30 Best Zero-Waste Kitchen Products For a Sustainable Home

Zero-waste products on a kitchen counter

With over 2 billion tons of waste being dumped every year, it’s no wonder that the sustainably-conscious are moving towards a zero-waste lifestyle. Being smarter about our choices and reducing how much we throw away positively affects our planet and the lives of many around the world.

With the amount of trash coming from the kitchen alone (think food scraps, coffee filters, plastic food packaging, and plenty more), targeting your kitchen is a fantastic waste elimination strategy. Thankfully, there’s a growing number of innovative zero-waste products being created all the time. Luckily for you, we’ve searched for the best brands and products to integrate in your home. We’ve also grouped them up so you can easily find what you’re looking for:

To make sure you are at least getting a look at the very best options, we’re starting you off with our top recommendations.


Our top recommendations for waste-free kitchen products

If you only want to get one or two products, we would highly suggest choosing from this list of top five recommendations. Each of these was chosen for their combined ease-of-use, sustainable impact, and ethical production.



10 best zero-waste kitchen tools and utensils for a sustainable home

Our kitchens are full of products for any and every job. Often, though, these aren’t made to last, or are made of plastic, and will end up littering a landfill in a few years. Instead, these waste-free kitchen tools and utensils focus on being long-lasting and made from sustainable materials – most of which will be compostable once they reach the end of their life.


1. Bamboo travel utensils

Green carrying case with bamboo

Image Credit: ChicoBag

Anytime you grab some takeout or go out for fast food, you’re likely to get handed a little package of plastic utensils. All of that disposable cutlery adds up to over 260,000 tons of plastic pollution.

A great way to deal with that is to carry around your own package of reusable utensils. This To-Go Ware set of bamboo utensils is ideal for that. They’re small, lightweight, and include everything you could need.

Next time you go out to eat, turn down those flimsy plastic utensils!

Price: $14.99

Category: Utensil

Why you need it: Being made of bamboo, these utensils are completely biodegradable and compostable. As a bonus, the carrying case is made out of recycled plastic bottles!


2. Bamboo straw

Three bamboo straws with a straw cleaner
Image Credit: Zero Waste Store

Just like with the fast-food cutlery, single-use plastic straws are difficult to recycle and are a major detriment to the environment. The good news is that this is another easy fix on your part – just start carrying around your own reusable straw!

This bamboo straw by Brush With Bamboo is a terrific option. Like the bamboo utensils, this straw is lightweight and easy to carry around with you. Plus, the bamboo will easily biodegrade at the end of its life.

Price: $1.50

Category: Utensil

Why you need it: A reusable straw will help keep plastic out of waterways and oceans, which is a big deal to marine life. Plus, you can have a matching set with this straw and the zero-waste utensils above!



3. Agave fiber straw cleaner

Brush cleaner lying on fabric
Image Credit: Zero Waste Store

If you’ve got your own reusable straw (which you should definitely get), you’ll also need some way to clean your straw. There are plenty of plastic straw brushes available, but that kind of defeats the purpose. Instead, your best option for a straw cleaner is this agave fiber straw cleaner from Brush With Bamboo.

These brush cleaners are made from natural and sustainably sourced agave fibers, which make fantastic bristles for cleaning. The cleaner’s handle is stainless steel, making this a plastic-free product.

Price: $4.00

Category: Tool

Why you need it: Every straw needs cleaner, and this is a durable and eco-friendly alternative to plastic cleaners. The agave fibers also become flexible when wet, making them a great fit for plenty of straw sizes.


4. Reusable coffee cup

Coffee cup filled with coffee on a kitchen counter
Image Credit: Zero Waste Store

If you’re one of the many coffee drinkers among us, this reusable coffee cup from the Zero Waste Store is a must-have. The glass body and upcycled cork band make this an especially sustainable choice of coffee cup.

Whether you’re making coffee to go in the morning or you’re stopping at your favorite coffee shop on the way to work, a reusable travel mug is the way to go!

Price: $27.00 for 12oz or $29.00 for 16oz

Category: Utensil

Why you need it: While there are lots of plastic travel mugs available, choosing a reusable glass cup is better for two reasons: a glass cup won’t add plastic to a landfill once it reaches its end of life, and (unlike plastic) glass won’t hold onto old flavors and aromas.


5. Reusable coffee filter

Reusable coffee filter on white background
Image Credit: Zero Waste Club

Another issue related to coffee is the amount of disposable coffee filters that get thrown out. Choosing to keep a reusable coffee filter over disposable ones is a smart decision. This stainless steel coffee filter from the Zero Waste Club is the most sustainable option due to its versatile design and long lifespan.

Price: $20.39

Category: Tool

Why you need it: Although you might worry about cleaning a fine mesh filter every day, this coffee filter is dishwasher safe, making it easy to take care of. Buying one of these filters also means you’ll be giving to the earth, as Zero Waste Club plants a tree for everything you purchase!


6. Cotton coffee filter

Coffee filter in a coffee pot with mug and coffee grounds

Image Credit: Khala & Co.

If a stainless steel coffee filter isn’t what you’re looking for, you’re still in luck. You could, instead, opt for these organic cotton coffee filters. These durable waste-free coffee filters come in a variety of sizes for different needs, and they’re all made right in Colorado.

Get ready to enjoy your coffee guilt-free! 

Price: $13.99

Category: Tool

Why you need it: With each organic cotton filter lasting for a year, you’re going to be saving lots of money on coffee filters. After that year has passed, these filters are fully compostable.


7. Glass spray bottle

Clear spray bottle on white background
Image Credit: Zero Waste Store

We all need various cleaners for different jobs: dish soap, dishwasher soap, multi-purpose cleaner, and possibly even more. The standard way to go about this is to buy a bunch of separate cleaners (in plastic containers) and continuously replace them as they run out.

The better way to go about this is to stock up on reusable spray bottles and use plastic-free refills to fill your bottles. You can also easily fill your own glass spray bottles with DIY cleaners.

Price: $24.00

Category: Tool

Why you need it: This glass spray bottle from Saged Home comes with a DIY cleaner recipe right on the label! You won’t even have to look for the recipe again when the cleaner is gone.


8. Silicone collapsible funnels

Liquid pouring into bottles using silicone funnels
Image Credit: Amazon

Funnels are great for a number of reasons. When it comes to zero waste, they are a wonderful tool for avoiding unnecessary messes that would result in waste. They’re also extremely helpful for transferring cleaners into reusable spray bottles.

Price: $14.98

Category: Tool

Why you need it: Even better than a standard funnel is a collapsible one. These silicone funnels take up very little storage space, and they’re even plastic-free!


9. Charcoal water filter

Charcoal filter sitting on product box
Image Credit: Kishu Charcoal

Standard water filters are commonly made from plastic, which means they’ll inevitably end up in a landfill somewhere. The Kishu charcoal water filter is the perfect zero-waste kitchen swap in this case.

All you need to do is put this stick of charcoal in your water pitcher and will start purifying right away. Each stick will last about 4 months before needing to be replaced.

Price: $20.99

Category: Tool

Why you need it: Once this water filter has reached its end of life, it can be used again as a deodorizer for the refrigerator. Also, since it’s literally just charcoal, it is easily compostable.


10. Bamboo soap shelf

Shelf standing on side next to soap block
Image Credit: No Tox Life

The moso bamboo soap shelf by No Tox Life is an attractive addition to any zero-waste kitchen. The bamboo material makes it compostable, and it facilitates the use of soap bars rather than bottles of soap (which tend to be plastic).

Price: $6.98

Category: Tool

Why you need it: This soap shelf is raised with slats to ensure there’s no messy water buildup. These shelves are also quite large and should give you plenty of space for your soap and dish brushes.


10 best zero-waste products for food storage and organization

Everybody needs to eat, which means everybody needs somewhere to put their food. Sustainable products to store and organize our food are the real zero-waste kitchen essentials. Here are the products we’d suggest adding to your home:


11. Mason jars

Filled mason jars stacked together

Image Credit: Ella Olsson

Mason jars are all around some of the most versatile and sustainable supplies you can add to your kitchen. They’re ideal for food storage, are easy to clean, and can even be used for pickling your vegetables. 

However, our favorite use for these glass jars is to go grocery shopping with them. Instead of buying food in plastic packaging, you can go to the bulk section of your grocery store and put whatever you need straight into your jars. Just be sure to ask an employee about your store’s policies regarding using your own containers.

Price: $11.99

Category: Storage and Organization

Why you need it: Mason jars are the right solution for a variety of situations. Add being durable and plastic-free to that and they’re ideal in just about every household.


12. Glass spice jars

Full spice jar on white background
Image Credit: Worldlet

A cupboard full of spices isn’t uncommon for those who like to cook at home. When bought at grocery stores, though, spices generally come in plastic bags and plastic bottles. Just like with mason jars, the best way to deal with that is to bring your own little spice jars to the bulk section and fill them directly. Of course, if you want enough of a single spice, you can fill up a whole mason jar instead.

Price: $2.99

Category: Storage and Organization

Why you need it: An organized cupboard of labeled glass spice jars is a beautiful sight to behold, and one that helps save the planet!


13. Canvas tote bags

Tote bag with image of a whale
Image Credit: Net Zero Co.

These gorgeous canvas tote bags are available in a variety of prints. Their durability and supportive shoulder straps also make them ideal for grocery shopping. You can easily reduce the amount of single-use plastic waste by using eco-friendly alternatives such as these tote bags.

Price: $24.99

Category: Storage and Organization

Why you need it: These tote bags are made from organic and compostable materials, and can be machine-washed for easy care. Net Zero Co. will also plant a tree when you buy one of their totes.


14. Reusable produce bags

Produce bag holding apples on white background
Image Credit: Colony Co.

Another easy way to save on waste when grocery shopping is by bringing some reusable produce bags with you. The organic cotton mesh produce bags by Colony Co. come in different sizes, and even have their tare weight stitched on their labels to make checkout even quicker.

Price: $20.00 for assorted 6-pack

Category: Storage and Organization

Why you need it: Having the right reusable bag for every situation will mean you won’t need to rely on plastic bags. Having compostable bags, like these organic cotton ones, is even better.


15. Linen bread bags

Sliced bread in a bag and on a table

Image Credit: Lakeshore Linen

Yet another bag on our list, but we promise it’s worth it! Once again, this can reduce plastic waste from shopping by getting bread straight from the bakery instead of the grocery shelves. It will also help keep your bread nice and fresh at home.

Price: $20

Category: Storage and Organization

Why you need it: The linen bags are sturdy and will prevent your bread from going stale. They can also be machine washed, and will be compostable at the end of its life.


16. Food Huggers

Food Huggers wrapped around leftover food
Image Credit: Food Huggers

Food Huggers are an innovative waste-free kitchen product that is ideal for people often cooking with only part of a fruit or vegetable. These silicone covers are designed to hug the open end of cut vegetables, and come in many shapes and sizes to do so.

Food Huggers are perfect for reducing waste and keeping your fruits and veggies fresh for longer. There’s a variety of available bundles, so you’re sure to find one that’s right for you.

Price: $16.99

Category: Storage

Why you need it: You won’t need to worry anymore about finding a container small enough for your bell pepper half, and you definitely won’t need to throw it in a disposable sandwich bag when you give up looking.


17. Food Huggers bowl lid

Three stacked containers on white background
Image Credit: Food Huggers

Food Huggers has also designed flexible silicone and glass bowl lids that will fit what you already own. No need to transfer that bowl of food to a container, just grab one of your Food Huggers bowl lids. And don’t worry – while the silicone portion creates a flexible fit, the tempered glass is plenty durable.

Price: $14.99

Category: Storage

Why you need it: Only buying covers instead of full container sets means you’ll be reducing waste simply by owning fewer supplies. These flexible bowl lids are highly useful, easy to clean, and sustainable.


18. Beeswax food wrap

Table full of food wrapped in beeswax food wrap
Image Credit: Beeswrap

For a one-size-fits-all solution, you may want to check out this beeswax food wrap by Beeswrap. These wraps are made from organic cotton cloth, beeswax (or plant-based wax), plant oil, and tree resin. Those all come together to create a wrap that can easily mold around whatever you want it to, and one that will keep your food fresh! 

With a few of these in your kitchen, you can easily eliminate the need to use single-use plastics like plastic wrap.

Price: $5.99

Category: Storage

Why you need it: Beeswax wraps can be molded to fit whatever you need them for, making them the ideal zero-waste household product. 


19. Silicone sandwich bags

Clear sandwich bag with scattered tomatoes on white background
Image Credit: Stasher

Sandwich bags are perfect for packing work and school lunches. However, the amount of plastic waste from disposable sandwich bags is less than perfect. Reusable silicone sandwich bags solve that issue while also looking far more fun than a plastic bag.

Price: $12.99

Category: Storage

Why you need it: These Stasher bags are dishwasher, microwave, and freezer friendly, making them the ultimate storage solution. Get a different style bag for each member of the family.


20. Stainless steel lunch box

Stacked round lunchbox on white background
Image Credit: Brush with Bamboo

Sometimes bags and wraps just won’t cut it and you need a sturdy container. Brush With Bamboo’s stainless steel lunch boxes are the long-lasting and environmentally friendly containers you’re looking for. The lunch boxes are easy to clean, as well as toxin and BPA-free.

Price: $25.00

Category: Storage

Why you need it: These compact and stackable lunch boxes are easy to store and carry around, and their strong material makes them resistant to bumps and scratches from transport. These sustainable lunch boxes will last you a long time, reducing the number of containers you’d need to purchase over the years.


10 innovative zero-waste kitchen products to make your life easier

These final zero-waste kitchen supplies are all fantastic additions and swaps that will make taking care of your kitchen a breeze.


21. Lomi

Lomi on counter surrounded by plants and food
Image Credit: Pela

Lomi is an innovative kitchen appliance designed to hasten the decomposition of organic waste and return their nutrients to nature.

This unique device will break down your kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich dirt that can be used for your own house plants or gardens. Don’t have a garden? The dirt can also be dumped into your home compost, green bins, or garbage.

Price: $499.00

Category: Kitchen composter

Why you need it: By creating dirt out of the organic waste you put into it, Lomi reduces GHG emissions in the atmosphere, contributing to a healthier environment. You can also use that dirt to enhance your home-grown fruits and vegetables.


Lomi by Pela



Lomi allows you to turn food waste into plant-ready nutrients in under 24 hours. Boost your plants while reducing your waste.


22. Reusable trash bags

Black bin with reusable trash bag on white background
Image Credit: Mighty Nest

No matter how much we work to reduce the waste we produce, we will inevitably create some garbage. Of course, standard garbage bags are also disposable plastic, which worsens the impact of our waste. 

A better idea would be to use these reusable trash bags, which can be cleaned between uses. These plastic-free kitchen bags are also waterproof and designed to prevent wicking and leaking, so you’re less likely to get a mess.

Price: $13.99

Category: Garbage

Why you need it: Swap single-use plastic bags for these reusable bags to reduce your waste even more and create a sustainable kitchen. Once the bag is full, just empty its contents straight into your outdoor bin and give the bag a wash!

23. Dish washing block

Dish washing block standing on counter
Image Credit: No Tox Life

Dish soap tends to come in disposable plastic bottles that we replace when the soap runs out. With No Tox Life’s dish washing block, there’s no plastic involved. Instead, you get a concentrated block of soap made from biodegradable and vegan ingredients.

Price: $8.98

Category: Cleaner

Why you need it: This sustainable soap can be used to clean more than just your dishes! Test it out on your sink and stove as well.


24. Dropps dishwasher detergent

Dishwasher detergent packaging on table with lemon

Image Credit: Dropps

Dishwashers are great for saving both time and water, but unfortunately, plenty of dishwasher detergent pods are packaged in single-use plastic. Dropps fixes that problem by wrapping their pods in completely compostable packaging. On top of that, their pods are free of both dyes and harsh chemicals.

Price: $18.75 subscription or $25.00 single purchase

Category: Cleaner

Why you need it: Get clean dishes on your first run with this strong dishwashing detergent. You also don’t need to worry about ordering these, as Dropps ensures carbon neutral shipping.


25. Dishwashing liquid concentrate

Two soap bars with orange slice and packaging
Image Credit: Ethique

If you prefer liquid dishwashing detergent over pods, then this dishwashing liquid concentrate from Ethique is a terrific waste-free choice. Ethique swaps out the standard plastic bottle for compostable cardboard packaging instead. 

The soap itself is made of ethically sourced and sustainable ingredients that are rough on oil and grease, but are gentle on your skin.

Price: $7.50

Category: Cleaner

Why you need it: This sweet orange soap is a sustainable option that will leave your dishes sparkling clean and smelling delicious. All you need is some boiling water and a reusable bottle to put it in.


26. Multi-purpose kitchen spray concentrate

Soap bar standing next to packaging and orange slice
Image Credit: Ethique

Ethique has also developed a multi-purpose kitchen spray concentrate with the same great smell and sustainably-sourced ingredients as their dishwashing liquid. Swap the usual random bottle of multi-purpose cleaner you’d get at the store, and pick up this waste-free cleaner instead.

Price: $6.00

Category: Cleaner

Why you need it: Zero-waste kitchen cleaning is easy with Ethique’s ethical and sustainable products. They’ll also plant a tree for every order you make.


27. CASA AGAVE dish brush

Dish brush with light bristles and dish brush with dark bristles

Image Credit: No Tox Life

Conventional sponges and dish brushes are made with plastics. These rub off during washing, sending microplastics into waterways. 

Sustainable materials make the CASA AGAVE dish brushes from No Tox Life a much better choice. They’re also long-lasting and can be used for up to 3 months. The brushes are made from sustainably harvested bamboo and palmyra plant fibers, which make excellent bristles.

Price: $6.98

Category: Sponge

Why you need it: These high-quality brushes make pot scrubbing easy, but they can also be used for vegetable cleaning and general cleaning in the bathroom.


28. EcoCoconut scrub pads

Scrub pads packaged together on table
Image Credit: EcoCoconut

Good scrub pads are always a necessity in the kitchen to get at that really baked-on food. Thankfully, these EcoCoconut scrub pads are both efficient and eco-friendly.

Made with coconut coir and organic tree rubber latex, these scrub pads are 100% biodegradable.

Price: $4.80

Category: Sponge

Why you need it: All packaging and shipping of this product are plastic-free. Not only are these scrub pads waste-free, but they’re also non-scratch and safe to use on non-stick pots and pans.


29. Notpaper towels

Two towels on white background
Image Credit: Well Earth Goods

Messes happen, but we don’t need to create waste when cleaning them up. Paper towels can be useful, but they’re also wasteful. Well Earth Goods’ notpaper towels efficiently clean up towels without creating unnecessary waste.

These reusable towels are hand-made in Oregon from 100% cotton flannel. They’re large, making them comfortable to use, and they are, importantly, very absorbent.

Price: $29.50 for a 12-pack

Category: Towel

Why you need it: Notpaper towels are easy to use, easy to clean, and completely compostable at the end of their life. With a few of these in your kitchen, you definitely won’t need paper towel anymore.


30. Swedish Dishcloth

Arm cleaning spill on stove with dishcloth

Image Credit: Three Bluebirds

Swedish dishcloths are beautifully designed paper towel replacements. A single dishcloth can replace up to 17 paper towel rolls.

Being made from organic cotton and 100% compostable, these dishcloths are on par with the notpaper towels above. Choose whichever fits your preference!

Price: $6.95

Category: Towel

Why you need it: Any reusable towel is better than paper towels, and these are gorgeous high-quality dishcloths. To top it off, Three Bluebirds contributes to Earth’s water restoration with each dishcloth purchase.

Now that you know about all these high-quality zero-waste kitchen products, it’s time to get your kitchen ready for your waste-free lifestyle. You can also take a look at our blog to learn all about reducing waste, and even how you can use food waste to your benefit. With a Lomi, not only would you be able to reduce GHG emissions from your organic waste, but you can turn that waste into nutrient-rich dirt to benefit your home garden. Make a difference in the environment and your life with the right waste reduction products!


Written by: Sereana Simpson