Lomi Bloom

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The easiest way to recycle your food waste.
Lomi reduces how much trash you throw out by 80%.
Which means no more smells, mess or headaches dealing with trash.

Free shipping


Lomi - Bloom


Our best offer ever!

Our best offer ever!

  • SAVE $400 off Lomi
  • Lifetime Warranty with membership
  • Starter supply of LomiPods and
Filters FREE
  • Refills for LomiPods and Filters every 3 months
  • FREE device upgrade every 3 years

Membership billed at $60/every 3 months starting 3 months after your purchase date. Minimum 3 year membership term.

FREE Shipping

Lomi ships FREE, with all duties pre-paid. (Orders with multiple Lomis require paid shipping)

Return Policy

Return Lomi within 30 days of receiving your purchase for a full refund. Return shipping is free.

How it works!

Products delivered to your door every 3 months. Includes:

Quarterly Shipments

With this membership you’ll receive replacement Filters and Lomi Pods every 3 months so you’ll always be sure you’re creating the very best Lomi Earth and that your home is smelling fresh. Lomi Filters last up to 3 months (that’s about 45 cycles!). And each package of LomiPods contains enough tables for 45 cycles.

Lifetime Warranty and Device Upgrade

Since we believe in the impact that Lomi makes and hope you will use your Lomi for years to come, every active member gets our lifetime warranty and members who maintain a membership for an uninterrupted 36 month period are eligible to upgrade to a new Lomi.

Non-members receive our 1 year limited warranty on Lomi.

This membership has a minimum 1 year term.

Three easy ways to use what comes out of your lomi.


Use Lomi, throw the output in the trash.


Use Lomi, put the output in the organics pickup bin.


Use Lomi, use the output as a fertilizer on your lawn or in your garden.

More than 200,000 happy households

My Family is a climate solution!!

“The whole process is wonderful to help my family do our part in recycling waste.”

Jamie S.

Verified Buyer

The huge difference this simple appliance can make.

“It is surprising to see the difference it has made. Every little tweak in the way we treat the planet is exceedingly valuable.”

Connie W.

Verified Buyer

I've cut the weight of my trash in HALF!!

“This machine is so great. Biggest difference I see is that the weight of my garbage has decreased significantly!”

Michelle K.

Verified Buyer

Faster, cleaner, smarter... and way more colorful.

Up to 2 hours faster

Lomi Bloom comes with updated temperature sensors that reduce cycle durations.

A new cleaning cycle.

A hassle-free way to clean your Lomi Bloom. Just add water and start the cleaning cycle.

Basically soundless.

Quieter than a modern-day dishwasher, Lomi Bloom runs at under 60 db.

A Connected Lomi

Using our Apple iOS app Lomi Bloom can measure each cycle and give you real-time data on your carbon impact.

Track your impact and get rewarded for reducing your carbon footprint.

Lomi Bloom unlocks an entirely new and simple way to interact with your food waste. Meet the Connected Smart Waste™ Experience.

Get rewarded for referrals.

Give your friends $50 off their first order and get $50 worth of points for each successful referral!

Earn through membership.

Earn 300 points on every reoccurring membership order.

Earn points every time you run Lomi Bloom.

For the first time ever, you can earn up to 10 Reward points every time you run a Lomi cycle.

Our supercharged Lomi app is here to make tracking your impact easier.

Through our team’s drive to innovate and reimagine food waste, Lomi Bloom can measure each cycle and provide you with real-time data on your household waste footprint.

We’re not only making it possible for you to track your impact… For the first time ever, you’ll be rewarded every time you run your Lomi Bloom. Earn points and redeem them for Lomi essentials and everyday brands that you’ll love.

Turn your household into a climate solution using nothing but your food waste.

No mess, no smell, no bugs.

Feel good about your climate impact.

Reduce your weekly trash by 50%.

Earn rewards for simply running Lomi Bloom.

Over 180,000 people, just like you are already using Lomi to be a part of the solution.