It's time to make food storage...Smart.

Have you ever been afraid to feed your kids leftovers? Simply because you weren’t sure if they were still safe to eat?

That ends now.

Lomi Labels is here to help you track of all your food so you can stop flushing cash down the toilet because you got a little busy and forgot about when you made something.

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**Unless you're buying for a friend, (which they will love!) Lomi Labels are best used as one pack per kitchen.

More than 150,000 happy households

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Such a simple app to use!!

"I used to dread going into my fridge to figure out dinner, but now with Lomi Labels it's like I have a meal prep service at home! I always know what is there and ready to use."

Jana R.

Verified Buyer

A no brainer if you want to save money :)

"I'm in charge of the grocery budget for my family. Lomi labels helped me realize how much money we were actually just throwing out every month AND SAVE ME MONEY!"

Bernice V.

Verified Buyer

Say bye bye to moldy food containers!

"Lomi Labels has been game-changing for keeping my fridge and pantry organized. As a family of 4, it’s easy to put leftovers in containers only to find them a month later shoved to the back of the fridge full of smelly moldy food. Adding meals into the Lomi Labels app is super quick and makes sure our family is actually eating our leftovers."

Paula M.

Verified Buyer

We’re all terrified of that 4 week old lasagna hidden in the back corner of the fridge.

43% of food waste happens at the household level. That’s the equivalent of your family wasting $2,000 every year.

Food is expensive and it isn’t getting cheaper. We're going to help you save money.

A totally new way to help your family save money on food.  And it isn’t coupons!

Lomi Labels is really quite simple. It's the most convenient way to never waste another bite.

Simply add or scan your food item to the Lomi Labels app.

Choose when you’d like to be reminded.

Get notified before your leftovers expire.

Now your whole family will know what’s in the fridge and ready to eat. No more guesswork on if that leftover chicken is still good.No more “When did we cook this?”

 ✅ Reusable  ✅ Freezer safe ✅ microwave safe ✅ dishwasher safe ✅ BPA free

From left overs to raw ingredients. You don’t need to watch things go in the trash because you forgot about them. Just stick, scan, eat.

Your family could save up to $2000 on food every year.

No more playing expiration date roulette with the food in your fridge, freezer or pantry.

Decision making time around dinner has never been easier.

No more moldy containers to deal with.

Prevent up to 250lbs of food going to the landfill.

It is almost inevitable that the fruits, vegetables, and leftovers in my fridge and pantry will go bad and get thrown away. Lomi Labels makes my job, as a mother, really simple. We throw out less than a quarter of the food we buy now.

- Angela L. (Verified Customer)

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