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We are the people we’ve been waiting for. We are innovators and builders who are using technology to design waste out of the human experience and we want you!

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Business can be a force for good

We are innovators and builders who are using technology to design waste out of the human experience. Explore our remote-friendly opportunities and come help us achieve our mission.

Our Focus


Every day we come into work, we get to implement technology that gets us one step closer to solving the world's waste problems.


We’re optimistic about the future. We believe our work has real impact to help people make changes for the good of our planet.


These challenges are complex, and it’s work worth doing. We hope you’ll join us in our quest to make garbage optional.

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Explore our open roles for working totally remote, from the office or someplace in between.

Perks & Benefits

Remote-friendly work

For most of our roles, you’re free to live and work wherever you feel you can do your best. We trust you to be resourceful, solve problems as they arise and define how you want to make an impact.

Time away

Enjoy generous wellness, vacation and company ‘gift days’. All permanent employees are given the opportunity to take the vacation days they feel they need.

Health Care

Comprehensive medical, dental, and paramedical insurance coverage for employees and dependants support our team’s active lifestyles.

Paid volunteer hours

We encourage every team member to make contributions in the areas that matter most to them. Each quarter every employee is allocated 8 hours of paid time off to volunteer.

Lifestyle spending

Pela employees are automatically enrolled in a taxable annual employer contribution of $1000 (prorated based on date of hire).

RRSP matching

We match 100% of your GRSP contribution each pay period to a maximum of 4% of your salary.

Our Core Values


Better is born from creativity. The only reason things are the way they are is because other people made it that way. Which means with a little bit of creativity we can make things better.


We live with awareness and consciousness of the impact of our choices, of the impact of even the smallest of our decisions and we are concerned with what's right instead of who's right.


To disrupt traditional ways of thinking and challenge the status quo, you need courage. It allows us to accept that we don’t know everything, but we’re willing to learn and try the seemingly impossible.


We commit to a culture that builds a vibrant community. We want to play, have fun, and laugh together. We want to engage in meaningful debate, to have the right conversations so that we can create value for ALL of our stakeholders—including the planet.

Our proud partners

Carbon neutral operation

Highest standard of responsibility

We are innovators

First we reinvented plastic waste at our sister company Pela Case. Never satisfied we wanted to revolutionize the waste of our plastic alternative, Lomi was born. Bio-plastics and compostables now had a place in green waste and home compost systems. What's next?
Our next generation of solutions includes connected hardware, mobile apps and an elevated eComm experience. Join us?