Chefs Recommend these 50+ Gifts for Home Chefs & Cooks

Gift exchange above the dinner table

Are you searching for the perfect gift for a budding home cook or self proclaimed foodie? Maybe you need the perfect holiday present for your favorite in-house baker who's always whipping up a new cake recipe for you to try. Or, perhaps you’d just like to say thanks to the chef who revolutionized your taste buds with a bowl of grilled cinnamon sugar peaches.

Whatever the reason, your favorite cooking pal deserves a gift that levels up their culinary skills and infuses their hobby with joy.

In this post, discover 50+ chef-approved gift ideas to express thanks to that #1 chef in your life. So, even if you haven't touched an oven dial in years, one of these unique cooking gifts is sure to inspire culinary geniuses to turn up the heat. Use the links below to find your perfect present.

Whether your favorite chef is amateur, aspiring, or pro, keep reading to find the right gift for their skill level. If you need a quick present for your favorite cook, check out our top 5 gift ideas for a home chef below.

Our top 5 gift ideas for a home chef

Need the perfect gift for a home chef but don't have time to browse through 50+ options to find it? Keep reading to discover 5 crowd-pleasing kitchen gifts for home chefs.

  1. The best gift for home chefs (overall): Misen pairing knife
  2. The most unique gift for a home chef: Lomi electric composter
  3. The most practical gift for home chefs: John Boos walnut cutting board
  4. The most fun gift for a home cook: Breville The smoking gun
  5. The best gift for a home cook who has everything: Ooni Karu 16 Pizza Oven

53 best gifts for home cooks and chefs

If you're worried that your favorite cook already owns every kitchen essential worth having, you may be surprised by all the truly unique culinary gifts you can still wow them with. Whether it's a Lomi electric food composter or a personalized chef's knife, there's a surprise in store for every chef.

1. Misen paring knife

Small steel knife with blue handle

Although it may not seem like much, a well-constructed paring knife with a high quality steel blade will work wonders in any home kitchen. The Misen paring knife is the best overall gift for a home chef because it's affordable, sleek, and will absolutely be put to good use. 

Price: $40 USD

Why they’ll love it: Combine this paring knife with a nice bottle of wine, a sleek wine opener, artisanal cheese, and fresh fruits for the perfect birthday gift box.

2. John Boos walnut cutting board

Boos walnut cutting board

A Boos cutting board, or Boos block, will last any culinary enthusiast for years. It's an ideal gift because of its durability, day-to-day functionality, and rustic beauty. Although we like the dark walnut color, Boos also offers cherry and maple wood cutting blocks.

Price: $194

Why they’ll love it: When they're not chopping vegetables with it, your favorite cook can use this beautiful wooden board as a cheese or Hors d'oeuvres platter.

3. Lomi electric kitchen composter

Food scraps added to Lomi

Lomi is a must have kitchen appliance for any cook who spends a good deal of time in their kitchen. Why? Lomi is an electric composter that transforms food peelings, scraps, and cut offs into odorless dirt in less than 24 hours. Lomi dirt can then be used as beneficial fertilizer for both indoor and outdoor plants. 

The best part? When food waste is diverted to Lomi, home cooks can say goodbye to smelly, rotting food sitting in their kitchen trash cans. 

Price: $499 USD

Why they’ll love it: Lomi is one of the best gifts for home chefs who enjoy a bit of gardening on the side. Their plants will grow stronger with the natural fertilizer created by this smart kitchen appliance.


Lomi by Pela



Lomi allows you to turn food waste into plant-ready nutrients in under 24 hours. Boost your plants while reducing your waste.


4. Breville The smoking gun

Handheld food smoker tool

For the at home chef who already owns all the handy kitchen tools, treat their culinary creative side with a tool that infuses smokey flavor into any edible item. Once the smoker is loaded with wood chips, it can create delicious hickory smoked pork chops or applewood smoked sweet potatoes in mere minutes.

Price: $99.95 USD

Why they’ll love it: The natural smoke produced by this culinary tool is perfect for accentuating the smokey undertones of a whiskey or bourbon-based cocktail.

5. Ooni Karu 16 multi fuel pizza oven

At home wood fired pizza oven

At home pizza ovens are hot hot right now and the Ooni Karu 16 is at the top of the list. Unlike other ovens that use gas fuel, this pizza oven gets the job done with either wood, charcoal, or gas. Residential chefs will enjoy using the cooker's powerful 950°F flame to cook crispy pizza crusts, toasted breads, seared vegetables, and roasted meats.

Price: $799 USD

Why they’ll love it: This pizza oven arrives with a 3-year warranty so cooks can keep the pizza party rolling for years to come.

6. MoMA cast iron spice grinder

Hand pouring peppercorns into spice grinder

Do you know a contemporary cook who appreciates good design? Give them this cast iron spice grinder sold by the Museum of Modern Art's (MoMA) gift shop. This culinary gem is perfect for grinding spices like peppercorns, cardamom pods, and star anise. 

Price: $35 USD

Why they’ll love it: This durable cast iron spice grinder is fitted with a natural beech-wood top. Use it to store spices before or after they're ground.

7. Breville Smart Scoop ice cream maker

Ice cream maker with cherry dessert

If you've ever tried the DIY method of rolling your own ice cream, this is not that. Dessert connoisseurs will appreciate this stainless steel, automatic ice cream maker with 12 hardness settings and a self-refrigerating compressor. It's one of the top gifts for household cooks who love experimenting with new flavors and textures in their dessert recipes.

Price: $499.95

Why they’ll love it: This ice cream maker is an especially great gift for vegan chefs at home. It can be used to create delicious sorbets and a variety of dairy-free ice cream flavors.

8. Cooking class

Food prepared on a platter

If you know a cooking enthusiast who enjoys honing their craft, a gift voucher for a local culinary class is one of the best gifts for home chefs. Check your local kitchen supply stores, community centers or culinary institute for a list of their single-day classes.

Price: Based on the culinary class you choose.

Why they’ll love it: Developing cooks can advance their culinary skills with a range of topics, from beginner cooking courses to knife skills to sushi rolling technique classes.

9. Juvale 4-piece copper plated measuring cups

Copper plated measure cups

Home bakers will love measuring out dry goods with this set of copper measure cups. If they already own a set of plastic cups, they'll appreciate the professional feel of this lustrous, copper plated kitchen gift. Combine with artisanal flours for the best gift for home bakers.

Price: $12.99 USD

Why they’ll love it: These stainless steel, copper-plated measuring cups are rust and corrosion resistant. Plus, they feature both Imperial and Metric sizes.

10. Nutr nut mylk machine

Woman pouring nut mylk into glass

Plant based chefs and bakers adore the high protein content and earthy flavors that nuts contribute to their culinary creations. The Nutr mylk machine quickly transforms a handful of nuts or oats into delicious, dairy-free milk that can be used for cooking or baking. Perfect for any vegan recipe developer you may know.

Price: $169 USD

Why they’ll love it: The Nutr features cold, warm, and hot temperature settings. This is especially great for tea or coffee lovers who enjoy adding nut mylks to their beverage.

11. HexClad 7-piece hybrid stainless steel cookware set

7 piece cookware set

HexClad cookware combines the durability of stainless steel with the convenience of a nonstick surface. This cookware set features a laser-etched hexagon pattern on their pans which allows for even browning without the use of butter, fats, or oils. The full set is such a great gift for newbie chefs who are just starting out on their culinary journey.

Price: $479 USD

Why they’ll love it: This cookware set adapts to gas, electric, or induction stove tops. They're PFOA-free, heat resistant up to 500 degrees, and dishwasher safe.

12. Wusthof personalized engraved 8-inch chef's knife

Stainless steel wusthof chefs knife

Similar to paring knives, top of the line chef knives are great home cook gift ideas. Wusthof knives are designed in Germany and feature high quality carbon steel for easy slicing and dicing. If you need Christmas gifts for home chefs, give them this chef's knife with a diamond etched engraving for a truly, one-of-a-kind holiday present.

Price: $170 USD

Why they’ll love it: This personalized chef's knife is a great gift for a professional chef as well as a hobbyist cook. Engrave their name into the blade and they'll never lose track of their knife at work.

13. Lodge mini cast iron skillet - 3.5 in.

Mini iron skillet for eggs

Not every cook has the opportunity to share their culinary masterpieces. If you know a hobbyist chef who lives alone, they'll appreciate the single serve nature of this mini cast iron skillet. It's perfect for frying 1-2 eggs or baking a single serve brownie or chocolate lava cake.

Price: $9.95 USD

Why they’ll love it: They can use this lightweight skillet for delicious camping meals cooked over the fire.

14. Purple Carrot meal kit gift subscription

Delicious meal prep kit

Even the best cooks enjoy a pre-planned meal every now and again. Purple Carrot is a plant-based meal kit company that ships pre portioned ingredients to your door. It's a thoughtful cooking gift for amateur chefs looking to incorporate more fresh and healthy ingredients into mealtime.

Price: $50-$200 USD

Why they’ll love it: If your foodie friend enjoys eating meat, they can combine any protein of their choice with Purple Carrot's vegetable-rich meal prep kits.

15. Philips automatic pasta maker plus

Homemade pasta making machine

Although making homemade pasta from scratch sounds intimidating, it's a breeze with Philips' automatic pasta maker plus. Simply measure and add your pasta's ingredients to the machine. The pasta maker will then knead and extrude fresh noodles ready for boiling. This allows more time for in-house cooks to perfect their secret sauce.

Price: $299.95

Why they’ll love it: This cool kitchen appliance creates four different pasta types including spaghetti, penne, fettuccine and lasagna. It's one of the top cooking gifts for the whole family since kids enjoy making noodles just as much as the adults.

16. London Fog Forage phone case

Compostable iphone case with mushroom design

Not every culinary expert wants or needs more kitchen tools. Instead of buying them another gadget, go the sustainable route and give them a compostable phone case. This London Fog phone case from Pela features a pretty mushroom design that any chef will adore.

Price: $59.95 USD

Why they’ll love it: These compostable cases are highly durable and feature other cute food prints like oranges, strawberries, and watermelons.

17. Levo II

Levo oil infuser machine

Spices and herbs have the power to transform any dull meal into a mouthwatering masterpiece. That's why the Levo II made it onto our holiday gift guide for chefs at home. They can use this powerful kitchen appliance to create infused oil, butter, or honey from fresh herbs, spices, and flowers.

Price: $299 USD

Why they’ll love it: The Levo II can also be used to create homemade body butters and aromatic oils for your skin. It's dual functionality makes it an especially nice kitchen gift for moms.

18. Mushi Nabe Donabe steamer

Food steamer earthenware pot

For the minimalist chef, consider giving them this stunning Donabe food steamer. Vegetables retain their crisp flavor and ample nutrients with the Donabe's far-infrared rays and intense steam. The steamer is made from clay and it’s oven safe up to 500°F.

Price: $216 USD

Why they’ll love it: When it’s not used for steaming veggies, this gorgeous steamer doubles as a fresh fruit holder for any contemporary kitchen countertop.

19. Hemptique hemp oven mitt

Hemp oven mitts

These beautiful hemp oven mitts are made from organic hemp and filled with 100% organic cotton fleece. The environmentally minded chef in your life will appreciate that these mitts are biodegradable, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and eco friendly.

Price: $16.99 USD

Why they’ll love it: Hemptique also offers other sustainable kitchen products like organic hemp pot holders and napkins for a truly organic kitchen.

20. Cuckoo 6-cup HP twin pressure rice cooker

White and rose gold rice cooker

Spoil your favorite kitchen pro with this twin pressure rice cooker. It cooks all types of rice using either no-pressure or high pressure. It's perfect for homemade sushi, sticky rice bowls, and even DIY baby porridge.

Price: $259.99

Why they’ll love it: The cooker can cook up to 6 cups of rice at once, perfect for large families or social gatherings.

21. Bamboo mixing bowls

Pastel bamboo mixing bowls

These aesthetically pleasing mixing bowls will impress any home baker in your life. The bamboo bowls are sold in sets of five and feature a delightful mix of rainbow hues. They are an ideal gift idea for graduations, housewarming parties, or weddings.

Price: $49.95 USD

Why they’ll love it: These colorful bamboo bowls are both beautiful and dishwasher safe.

22. Foster & Rye personalized grilling apron

Personalized apron for grill chefs

It's almost a guarantee that if you add someone's name to an item, they'll probably love it. That's why this grill apron is sure to please the backyard grill master in your life. The canvas apron includes adjustable neck straps for a customized fit.

Price: $43.99

Why they’ll love it: Your BBQ aficionado will appreciate this apron's dual front pocket design. Perfect for stashing grill tools along with a cold beverage.

23. Vitamix E310 blender

Vitamix blender with fruit inside

Skip the kitchen knives and hide this top-of-the-line blender under the tree instead. The Vitamix E310 blender will blend just about anything with its 10-speed, high performance motor.

Price: $349.95 USD

Why they’ll love it: Amateur sous chefs and soup cooks alike will adore this Vitamix for its ability to create chunky sauces and velvety smooth soups.

24. The Flavor Matrix cook book

The flavor matrix cookbook

If you need a low-budget gift for a friend who loves to cook, pick up a copy of the unique recipe book, The Flavor Matrix. Discover the flavor pairings and profiles of almost any culinary ingredient you can imagine. Cooks will learn how to intuitively pair flavors together using the book's helpful flavor wheels.

Price: $16.59

Why they’ll love it: The Flavor Matrix is a must-have recipe book. It even made it on Smithsonian Magazine's Ten Best Food Books of the Year list.

25. Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle

Hand touching white electric kettle

Do you have a die-hard coffee drinker on your Christmas gift list? If they enjoy dabbling in the art of brewing tea or coffee at home, they'll love this electric kettle from Fellow. The Stagg EKG boils water to a custom-set temperature and includes a built in timer for accurate brew times.

Price: $195

Why they’ll love it: Even if your giftee doesn't drink much coffee at home, this contemporary designed kettle is an aesthetically pleasing little gadget for their countertop.

26. Hakusan G-type soy sauce dispenser

Four colorful soy sauce pots

This beautiful soy sauce dispenser from Jinen is a great present for a seasoned pro who already owns all the kitchen tools they need. The porcelain dispenser comes in a variety of eye-catching colors like butter yellow and forest green. It's unique spout design prevents drips and spills when poured.

Price: $30 USD

Why they’ll love it: This liquid dispenser also works great for olive oil, vinaigrettes, and salad dressings.

27. AeroGarden Sprout

Herbs growing in sprout seed pot kit

Do you know a natural-born food stylist who loves to garnish their meals with an array of fresh herbs? So, bring the herbs to them with this easy plant growing system designed by AeroGarden. As long as they have enough countertop space in their kitchen, chefs can quickly grow their favorite culinary herbs.

Price: $69.95

Why they’ll love it: AeroGarden Sprout grows fresh herbs up to 5x faster than regular garden soil.

28. MiiR wine set

Two white wine tumblers and one wine canteen

If you'd like to see your culinary mastermind leave the kitchen once in a while, give them a reason to spend a leisurely afternoon picnicking with this MiiR wine set. The set includes two sipping tumblers and one insulated wine bottle that is guaranteed to keep beverages cool.

Price: $55.00

Why they’ll love it: The insulated wine bottle seals so it's safe to throw in a backpack or picnic basket.

29. OXO 11 lb stainless steel food scale

Oxo kitchen scale weighing pasta noodles

Any beginner chefs will benefit from a dependable food scale. It's especially helpful for weighing out wet ingredients like butter, milk, or olive oil when a recipe calls for ingredients in grams, ounces, or liters.

Price: $55.99

Why they’ll love it: The OXO culinary scale is made to last with its stainless steel construction and 11 lb weight capacity.

30. Cuisinart classic waffle maker

Cuisinart waffle maker with waffle inside

Is your partner especially gifted at turning breakfast into a fine dining experience? Reward their knack for brunch with this classic waffle maker from Cuisinart. Ideal for either sweet or savory waffle recipes.

Price: $29.95 USD

Why they’ll love it: The Cuisinart classic waffle maker is BPA free and comes with a 3-year warranty.

31. Chef'n LooseLeaf Plus kitchen herb stripper & chopper

Looseleaf plus stripping kale leaves

Do you have that one friend who goes absolutely bananas for kale? This is their dream gift. In just a pinch, kale leaves can be stripped away from stems using the LooseLeaf Plus. The tool also works for other leafy greens like collards, spinach, or chard.

Price: $10.99 USD

Why they’ll love it: This clever kitchen device comes with a built in chopper and is dishwasher safe.

32. Anova Precision cooker

Man cooking potatoes in precision cooker

For the well versed cooks in your life, treat them with this sous vide precision cooker from Anova. This French inspired method of low temperature cooking is made simple with the push of Anova's cooker button.

Price: $139.99

Why they’ll love it: Any culinary enthusiast will get immense satisfaction from the perfectly tender meats this cooker was designed to create.

33. Coravin Pivot wine preservation system

Close up of coravin pivot wine preserver

A wine opener is a nice gift but the Coravin Pivot wine preservation system is an even better gift for the amateur sommelier in your life. With this wine preserver, their favorite bottles will stay fresh for up to 4 weeks after the open date.

Price: $119 USD

Why they’ll love it: With the Pivot, weeks old wine will taste like it was just opened moments ago.

34. Smeg automatic espresso machine with milk frother

White smeg espresso machine

For the truly special coffee lovers in your life, consider gifting them with a Smeg automatic espresso machine. Smeg is a champion of retro-designed kitchen appliances and this espresso machine is no exception. 

Price: $999.95

Why they’ll love it: The machine is more than just nice to look at. It grinds beans, extracts espresso shots, and froths milk with its built-in steam wand.

35. Uncommon Goods shiitake mushroom log kit

Shiitake mushroom kit from uncommon goods

For chefs with a green thumb, treat them to a shiitake mushroom log kit. Within 6 weeks, they'll have fresh shiitake mushrooms growing right in their very own kitchen.

Price: $30.00

Why they’ll love it: Mushrooms can be harvested every 6 weeks for up to 3 years with this grow kit from Uncommon Goods.

36. Cuisinart V-Blade mandoline

Black mandoline vegetable slicer

Mandolines are an essential prep tool for professional chefs. If your culinary pal doesn't already have this slicer in their inventory, they'll wonder how they ever lived without it once they do.

Price: $27.99

Why they’ll love it: The V-blade mandoline can quickly julienne, slice potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, and more.

37. OXO Good Grips baker's dusting wand

Baker's dusting wand sprinkling sugar

At-home patisserie bakers will appreciate this dusting wand for all their award-winning cakes, pies, and tarts. The stainless steel tool applies a light powder coating of sugar, flour or salt to any baked treat.

Price: $12 USD

Why they’ll love it: The dusting wand is easy to assemble and it's dishwasher safe.

38. Kitchen Aid Professional Series 6 quart stand mixer

Blue kitchen aid stand up mixer

Need an anniversary or birthday gift for your favorite baker? Show them how much you appreciate their homemade treats with a tool that makes it even easier to assemble them. This 6-quart stand mixer is built with 10 speeds so it can basically mix anything.

Price: $549 USD

Why they’ll love it: There's nothing average about this professional grade mixer, including its color scheme. KitchenAid stocks these mixers in colors like aqua sky, blue velvet, and empire red.

39. Le Creuset salt & pepper mills

Black and white salt and pepper mill

A nice pair of salt and pepper mills is a thoughtful gift for anyone who enjoys well seasoned food. Add instant value to this cooking gift with the addition of a few specialty rock salts and peppercorns.

Price: $46 USD

Why they’ll love it: They'll enjoy a world of difference between the flavor of freshly milled peppercorns and pre ground pepper.

40. Crux smokeless indoor BBQ grill

Crux bbq meat grill

This smokeless indoor BBQ is a great present for any grill masters who'd like the option to grill year round, no matter how cold it is outside. Because it's smoke free, it cooks healthier meats and vegetables for the family.

Price: $60 USD

Why they’ll love it: This indoor BBQ heats up fast and is built with a glass viewing window so they can cook foods to perfection.

41. Cocktail Punk bitters set

Three 60 ml bottles of cocktail bitters

Artisanal bitters are an ideal gift for cooks who enjoy crafting a well-made cocktail. These flavorful bitters are handmade in Colorado and assembled using local fruits and herbs.

Price: $34.95 USD

Why they’ll love it: They'll love experimenting with the unique flavors of the Colorado bitters kit. These specialty bitters are made from local cherries, peaches, and lavender.

42. Williams Sonoma classic mini hand pie molds

Mini pie baked goods

These adorable mini pie molds are a delightful gift for any junior baker or pastry chef. One set comes with three pie molds and includes round, half circle, and rectangle cut outs.

Price: $19.95 USD

Why they’ll love it: The molds feature a natural lattice imprint so bakers don't have to fuss with overlapping strips of pie dough.

43. Ninja® air fryer max XL

Ninja max air fryer

No cooking gift list would be complete without an air fryer. The Ninja Max XL fries food using 75% less fat than a traditional fryer while  producing maximum crispiness. We love it for its variety of cooking options including max crisp, air fry, air roast, air broil, bake, reheat and dehydrate.

Price: $169.99 USD

Why they’ll love it: The "Reheat" setting is perfect for heating up leftover foods while preserving their crisp texture.

44. Stainless steel prep taxi

Stainless steel food transfer tool

Household chefs will appreciate this clever kitchen tool during meal prep time. It's used to transfer chopped garlic, ginger, or onions from a chopping board to a frying pan in one quick scoop.

Price: $14.95 USD

Why they’ll love it: The prep taxi makes food transfer easy, keeps counters clean, and is easy to wash since it's dishwasher safe.

45. Trade gift coffee subscription

Bags of speciality coffee beans

A trade coffee subscription gives flavor enthusiasts the opportunity to taste new coffee beans they may not try otherwise. Because coffee is roasted and shipped for peak freshness, there'll be no shortage of aromas wafting out of their mug.

Price: $40 USD

Why they’ll love it: They'll love sampling coffee beans from a variety of speciality coffee roasters throughout North America.

46. Brightland The Pair boutique vinegars

Brightland balsamic and champagne vinegar set

Vinegar is an understated ingredient and Brightland is here to bolster its comeback in the mainstream culinary world. Brightland lovingly crafts boutique vinegars and olive oil from a small farm in California. This pair of artisanal vinegars is brewed from California grapes, navel and valencia oranges.

Price: $44 USD

Why they’ll love it: These craft vinegars are great for more than just salad! Use their fresh tang to marinate meats, liven up stir frys, and even drizzle over vanilla ice cream.

47. Bee's Wrap 3 pack

Three beeswax wraps for food

All cooks need an efficient way to store their leftovers. If they're not already using bee's wrap to hold leftovers, do them a favor and give them a pack. Bee's wrap is a sustainable alternative to plastic wrap and it keeps food fresh over an extended period of time.

Price: $18 USD

Why they’ll love it: This natural food wrap isn't just functional, it's pretty too! Choose from a citrus plant design, bees and bears, or ocean turtles.

48. Make your own hot sauce kit

Hot sauce kit for home culinary experts

Do you know a grill master or bbq genius who enjoys a little heat on their meats? Fuel their fire-loving taste buds with this homemade hot sauce kit from Uncommon goods. The kit comes with all the spices they need to create delicious and flavorful hot sauce in their very own kitchen.

Price: $42 USD

Why they’ll love it: Because this hot sauce kit is incredibly easy to assemble, it’s a great Father's Day gift for any dads less advanced in their culinary skills.

49. Aged & Infused infuse and pour alcohol kit

Glass jar with alcohol infusion

This alcohol infusion kit from Aged & Infused is a great holiday present for cocktail lovers who enjoy dabbling in a bit of at-home mixology. Choose from their wide array of spices and dehydrated fruits to send to your loved one. Then, they get to choose their favorite alcohol to infuse.

Price: $25 USD

Why they’ll love it: This infusion kit can also be paired with non-alcoholic spirits for a delicious and unique mocktail.

50. GSI Outdoors Santoku knife set

Stainless steel knife set

Who says cooking only happens in the kitchen? These compact, stainless steel outdoor knives are handy for preparing evening camp meals. They come with a foldable cutting board, soap bottle, dish cloth, and nylon case.

Price: $39.95 USD

Why they’ll love it: Quickly chop, slice, and prep trail food with this comprehensive knife set.

51. Le Creuset 5 piece signature set

Chambray blue cast iron cooking set

Enameled cast iron is what cooking dreams are made of. Le Creuset uses enameled cast iron in their popular dutch oven, saucepan and skillet set. Give this long-lasting cookware to any home chef and they will instantly feel like the queen or king of their domain.

Price: $575 USD

Why they’ll love it: Le Crueset's dutch oven and signature pans are somewhat of a culinary icon. Their cookware is not only beautiful, it's also incredibly easy to clean.

52. Instant Pot Pro electric pressure cooker

Instant pot pressure cooker

It's easy to see how Instant Pots climbed up to a spot on our kitchen counters so quickly. They reduce overall cooking time and replace up to 10 kitchen appliances you'd have to buy otherwise. This model features 28 program settings and gives household cooks the option of cooking fast or slow.

P1ice: $149.99

Why they’ll love it: An instant pot is especially nice for beginner chefs who are finding their feet and need clever ways to speed up their average recipe creation time.

53. Ninja Express chop

Ninja chopping kitchen gadget

Not all home cooks enjoy chopping. So, Ninja tried to make their lives easier with this easy-to-use express chopping tool. It's quick, painless, and great for anyone who cries during extended onion slicing sessions.

Price: $19.99

Why they’ll love it: Delicious salsas, guacamole, stir frys, and soups will come together quickly with the help of this handy chopper by their side.


We hope this article sparked new gift ideas for your favorite home cooks and chefs. Whatever you decide to give them, remember that as cliche as it sounds, it truly is the thought that counts.

If you still can't decide on a present to satisfy their taste buds, we recommend giving them a Lomi. Every cook, no matter what skill level they're at, can use Lomi to quickly transform food scraps into nutrient rich dirt. Lomi dirt is a valuable fertilizer for plants and it smells way better than decomposing food scraps in a trash can.

So what are you waiting for? Check out all the great reviews Lomi has collected from cooks all over the world.


Written by: Anna Buck