40 Gifts for Home: Fun & Practical Housewarming Gift Ideas!

A small paper house wrapped in a green ribbon

Whether you know someone who just bought their first home, is renting a new space, or is downsizing to a smaller apartment, you’ll find all kinds of thoughtful gifts for home on this list. In fact, these gifts are so great you really don’t need to have a reason to buy them for someone other than to say - I’m thinking of you!

From practical gifts like kitchenware to thoughtful gifts like a handmade essential oil diffuser, this list pretty much has everything - and at all different price points. First up, our five top picks for those who need to find the perfect present fast. Or, read on for a detailed description of our forty gift ideas for the home. Be warned - you might end up buying a few of them for yourself!

Our top gift idea picks for every home

Want to buy someone something practical? Eco-friendly? Fun? Unique? Affordable? Well, you’re in luck! Here are our five choices for the best gift ideas for the home.

  1. The most practical gift for the home: Unpaper Towels
  2. The most eco-friendly gift for the home: Lomi Home Composter
  3. The most fun gift for the home: Toadily Handmade Make Your Own Beeswax Candles Kit
  4. The most unique gift for the home: RusticRouteDesigns Personalized Pie Plate
  5. The most affordable gift for the home: Three Bluebirds Swedish Dishcloth

Housewarming gifts under $50

Just because you’re on a budget, doesn’t mean you can’t afford some of the cutest, coolest housewarming gift ideas around. Check out these fifteen items under $50.

1. Grund Pinehurst 100% Organic Cotton Hand Towels

Off-white towels folded and stacked

Not everyone would buy themselves a set of luxurious hand towels, but everyone would surely appreciate them as a gift! Soft, fluffy and made from 100% organic cotton by a company with a mission to preserve and cherish the planet’s beauty.

Price: $38.00

Why they’ll love it: They can add to this gift and indulge in themselves by purchasing matching face cloths and bath sheets.

2. Sea & Grass Coconut Milk Candle

A candle in a grass and glass holder next to a drink

Love a two-in one gift? Well, this coconut milk candle fits the bill. They can use it as a candle that releases a gorgeous scent until the candle burns out. Then turn the seagrass wrapped candle holder into a cocktail glass.

Price: $42.00

Why they’ll love it: The candle is made from soy and coconut milk, meaning it’s totally vegan.

3. BlushinGifts Personalized Name Mug

Three mugs with the names Sophie, Bella and Kelsey on them

Who doesn’t love drinking coffee or tea from a mug inscribed with their own name? These pretty mugs come in pink, white or black with scripted lettering in the name of your friend, family or colleague. They might even love it so much they end up using it as a pen holder or planter to be displayed proudly in their home.

Price: $13.15

Why they’ll love it: This mug holds 10 fluid ounces of liquid, meaning they can sip away at a nice big mug filled with their favorite beverage.

4. Three Bluebirds Swedish Dishcloth

Dishcloth with yellow and black pattern in it

If you’ve never heard of a Swedish dishcloth you’re in for a treat. One little cloth takes the place of seventeen rolls of paper towel, helping to drastically reduce household garbage. And because they’re made from biodegradable materials, at the end of their lifecycle they leave zero waste.

Price: $6.95

Why they’ll love it: These dishcloths are so pretty they almost won’t want to use them.

5. WoodRusticCA Personalized Charcuterie Board

Wood charcuterie board with various food prep items

A charcuterie and cheese board is a must for anyone who loves to prepare food and entertain. And one that has been personalized with their name or favorite saying is all the more special. This large board is handmade from Canadian maple and measures 6 inches wide by 20 long. Now that’s room for a whole lot of cheese and other tasty treats!

Price: $18.55

Why they’ll love it: Not only is this charcuterie board beautiful, it’s also highly durable and can withstand all kinds of slicing and chopping.

6. CoffeeSock Reusable Coffee Filter

Fabric coffee filter filled with coffee grounds

Made from certified organic cotton, the CoffeeSock is the perfect gift for conscious coffee drinkers everywhere. It fits the majority of popular brewing systems and can even help deepen their coffee’s flavor as it removes some of the oils naturally found in coffee beans.

Price: $13.99

Why they’ll love it: The CoffeeSock is guaranteed to last up to a year, replacing approximately 500 single use filters. Now that’s a gift that keeps on giving!

7. Ceremonia Tulum Raffia Fringe Coaster Set

Black fringed coasters under two drinks

A simple coaster set is a great gift for any occasion, and these raffia coasters are pretty and practical. Buy a set of four in either natural colored or black, or purchase both sets and wrap up eight in two different shades. They’ll surely say cheers to these lovely coasters!

Price: $43.80

Why they’ll love it: They’re handmade by a BIPOC, women-owned business based out of Bali.

8. UppWell Wooden Salt & Pepper Mill Set

A wood salt and pepper shaker set in a cardboard box

Once they’ve had freshly ground salt and pepper you just can’t go back. This acacia wood salt and pepper set will not only look beautiful in any kitchen, it will also add the kind of flavor to a dish they just can’t get with pre-ground seasonings. Plus, these thoughtfully designed mills come packaged with no plastic so they’re the perfect gift for the eco-conscious.

Price: $35.96

Why they’ll love it: UpWell is committed to sustainability and with every set purchased, they plant a tree.

9. Noah’s Ark Brass Elegance Diffuser

A brass diffuser with a carved patterned lid

This pretty brass diffuser has a function too - adding essential oil scents to the home with the four included wool pads. They can simply add a few drops of an oil such as cleansing tea tree, calming lavender or uplifting orange to transform any space into a relaxing oasis.

Price: $19.99

Why they’ll love it: This diffuser was handcrafted by members of an artist’s collective based in India.

10. Toadily Handmade Make Your Own Beeswax Candles Kit

Yellow beeswax sheets with a label that says Toadily Handmade

Got a craft-loving person in your life? Then they’ll really enjoy this DIY candle making set. Comes with 10 full-sized honeycomb beeswax sheets plus 18 feet of wick, making it  a great gift for both adults and kids.

Price: $39.99

Why they’ll love it: Once they’ve been bitten by the candle-making bug, they can try purchasing more beeswax sheets in colors such as cranberry, forest green and aqua.

11. Vivaterra Recycled Glass Pitcher Vase

A clear blue vase with pink flowers inside

All new homeowners need a vase! After all, they need somewhere to display any beautiful bouquets they’re gifted. And this 9.5 inch tall handcrafted glass pitcher is so pretty, it will complement any flower arrangement - from roses, to daisies to wildflowers.

Price: $39.00

Why they’ll love it: This vase was handblow in Spain using recycled glass.

12. Unpaper Towels

A roll of paper towels with a red, blue and white pattern on them

Unpaper towels are a must have for anyone on a journey to reduce their waste. Use them just like regular paper towels, except instead of tossing them in the trash - toss them in the washer and use them again and again. Made of terry cloth and cotton with snaps to hold them together when not in use.

Price: $59.00

Why they’ll love it: They look way prettier sitting in the counter than plain-old paper towels.

13. HycroftHomeDecor Seagrass Belly Basket with Handles

Three various-sized belly baskets next to a wooden chair

Belly baskets are the ultimate versatile storage bin. Not only can they use them for anything from dirty laundry to toys to extra blankets, these baskets are pretty enough to act as a pot for plants. Buy your basket-loving friend or family member a set of three and they’ll be in storage heaven.

Price: $34.88

Why they’ll love it: The three different sizes, ranging from 8 inches in diameter to 10.5 inches,  make this basket set super versatile. 

14. Dash Safe Slice Mandoline Slicer, Julienne and Dicer

A white a blue kitchen gadget next to bowls filled with sliced veggies

Give the gift of time with a mandoline slicer, which helps to cut down prep time as it slices, juliennes and dices with ease. With thirty slicing options and a design that means hands don’t go near the blades, this kitchen tool is also a safe way for kids to be involved in the meal prep process.

Price: $35.98

Why they’ll love it: This slicer folds down for compact storage, making it easy to tuck away when not in use.

15. LeBlackbirdWoodshop Cedar Bath Tray

A dark wood tray across a bathtub

For those who love a good long soak, this handcrafted cedar bath tray comes with a slot for a book or tablet and a place to keep a drink and a candle. Order it in either a dark, medium or natural finish depending on their bathroom decor.

Price: $43.58

Why they’ll love it: This solid cedar tray is a single piece of wood that can easily be tucked away when not in use.


Lomi by Pela



Lomi allows you to turn food waste into plant-ready nutrients in under 24 hours. Boost your plants while reducing your waste.


Gifts for the house ($50-$100)

Got a little more to spend? These thoughtful gifts may cost a little more, but are still totally affordable as they’re all under $100.

16. Rough Linen Napkin Set

A light blue napkin on a plate on a decorated table

Linen napkins are a bit of a splurge, which is why they make such a great gift. For the person who appreciates the finer things in life, these gorgeous 100% linen napkins come in a set of four and are a generous 20 inches by 20 inches in size. Another great thing about linen is it’s actually an eco-friendly material because it’s made from the fibers of a flax plant.

Price: $90.00

Why they’ll love it: Gift them a mixed set of colors like ivory, agave, sky and noir so every family member or guest at a special event gets their own napkin color.

17. Harry & David Rustic Herb Garden

A rustic wooden box filled with green herbs

Made from reclaimed wood with rope handles, this adorable herb garden planter is the perfect gift for the greenthumb in your life. Comes with a variety of herbs such as rosemary, thyme and sage and fits nicely on a windowsill or kitchen counter.

Price: $54.99

Why they’ll love it: They’ll love adding fresh herbs from their miniature garden straight into their cooking creations.

18. ElementalDesignStore Concrete Pot Bookends

Two light gray concrete pots holding up four books

If you know someone who loves books, then these concrete pot bookends would be the perfect gift. Not only are they cute, they also are multifunctional since they stop books from falling over and act as small storage pots for things like pens and pencils. You can even use them for plants!

Price: $96.40

Why they’ll love it: These bookends are handmade from start to finish at a small studio in Bristol, England.

19. MelanieAbrantes Cork Hanging Planter

Two hanging planters on a light grey background

Inspired by the hanging planters that were so popular in the 1970s and made from cork and leather lace rope, this planter is 4 inches in diameter. Its interior is shellacked and its exterior is protected by natural beeswax, making it an excellent holder for all kinds of indoor plant varieties.

Price: $80.00

Why they’ll love it: Cork is a sustainable material, so this gift is sure to make the treehugger in your life smile.

20. House of Marley No Bounds Sport Bluetooth Speaker

A light gray portable speaker on a shelf

In today’s modern household, a good quality portable bluetooth speaker is a must. And this speaker by House of Marley takes technology to a new level with its eco-conscious materials. Plus, it’s circular design means you hear sound from all 360 degrees - the way music was meant to be heard.

Price: $99.99

Why they’ll love it: Music lovers will get an additional kick learning that the House of Marley brand was created in collaboration with the family of iconic singer Bob Marley.

21. BigBlue Portable SunPower Solar Panel

A foldable solar panel on a white background

Foldable, portable and sustainable - now that’s a great gift! This solar charger works with phones and tablets as well as other small devices. It even has technology that detects what type of device is plugged into it to deliver optimized charging speed.

Price: $72.96

Why they’ll love it: It’s great for at-home use, but also an excellent accessory on any long road trip or camping adventure. 

22. Sproutandabout Minimalist Black Plant Stand

A small black table with a plant and a mug on top

This handmade black metal plant stand would make a great gift for both plant lovers and lovers of home decor with a minimalist aesthetic. Measuring only 12 inches in diameter, it’s small enough to tuck into any corner, but still big enough to hold a few plants and a cup of tea or coffee.

Price: $58.80

Why they’ll love it: The matte black finish goes well with many different decor styles, such as modern farmhouse, rustic industrial and Scandinavian. 

23. Chairigami Cardboard Laptop Stand

A cardboard laptop stand with a computer on top

Plastic computer accessories be gone! Introducing a laptop stand made from 100% recyclable cardboard that is Sustainable Forestry Initiative Certified. This laptop stand will help create a more ergonomic work-from-home setup, plus it’s super light and can be used on the go too.

Price: $99.00

Why they’ll love it: If they’re feeling crafty, they can decorate the plain cardboard with paint, markers or stickers to make it one of a kind.

24. IKEA Uppvind Table Lamp

A lamp with a white shade and a brass base sitting on a console table

Pretty and practical, this table lamp provides both something nice to look at and soft lighting to curl up next to with a good book. Its sturdy steel base and more delicate brass curvature create a lovely blend of different lines and the simple white lamp shade will match any interior space.

Price: $64.99

Why they’ll love it: It’ll look great in almost any room of their house, from their living room to their bedroom to their home office.

25. Toshiba Digital Rice Cooker

A white rice cooker on a white background

Who doesn’t love rice? It goes great with almost any meal, like stir fry, Mexican, even as a dessert like rice pudding. And if you love rice, you’ve got to own a rice cooker. The Toshiba Digital Rice Cooker has eight pre-programmed settings to cook everything from white rice, brown rice, mixed grain rice - even other foods like porridge and eggs.

Price: $89.99

Why they’ll love it: Not only is this rice cooker easy to use, its non-stick inner pot makes it easy to clean.

26. Amerous 15x15 Wooden Chess and Checkers Set

A wood chess set on a white background

With two games in one, this wooden board game set is twice the fun. Comes with a full set of chess pieces, plus two extra queens, as well as a full set of checkers pieces. Made from high-quality solid wood this set is durable. Plus, the chess pieces are weighted for a pro-level experience.

Price: $68.99

Why they’ll love it: The board has a pull-out tray where they can store any pieces that aren’t currently in play.

27. RusticRouteDesigns Personalized Pie Plate

A white pie plate with a pie crust recipe printed on it

One of the best gifts on the list for the most special people in your life, this custom pie plate features the handwritten recipe of your choosing. Send in a recipe in the handwriting of a grandparent, parent or another loved one and RusticRouteDesigns will handcraft a unique pie plate sure to warm the heart of the gift recipient.

Price: $80.00

Why they’ll love it: They can cherish it for years to come, then pass it down through their family to future generations. 

28. COSORI Air Fryer 9-in-1

A black air fryer on a white background

Air fryers are all the rage and it’s not hard to see why! These handy small appliances cut down on the amount of oil needed to fry food by 85 percent. With nine different functions, this air fryer can cook chicken, french fries, steak and veggies in a fraction of the time it would take on the stove or in the oven.

Price: $99.99

Why they’ll love it: It has a dishwasher safe basket, meaning they can enjoy tasty fried food without the mess.

29. SEEBYCLO Hexagon Wall Cork Board

Gray, orange and black hexagons on a white wall

Give the gift of a more organized life with these cute and stylish hexagon-shaped cork boards. Available in over thirty different colors, give your friend, family member or coworker six different 12 inch by 10 inch boards in their favorite colors and they can configure them in any way they like.

Price: $61.39

Why they’ll love it: These cork boards are handmade from felt, which is a sustainable material.

Best house gifts over $100

There’s no shortage of gift ideas for when you want to spoil the ones you love. Of course, you want to ensure their gifts are well-made and are something they’ll enjoy for years to come. And these eleven ideas are just that!

30. Lomi Home Composter

A smiling father and son add items to Lomi

Want to help someone in your life make their food waste disappear? Well, now you can - with Lomi! This countertop home composter takes kitchen scraps and other household items like paper and Lomi-approved bioplastics and turns them into nutrient-rich fertilizer they can add to their outdoor garden or indoor plants.

Price: $499.00

Why they’ll love it: It takes up no more space than a bread maker, yet has the power to divert garbage from the landfill and reduce carbon emissions. 


Lomi by Pela



Lomi allows you to turn food waste into plant-ready nutrients in under 24 hours. Boost your plants while reducing your waste.


31. Smeg Retro Style Coffee Maker Machine

A cream-colored coffee machine on a white background

For coffee lovers and lovers of retro style alike, this high-end coffee maker would make a gorgeous addition to any kitchen. Comes in cream, black, green, blue, pink, red and stainless steel so you can gift it to someone in their favorite color if they have a bold personality or match it to their existing appliances for a more subdued - but still stylish - look.

Price: $229.95

Why they’ll love it: It’s the kind of coffee maker that people are far less likely to buy for themself, but would be over the moon to get it as a gift.

32. SodaStream One Touch

A black soda machine with a fizzy drink next to it

For those on your list who want to avoid single-use plastics at all costs, a SodaStream machine means they get to enjoy carbonated beverages at home whenever you want - no plastic bottles required! It also appeals to those who like to get crafty in the kitchen as they can create a near endless variety of tasty beverages.

Price: $171.96

Why they’ll love it: One SodaStream bottle can save up to thousands of single-use plastic bottles.

33. Delilah 100% Organic Hemp Bed Sheet Collection

A folded set of luxury bed sheets

Introducing the new wave in luxury bedding - hemp! And while hemp certainly isn’t a new material, it’s been making quite a name for itself in the world of sheets and pillowcases thanks to its thick yet cooling texture. Made by Delilah, a company focused on making sleep as green as possible.

Price: $249.99

Why they’ll love it: These sheets are made from 100% organic hemp and ethically manufactured in a family-run factory in Portugal. 

34. Click and Grow Herbs Go with Everything Kit

A woman smiling next to a white indoor garden

Herbs really do go with everything! This four piece set comes with a self-watering indoor garden, plus three plant packs. It also delivers to plants the perfect amount of light, oxygen and nutrients so you can grow herbs - and all kinds of other veggies - year round.

Price: $195.95

Why they’ll love it: It’s perfect for beginner gardeners, who want to enjoy the benefits of growing their own fresh herbs without all the extra work.

35. The Citizenry Marble Catchall Tray

A black and white marble tray with jewelry inside

Got a fashionable, elegant person in your life who appreciates the finer things? Then you should definitely consider gifting them this pretty marble catchall tray from The Citizenry, a brand known for curating wellmade items from around the globe. The marble tray was hand carved in Mexico by a master artisan.

Price: $125.00

Why they’ll love it: They can use it for their keys, jewelry or as a tray for their bathroom toiletries. 

36. Bearaby Tree Napper Weighted Blanket

A bright blue knitted blanket on a hammock

Weighted blankets have so many benefits, especially ones thoughtfully made from sustainable materials such as TENCEL. Sleeping with a weighted blanket has been shown to stimulate sleeping hormones and reduce stress hormones, leading to a deeper rest at night and a more energized day.

Price: $269.00

Why they’ll love it: Not only does this blanket have health benefits, it also looks beautiful and has a soft, smooth texture.

37. Blink Video Doorbell System

A white doorbell camera next to a black outdoor camera

Sometimes the best gift you can give is peace of mind. The BlinkVideo Doorbell System comes with a door camera as well as two outdoor cameras they can place anywhere on their property. See visitors during the day or at night and talk to them through the two-way Blink app.

Price: $214.98

Why they’ll love it: They’ll be able to set it up within minutes and it’s compatible with Alexa.

38. BlueAir Room Purifier 311

A white and gray air purifier on a white background

Excellent for anyone with allergies, pets, or who just breathe easier knowing the air in their home is as clean as can be. It’s simple one-button control makes it a cinch to use and it has the ability to clean a 340 square foot room in only twelve and a half minutes. Impressive!

Price: $224.99

Why they’ll love it: It’s sleek design means it can blend into any room’s decor, looking stylish while doing its job.

39. Our Place Perfect Pot

An off-white pot with a lid being placed into an open oven

An all-in-one cooking pot that pretty much eliminates the need to go digging through a cupboard or drawer searching for the right-sized pot. It boils, it bakes, it steams, it crisps, this pot does it all and looks really pretty too. It even comes in eleven different colors so you can match it to anyone on your gift-giving list.

Price: $115.00

Why they’ll love it: With over 4500 reviews on the Our Place website, this pot manages to pull off an impressive five star rating.

40. Ettitude Sateen Bamboo Robe

A woman wearing an off-white robe

Last, but certainly not least, is this luxurious super soft robe from Ettitude. Made of ultra breathable bamboo, this robe doubles as practical post-shower attire and an at-home fashion statement. Because who says dressing your best is only for going out?

Price: $120.00

Why they’ll love it: It has buttons on the side seams so they can adjust the fit as needed.

Of these forty fabulous gifts for the home, there’s bound to be one - or more - that’s perfect for the home-lover in your life. However, if you’re specifically looking for gift guides that cover presents that are 100% eco-friendly, you should definitely check out our list of the 37 best eco products out there. And if you’re curious in learning more about the ultimate eco-gift, make sure you read all about Lomi - the home composter that curbs food waste!

Written by: Larissa Swayze