give your music-loving wife. You can put her favorite songs or your wedding playlist. It's like making a mixtape without all the waiting for the perfect song to come on the radio.

Price: $198.00

Why she’ll love it: Not only is this a super sweet gift for your wife, but it's also a great piece of art. It's also a great conversation piece when guests visit.

50. Carbonator III Sparkling Water Maker

Sparkling water maker

Sparkling water is superior to plain water. We don't make the rules. Your wife will love being able. to have on-demand sparkling water whenever she gets thirsty. It'll save her trips to the store and save you some money.

Price: $229.00

Why she’ll love it: Is flavored water more her jam? She can shake up her water by adding a splash of lime or lemon or adding one of Aarke's flavored syrups or essences. The possibilities are endless.

51. Theragun Mini

Mini massage gun

This tiny little gadget packs a big punch. It will help relieve any aches and pains she may have. and helps improve recovery. It's like having a tiny little physical therapist right in the palm of her hand.

Price: $199.99

Why she’ll love it: It's Bluetooth enabled so she can access Therabody's library of personalized wellness routines to keep her feeling good.

52. Luxury Turkish Cotton Robe

Cozy robe great christmas gift wife

This robe is so cozy, she won't want to take it off! It's made with fluffy 4-ply gauze and Turkish cotton. It's the perfect gift for the wife who loves feeling like she's at the spa.

Price: $109.00

Why she’ll love it: It's super comfy and has two hidden side pockets for stashing her phone or some snacks while lounging around the house.

53. Cooling Weighted Blanket

Weighted blanket gifts for wife for christmas

At 18 lbs., this luxurious blanket will help her get the best night's sleep. It's got two sides, one of which is silky smooth to give a cooling effect. Perfect if she's a hot sleeper.

Price: $169.00

Why she’ll love it: This blanket feels like she's getting a warm hug and will have her drifting off as soon as she crawls underneath. Watch her stress just melt away.

Hopefully, our Christmas gift ideas help you feel like you can either get a jump on or finish off shopping for your wife this holiday season. These great gifts are perfect no matter the occasion. They're good to have in mind for birthday gifts or a random romantic gift just because.

If you're looking for a truly unique gift, give the gift of Lomi. Want to know why she'll love it so much? Check out what other users are saying about their Lomi composter. It's sure to be one of the hottest Christmas gift ideas this holiday season!

Written by: Sarah Kendal