Finally Kelowna! You Have a Curbside Food Waste Recycling Program

Easy, clean, convenient. A local service with local impact.

How It Works

A community service that actually gives back locally.

Your food doesn’t need to become trash. Together we can divert food scraps from our overflowing landfill, turn it into natural fertiilzer, and get it into the hands of local farmers to help them revitalize the soil to grow the food and produce the wine we love so much.

Step Forward: Become Part of Our Community Service Effort!

No more bugs, pests, or mess

Traditional organics programs rely on you dealing with rotting food waste in your kitchen and garage.

With Lomi, all of that goes away.

Technology, Not Trucks

Each home will get a Lomi as part of their service.

Lomi reduces your food waste weight and volume by 80%, so, we don’t need to send noisy garbage trucks through your neighhourhood once a week. Most Lomi users only need pickup monthly!

Curbside Pickup, When You Need It

Gone are the days of needing to bring trash out every day or putting it out every week at the curb.

With the press of a button in the Lomi app you can schedule your pickup within 2 business days.

Supporting Local Farmers and the Community

Kelowna is proud of its natural beauty, incredible farms, and local produce and Lomi will continue to support local farmers by providing all the natural fertilizer from this program to them for free.

This helps eliminate the need for expensive synthetic, non-organic fertilizers.

Kelowna x Lomi

The City of Kelowna, which operates its own landfill, aims to reduce garbage costs by emphasizing composting and recycling over landfilling. Notably, about 70 percent of the waste collected could be diverted to more cost-effective methods. Additionally, food scraps will be processed into high-quality compost material, available for purchase by residents, further supporting waste reduction efforts.

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Be one of the first to change the way Kelowna handles food waste.

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The amount of garbage that I’m putting on the curb is decreasing weekly!

"What a difference Lomi is making! It’s just amazing what you happens inside this wonderful machine. In goes some pretty gross stuff and out comes beautiful dirt! The amount of garbage that I’m putting on the curb is decreasing weekly!"

Dana R.

Verified Buyer

My garbage no longer smells

"What I enjoy most is the fact that my garbage no longer smells. Other than a few bones Lomi cannot composite, all organic material is going into Lomi so there is nothing rotting in my garbage, no animals, no smell. "

Jon W.

Verified Buyer

Pre compost for my soil mixes and no bears!

"I was skeptical about Lomi but felt compelled to try another way to compost my food waste. I live in the middle of the forest and animals get into my compost no matter what I do. I’m not interested in attracting bears so this is great! Pre compost for my soil mixes and no bears! "

Sandy F.

Verified Buyer