Rethink how you’re handling food waste.

Small changes make big impacts.

Meet Lomi

Lomi reduces your food waste by 80% by transforming it into homemade fertilizer.

Used in more than 200,000 households, Lomi is the simple alternative to compost that makes it easy to create Lomi Earth (in as little as 4 hours!). What is Lomi Earth? It’s nutrient-rich fertilizer that your Lomi creates with every cycle that is an amazing superfood for your plants.

How It Works:

Fill your Bucket

Instead of putting them in the trash, add your food scraps, coffee grounds, plant clippings, and eco-friendly packaging into your Lomi.

Press One Button

Select your cycle at the touch of a button and Lomi works its magic to break down your waste and turn it into natural, homemade fertilizer.

Use your Lomi Earth

Take your Lomi Earth and use it in your plants, community garden, and on your lawn to revitalize your soil or, add them right into your organic bin.


What can go in your Lomi, you ask?

From fruits and veggies to meat and bread and yard waste to eco-packaging, Lomi can break down most items. The combination of items put into each cycle will affect the end result that is created and how it can be used.

Quick Checklist

For the best possible Lomi Earth we always recommend adding your scraps in small pieces into Lomi and adding a diverse mix of items.

- Yes! Lomi can process meat and dairy products

- Do not add any bones which may damage the grinder

- We recommend 1/4 cup or less per cycle

- Yes! Lomi loves fruits and veggies

- Avoid fruit pits and harder materials

- Yes! Bread and grains are great for Eco Express Mode

- Ensure grains are mixed well with a diverse group of food waste

- We recommend 1/2 cup or less of grains or up to 1 cup of bread scraps per cycle

- Yes! Lomi processes yard trimmings

- Yard trimmings are considered ‘brown waste’ and should make up no more than 1/2 of the items in a cycle

- Lomi Approved products are compostable non-food products, like compostable kitchen bags or our own packaging, that can be efficiently broken down by Lomi and transformed into Lomi Earth.

Each year every Lomi reduces up to 179 kgs of carbon per household and, together, the Lomi Community has diverted nearly 340 million pounds of food waste from landfills.

Tech Specs

What do I need to know about my Lomi before purchase

Product Specifications

Dimensions 16" W x 13" D x 12” H
Weight 9 kgs (19-20 lbs)
Capacity 3 litres
Voltage 110V North American
Noise level < 60 dB (same as a dishwasher)
Electricity needs Eco Express: less than 0.60 kWh


The Lomi app. Feel good about food waste, feel good about rewards.

Download our app, connect your Lomi, earn rewards, and with Lomi Bloom, track your climate impact.

Earn rewards for using your Lomi.

Introducing Lomi Bloom

Track your climate impact every cycle.

More than 200,000 happy households

My Family is a climate solution!!

“The whole process is wonderful to help my family do our part in recycling waste.”

Jamie S.

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The huge difference this simple appliance can make.

“It is surprising to see the difference it has made. Every little tweak in the way we treat the planet is exceedingly valuable.”

Connie W.

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I've cut the weight of my trash in HALF!!

“This machine is so great. Biggest difference I see is that the weight of my garbage has decreased significantly!”

Michelle K.

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