21 Best Kitchen Appliances for Gift Ideas in 2022!

An older parent and their adult child opening a kitchen appliance gift on the countertop

The best kitchen appliances for gift ideas can be hard to find when there are so many products to choose from. We've made it easy by collecting a list of all the best kitchen gifts on the market today. Kitchen appliances are tricky to shop for as gifts because almost everyone needs something to help them cook, but we can't always know exactly what they need. Some kitchen appliances are also more useful than others. To cut down the stress of shopping, here are the most useful and most exciting kitchen appliances to buy.

If a large list feels a little too intimidating for you, get started by exploring our winners in each major category.

Our top picks for kitchen appliance gift ideas

It can feel impossible to sift through all the different kitchen appliances for gift options online while you’re trying to pick out the perfect item. We’ve made it a little bit easier for you by compiling our top recommendations overall. No matter what you choose from our list, you’re sure to find the best kitchen appliance gift for that special someone!

  1. Most fun kitchen appliance gift: Ninja CREAMi Ice Cream Maker
  2. Best small kitchen appliance gift (overall): Lomi Composter
  3. Best cooking appliance gift: KitchenAid Stand Mixer
  4. Best appliance for wedding gift: Our Place Always Cookware


Lomi by Pela



Lomi allows you to turn food waste into plant-ready nutrients in under 24 hours. Boost your plants while reducing your waste.


21 best kitchen appliance gifts for anyone who loves spending time in the kitchen

These are the best options all-around, and each has a particular strength in their functionality, aesthetics, sustainability, or uniqueness. We also explain why we love the product, and what type of gift it’s perfect for. Hopefully, this guide makes shopping kitchen appliances for gift ideas easier and more fun!

1. KitchenAid Stand Mixer with Premium Accessories

Product image of a matte black premium stand mixer
Source: kitchenaid.com

A stand mixer is one of the best gifts for anyone who does not have one. KitchenAid is the premium brand for a stand mixer, and this product comes with more than 10 high-quality attachments to make more than just the basic cake mixes. It also comes in 9 stylish colors to match the color scheme of the kitchen. Multiple bowl sizes, paddles, and bread hooks make this the best gift for cooks and bakers alike. 

Price: $499.99

Why we love this product: The versatility, usefulness, and beauty of this stand mixer is unmatched.

This is perfect for: New couples, somebody who has recently moved, or a budding baker. This is one of the best stand mixers on the market today.

2. Atlas Steel Pasta Maker

Product image of a shining aluminum countertop pasta maker
Source: crateandbarrel.com

Pasta lovers, check this pasta maker out! It’s much easier to make pasta at home than you think, and making homemade pasta is the perfect date idea or way to connect with the whole family. This pasta maker features multiple attachments and removable parts for easy cleaning. You’ll also appreciate the table clamp and full instruction book with recipe ideas that come with the maker. Get creative in the kitchen, spend a little more time with friends and family, and show off this gorgeous nickel and chrome plated steel device.

Price: $89.95

Why we love this product: This is a gift that keeps on giving; imagine all the dinner parties, impressive dates, and quality family time in store!

This is perfect for: Anyone who loves spending a little extra time on cooking in the kitchen and wants to try out some new techniques.

3. Lomi Countertop Composter

Lomi countertop composter
Source: lomi.com

The Lomi countertop composter is an innovative kitchen waste solution that makes fighting climate change easier in the home. Lomi is about the size of a toaster and can fit snugly on any countertop. All you have to do is toss in any food waste and press the button. In a matter of hours, you’ll find nutrient-rich dirt that can be used in your garden or added to your houseplants. With multiple settings that make it possible to break down Lomi-approved bioplastics, this gift is good for the receiver and for the planet. It’s the best countertop composter on the market, whether you’re specifically looking for the best electric composter or not.

Price: $499.00

Why we love this product: Lomi makes composting easy for any space, it fits in every type of kitchen, and it is totally carbon neutral. Lomi also has amazing reviews, which makes it a no-brainer.

This is perfect for: The environmentally-conscious person, anyone who would like to reduce their waste, or somebody who loves unique and innovative kitchen appliances.

4. GE Nugget Ice Maker

Person opening the nugget ice maker with one hand, and a small ice scoop in their other hand
Source: geappliances.com

If they love the small, chewable nugget ice at their favorite diner or bar, you’ve got to gift them this rapid Nugget Ice Maker. This ice maker is a little bigger than one square foot large, and it produces more than 24 pounds of ice per day. This device is almost magical: with built-in wifi and voice control and a circulating reservoir for melted ice, this is a thoughtful gift for the person who loves their chilled drinks.

Price: $529.00

Why we love this product: The ice is made from tightly compacted ice flakes, which makes it perfectly crunchy and chewable.

This is perfect for: Aspiring bartenders, iced coffee drinkers, and anyone who wants to recreate the perfect diner experience in the comfort of their own home.

5. Instant Pot Ultra Pressure Cooker

Product image of the Instant Pot with temperature and cook time displayed
Source: instanthome.com

Instant Pots are some of the most useful kitchen appliances, and truly make an amazing gift. While there are so many versions of the classic Instant Pot, this particular model rises above the rest. The lid makes it so special: you can pressure cook, slow cook, air fry, bake, and more, without switching lids around. There is also a display that helps guide through the cooking settings. This instant pot makes putting dinner on the table a breeze. Make stock, soups, and rice in this pressure cooker. Plus, you can replace a slow cooker and rice cooker, all with this amazing machine.

Price: $229.99

Why we love this product: This product makes healthy, delicious meals quickly and with ease.

This is perfect for: Anyone who is hoping to cook in the kitchen a little more, but doesn’t have too much extra time.

6. Cosori Deluxe Air Fryer

Product image of the air fryer with temperature and cook level displayed
Source: cosori.com

Everyone tapped into the air fryer craze in the last few years, but now is your chance to gift the ultimate smart air fryer. This sleek and attractive air fryer has super powerful technology and twelve functions. This air fryer is also 6.8 quarts, their largest model with tons of room for all your food, ready to air fry. Its smart functions mean you can control the air fryer remotely and monitor the progress from afar! Get creative in the kitchen and air fry everything, from healthy meals to complex dinner recipes. If you’re curious about other smart appliances, we’ve made a complete smart kitchen appliances guide for you to check out.

Price: $179.99

Why we love this product: This product is one of the best models on the market and can air fry tons of recipes and types of food.

This is perfect for: The person who loves making tasty treats with ease, and who is busy enough to need the smart functions.

7. Cuisinart 14.5-Cup Food Processor

Product image of food processor with all attachments displayed around the base
Source: williams-sonoma.com

This food processor sets the standard for other similar products. A food processor can be used for so many different kitchen tasks: making nut butters, grinding meat, making pastes, creating doughs, and more. This kitchen appliance is the best gift, especially around the holidays: make their life easier by simplifying meal prep and cooking in general. You can even make butter in the food processor! This particular set features multiple speed settings, a complete dicing, shredding, and even juicing accessory set, and a large work bowl to hold even the most ambitious projects.

Price: $399.95

Why we love this product: This food processor could replace a dozen single-use appliances, saving the user space and money.

This is perfect for: The aspirational meal prepper, the creative dip lover, the baker, and the juice lover.

8. All-Clad Cordless Rechargeable Immersion Blender

Product image of immersion blender beside a glass with ingredients prepared inside
Source: williams-sonoma.com

This “kitchen workhorse” is a compact and useful product that is a lovely gift for anyone on your list. The rechargeable immersion blender in particular stands out because you don’t have to worry about whether you’re able to get deep into the bowl or pot you’re working in. It also boasts just as much power as a plug-in model, which makes this purchase a no-brainer. It also features five speeds and a slow-start to help them accomplish any cooking project they’d like with no mess.

Price: $229.95

Why we love this product: This miracle of an immersion blender only requires a 3-minute charge before you are able to run it for 30 minutes. It is also beautifully designed and low-profile.

This is perfect for: Any cook who loves small appliances and deliciously smooth soups.

9. Our Place Always Pan Cookware

The Always Pan in the Blue Salt colorway displayed on the table along with ingredients and a tea towel
Source: fromourplace.com

The Always Pan has taken the millennial kitchen by storm. The sleek, beautiful design coupled with the nontoxic nonstick ceramic coating makes this pan a perfect replacement for eight common cookware items. It replaces your fry pan, saute pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, nonstick pan, spatula, and even spoon rest. Every aspect of the Always Pan is well thought out and highly intentional, which is what makes it such a sweet gift.

Price: $145.00

Why we love this product: Designed to replace eight pieces of cookware, the Our Place Always Pan is a gorgeous, sleek, and simple pan that can truly do it all.

This is perfect for: Any person who spends practically any time in the kitchen and on social media; they are sure to have come across an ad or two for this amazing pan!

10. 13-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Product photo of all 13 pieces of cookware, displayed in a loose circle
Source: williams-sonoma.com

This cookware set is a leader in kitchen performance. They are designed to heat up quickly and evenly, and the materials are built for high-impact cooking. This is a great gift for anyone who wants to feel like a professional in their kitchen. The results, meal after meal, will truly speak for themselves. This 13-piece set will fill their kitchen with creativity and delicious cooking smells for years to come.

Price: $259.95

Why we love this product: The professional-grade materials and design of this cookware set is unmatched, the durability is phenomenal, and cooking with these automatically levels up your cooking experience.

This is perfect for: Anyone who is hoping to start the new year with a totally fresh set of cookware, whether they’ve just moved, gotten married, or are ready for a new start.

11. STAUB Cast Iron 5 Qt. Dutch Oven

Simple product photo of a 5-quart Dutch oven in the Blueberry colorway
Source: surlatable.com

Anyone who likes to cook soups, stews, stocks, and even breads needs a cast iron Dutch oven in their kitchen. Staub is a leading brand in Dutch ovens, and this particular piece is an incredible investment. Cast iron Dutch ovens can last for generations, so if you give this as a gift to a loved one, it’s likely it will get handed down for years and years. The enameled material is of the highest quality and the size is perfect for hearty meals for the whole family.

Price: $229.96

Why we love this product: This product comes with a lifetime warranty, is extremely durable, and comes in the most gorgeous color options to fit in with any kitchen’s style.

This is perfect for: Anyone who loves serving cozy family-style meals, and has an eye for pieces that can be passed down through the generations.

12. Coway Airmega Air Purifier

Small black and white air purifier set up on the carpet in a nursery
Source: conwaymega.com

Everyone would benefit from an air purifier, but not everyone thinks to pick one up for themselves. That makes it the perfect gift for anyone on your list. The technology filters even the smallest particles, including viruses, bacteria, spores, and so much more. It also picks up large particles like pet hair and dust. This machine filters air using a 4-step process, you can trust it will thoroughly filter the air and protect you from harmful airborne materials. Turn it on and forget about it; the machine features a filter change indicator and an overall air quality indicator to help keep you informed.

Price: $191.00

Why we love this product: The New York Times Wirecutter named this one of the best air purifiers on the market for seven years in a row.

This is perfect for: People who have pets, who are vulnerable to getting sick, and anyone who just needs a little more pure air in their life.

13. KitchenAid Electric Hand Mixer

Dynamic product photo of a shiny red hand mixer with all four extra attachments splayed out in a fan shape around the mixer
Source: kitchenaid.com

Hand mixers are a staple in any baker’s kitchen. This one in particular is top-of-the-line: KitchenAid’s 9-speed hand mixer can truly match any mixing task in store. From the densest ingredients to your basic cooking recipes, this hand mixer is ready for anything. This model even comes with a dough hook for making the best savory breads. With several attractive colors to choose from, this mixer looks perfect in any kitchen.

Price: $109.99

Why we love this product: It’s lightweight, productive, and surprisingly easy to use for any project. The KitchenAid brand stands above the rest, and this is one of the best small appliances to have for a home baker.

This is perfect for: Anyone hoping to step up their baking game, but isn’t exactly ready to invest in a stand mixer just yet.

14. KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Simple product photo of the silver and black cold brew coffee maker, without any coffee steeping inside

Sometimes it feels impossible to avoid buying a coffee on your way to work in the mornings. With the KitchenAid countertop cold brew coffee maker, this special person on your gift list can finally kick the habit and make coffee easily at home. This coffee maker produces up to 14 servings, so they can make it ahead of time and simply pour some out in the mornings. It’s easy to use, easy to store, and easy to clean, making it a simple gift that keeps on giving! Busy parents need a quiet moment to themselves in the morning; this product makes it easy to have coffee ready for when they wake up.

Price: $109.99

Why we love this product: We love cold brew coffee; this machine makes it easy to simply fill with coffee beans and water. In no time, the cold brew is ready to sip and enjoy!

This is perfect for: That one person on your list who spends a little too much money at the coffee shops, especially for drinks they could definitely make on their own.

15. Breville Sous Vide

Sous vide appliance at work cooking a fresh meal in boiling water. A smartphone app is also displayed beside the pot, showing how the smart elements of the product work
Source: crateandbarrel.com

The sous vide is one of the best methods to cook both simple and complicated meals to complete perfection. This product uses wireless bluetooth technology along with a simple visual monitor to cook everything to exact specifications. Using precise vacuum-sealed and boiling technique, their meats and eggs could be cooked evenly and consistently with every kitchen adventure. They won’t believe how much this sous vide elevates their kitchen experience, without fail.

Price: $249.95

Why we love this product: This sous vide is one most compact, and attractive models on the market. Small appliances make for amazing gifts; help make their wildest recipe dreams a reality with this perfect gift idea!

This is perfect for: The person on your list who is hunting down the most unique restaurant experiences–they can finally enjoy a restaurant-quality meal from the comfort of their own home! 

16. Burr Electric Coffee Grinder

Product image of the matte black coffee grinder, with display showing multiple grind settings
Source: kitchenaid.com

If you’re hunting for the perfect gift for a coffee fanatic, the Burr coffee grinder is the one. This grinder boasts the constant ability to grind fresh beans perfectly every time, for every type of coffee drink. It is compact and great for using every day; you can keep it on the counter or neatly tucked into a cabinet. This grinder in particular features Automatic Smart Dosing Technology, which removes all guessing or inaccuracy from your morning brew. This model comes with everything you need, including a cleaning brush. The grind settings are compatible with French presses, espresso machines, and more.

Price: $159.99

Why we love this product: You might not believe how 70 precise grind settings could elevate their cup of coffee, but trust us, it can.

This is perfect for: Coffee lovers who are extra particular about their brew every morning. They probably have a multi-step coffee-making routine and love to talk to you about it.

17. WÜSTHOF Gourmet 16-Piece Knife Block Set

Product image of the dark wood knife block, with each knife in its proper slot in the block
Source: wusthof.com

A high-quality knife block set is a worthy investment for any person who is looking to step up their game in the kitchen. Each blade is crafted from WÜSTHOF steel and is built to last for years. This set contains every knife you need to accomplish any task in the kitchen. The knife block is made from gorgeous acacia wood, and the natural color and grain of the block is soft and will fit perfectly into any kitchen space.

Price: $495.00

Why we love this product: It might be one of the most beautiful knife blocks we’ve seen on the market.

This is perfect for: Someone who loves to cook, or really wants to learn, and is just starting out in their new home.

18. KitchenAid Food Processor with Dicing Kit

Simple product image of the food processor and dicer displayed with all of its attachments spread out around its base
Source: kitchenaid.com

Whether you’re hoping to find the perfect gift for food prep, baking projects, or for large family meals, the KitchenAid food processor is the right choice. No matter which ingredient they’re trying to slice, dice, knead, or blend, this machine can do it all for them. Reduce the time in the kitchen massively, impress guests with perfectly evenly sliced veggies, and get even more ambitious with your cooking projects. Busy parents know how hard it can be to get food on the table sometimes; this product makes it quick and easy, every night.

Price: $199.99

Why we love this product: This comes with every attachment you might need for your cooking or baking project, including a storage-friendly refrigerator lid. It also comes with a storage caddy that fits everything right inside the bowl.

This is perfect for: Anyone who loves to host dinner parties or family events.

19. Aqua Fizz SodaStream

Simple display image of all the pieces of the SodaStream Hydration Kit, aligned in a single row
Source: sodastream.com

It is finally time to pull the trigger on buying this appliance; we know it has been on your list for years! The Aqua Fizz SodaStream is a sparkling water maker that can save thousands of single use plastic bottles. You can also choose how sparkling you like your water and which flavors you add. It’s easy to stay hydrated at a super affordable price. This product is one of the best items to have in a sustainable, eco-friendly home.

Price: $194.94

Why we love this product: This cult favorite is an amazing and simple gift for anyone on your list; plus, this model comes with beautiful and sustainable glass bottles.

This is perfect for: That person in your life that is always drowning in empty seltzer cans, or that person who is trying their best to live more sustainably.

20. Ninja CREAMi Ice Cream Maker

Product image of the ice cream maker with a finished pint of ice cream off to the side and one in the process of being made in the machine
Source: walmart.com

If you’re giving a kitchen appliance as a gift, it’s a good idea to find something that is extra special, and to make sure that the person you’re giving it to probably wouldn’t get it on their own, even if they’ve been wanting it. The CREAMi ice cream maker is a perfect example of this kind of gift: it is a special item that easily makes delicious treats. Creativity is encouraged with this ice cream maker–imagine all the different flavors and added ingredients you can add that an ice cream shop would never think of. Busy parents will love this fun activity for kids!

Price: $149.00

Why we love this product: The end product is fully customizable, so they can add their favorite ingredients. Plus, it can make a frozen treat to fit any lifestyle or dietary need.

This is perfect for: Any ice cream lover who might not always be satisfied with the options in the freezer section or the ice cream stand. 

21. BLACK + DECKER bev Cocktail Maker Machine

Product image of the cocktail maker, with all five liquors attached

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a bartender, this cocktail maker machine is the best way to get creative with drinks in the comfort of your own home. You can personalize your drinks, or you can select any of the more than 40 cocktail capsules to make a perfectly made drink every time. You simply hook up the liquors of choice to the machine and press a button! Impress your friends and party guests any time they come over, and enjoy your favorite drinks any time you like without leaving the house.

Price: $499.99

Why we love this product: This machine actually makes bar-worthy cocktails with the push of a button; save money and host the best parties with bev!

This is perfect for: Anyone who might be tired of spending hundreds of dollars on drinks when they go out; making incredible cocktails at home couldn’t be easier now.

We hope this was helpful for you to check out the best kitchen appliances for gift ideas. We've made a list of some really great gifts for anyone you’re shopping for. If you need even more suggestions for kitchen appliances, check out our blog for more ideas.

Written by: Jess Savage