Thanksgiving Foods That Can Go Into Lomi + Mistakes to Avoid

Thankful for trash? You bet!

When aiming for a sustainable Thanksgiving, let your leftovers have another life. Rather than discarding them, utilize a Lomi for composting, yielding nutrient-rich fertilizer for your plants.

9 Thanksgiving leftover foods that can go into Lomi

Things to Avoid

Unfortunately, not all food waste can be composted in Lomi. Foods like cooking oil, for example.

The items on the list above should be broken down using the Lomi Eco Express or Lomi approved mode and not Grow mode like you would with raw food scraps, coffee grounds, or eggshells.

Here are the top 5 mistakes you might run into with your holiday leftovers and how to avoid them.

Food waste. Button. Dirt - It’s that simple.

Lomi begins by heating and grinding your food waste.

Through the cycle, the sensors measure and control the moisture content and temperature inside while the airflow system provides continuous supply of oxygen.

The airflow system also consists of a proprietary dual-filter design that helps neutralize the odour.

So what’s with our dirt?

Well, technically speaking it's pre-compost.

We like to call it Lomi Earth™

Lomi Earth contains important organic matter & microbes needed to create healthy soil.

It's a superfood that you can sprinkle on your lawn, garden and plants.

Lomi Bloom will arrive at your doorstep with:

  • Lomi Bloom
  • Filters for 45 cycles to keep your kitchen smelling fresh and odor-free
  • LomiPods for 45 cycles to get the best plant food out of your Lomi cycle

Product Specifications

Dimensions 16" W x 13" D x 12” H
Weight 9 kgs (19-20 lbs)
Capacity 3 litres
Voltage 110V North American
Noise level < 60 bD (same as a dishwasher)
Electricity needs Eco Express: less than 0.60 kWh

More than 150,000
happy households

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Faster, cleaner, smarter... and way more colorful.

Up to 2 hours faster

Lomi Bloom comes with updated temperature sensors that reduce cycle durations.

A new cleaning cycle.

A hassle-free way to clean your Lomi Bloom. Just add water and start the cleaning cycle.

Basically soundless.

Quieter than a modern-day dishwasher, Lomi Bloom runs at under 60 db.

A Connected Lomi

Using our Apple iOS app Lomi Bloom can measure each cycle and give you real-time data on your carbon impact.