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In just 4 hours, Lomi turns almost all of your food scraps into a nutrient-rich fertilizer to feed to your lawn and garden.

✅ No more foul garbage odors.

✅ No more green bin to attract fruit flies and bugs.

✅ No more taking the garbage out every day.

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“We really needed a better option than putting food in our garbage or green bin. It's just so gross.

Now we just throw it in Lomi, wait a few hours, then dump it into the yard waste bin. No more smell, no more flies, no more maggots, and no more messy bin cleanup required every week.”

- Angela L. (Verified Customer)

Lomi can help you save up to $500 PER YEAR by downsizing your curb-side trash bin and paying less for excess bag-tag fees.

Lomi can significantly reduce your amount of trash by transforming almost anything you eat into nutrient rich Lomi earth. BONUS: You also no longer have to pay for lawn and garden fertilizer either.

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Did you forget how gross your garbage can get because of rotting food waste?

Household pests are drawn to food waste sitting in your trash can or green bin. Once you start to have an insect problem, it can be really hard to get rid of.

Transforming your waste in Lomi allows you to avoid attracting pests. Instead, you can turn your waste into nutrient-rich dirt that you can use to feed your lawn, garden, or houseplants.

That moldy lasagna in your trash doesn't only stink up your kitchen. It also stinks up the planet with a lot of methane.

Welcome to 2023, where doing the trash can be ultra-convenient and completely sustainable.


Will not attract pests.

Carbon negative

Reduces your waste by 80%

Turns your food waste into plant food.

Your kitchen smells like rotting food.

Who invited all the ants and fruit flies?

Food waste -> landfill -> methane -> bad.

Taking out the trash everyday sucks.

Leaky food waste juices everywhere!

In just 4 hours, Lomi turns almost all of your food scraps into a nutrient-rich fertilizer.

Almost everything you eat can go into Lomi.

Fruits and vegetables

Bread and grain products

Animal products

Yard waste

Lomi approved products and packaging

Lomi makes dealing with waste so simple.



Put all of your food scraps, coffee grounds, and even your old Pela case into Lomi.



Push the button and Lomi works its magic to breakdown your waste.


The dirt Lomi makes can go into your indoor plants, your garden, or your green bin depending on the mode you select.

“Lomi is a fantastic tool for apartment dwellers to take food scraps and turn them into fertilizer they can use directly in their urban gardens. It creates an amazing loop that kickstarts a lifetime of growing more food.”

- Kevin Espiritu
Founder of Epic Gardening

The largest Youtube channel for gardening enthusiasts.

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The best investment you'll ever make in your kitchen and garden.


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See what Maureen, a real Lomi customer, had to say about her experience with Lomi.

More than 140,000 households are using Lomi to reduce their food waste.

Lomi is going to make spring gardening a whole lot easier!

"I can not believe how fast the pail of resulting Lomi soil is growing to nourish our garden come spring."

Jamie S.

Verified Buyer

Fresh, healthy soil food - EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING.

"Lomi is amazing, it has totally made dealing with food scraps and houseplant material a non-issue. It is so rewarding to get a fresh batch of plant food for either my outside garden beds or my houseplants."


Verified Buyer

Lomi eats everything we don't. The new family pet.

" Lomi is Fantastic !!! I can cook for the family, put all our scraps in Lomi, turn it on while we sleep and In the morning, I have dirt for my flower pots and garden!! "

Paula M.

Verified Buyer