Introducing QALO X Pela: Compostable Dog Tags!

Image credit: @capturinglulu


If you have a dog, you care a lot about their well-being. Your dog is part of the family and you want to make sure they are taken care of. If they get lost, you want to make sure someone has a way of contacting you. Dog tags are a great way to have your contact information available in case of an emergency, but metal dog tags can be loud, and obnoxious. They can also be painful and irritating to your dog and prohibit them from using their acute sense of hearing to explore the world around them. You care about the environment and don’t want to buy some cheap piece of plastic that won’t hold up to everyday wear and tear. So what is a loving dog owner to do?

QALO has been making silicone rings and dog tags since 2013. Their silicone is recyclable through their Recycle Any Silicone program, but they realize that this type of recycling is not easily available to everyone. That’s why QALO has teamed up with Pela to create a compostable dog tag that is jingle free and not only good for you and your pet but for the planet as well. These dog tags are made from Pela’s high-performing bio-plastic which means it is made from plant materials. They can be fully composted at the end of their life so you don’t have to worry about sending them to the landfill.

You and your dog live an active lifestyle and QALO’s dog tags are a perfect fit for your walk around the neighborhood, your next big hike, and everything in between. You can rest assured that your dog can safely explore their environment without interruption and you can enjoy the sounds of nature without the clanging of their metal dog tag. QALO dog tags are tough with a gentle impact and hold up to everyday use whether on the trail or running around the backyard. Show your love for the planet and your pet, with these good for the planet dog tags. You and your dog will be happy you did!