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Sign-up for Lomi's Compost Program and save the mess, pests and headaches of traditional compost. Pickup is entirely on-demand as you need it (about once every 1-2 months). You simply push a button in the app

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Composting Program

On Demand Compost Pick Up

Kelowna residents are invited to use a countertop composter to convert their food waste into Dehydrated Food Waste (DFW). Choosing DFW over fresh food waste simplifies transportation and provides a mess free solution for residents. We aim to establish a community compost program to divert food waste from landfills and support our local farm.

Food Waste

Put all of your food scraps, coffee grounds, and more into Lomi. Say goodbye to odors, mess, and fruit flies!

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Update your status in the Lomi App to indicate you are ready for a pick up. Our micro hauler program will come by within 24 hours.

Fresh Organic Food

Enjoy a larger harvest from one of 36 community garden plots. Bring home the veggies to cook and start the cycle again.

43% of food waste in the Canada happens at the household level.

The average food waste household generates roughly 18 lbs of food waste every week. Let's make that zero!

Kelowna x Lomi

The City of Kelowna, which operates its own landfill, aims to reduce garbage costs by emphasizing composting and recycling over landfilling. Notably, about 70 percent of the waste collected could be diverted to more cost-effective methods. Additionally, food scraps will be processed into high-quality compost material, available for purchase by residents, further supporting waste reduction efforts.

Lomi can process all types of food including meat!

Introducing Lomi Bloom

No more food waste in the Kelowna landfill.

What can go in Lomi