We are striving to divert 10 billion pounds of waste from landfills.


Food waste averages 1 billion tons per year.

Food waste isn't actually waste: it's a valuable resource and the worst thing we can do is put our food scraps in a landfill where it contributes to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. One of the best things we can do is use food scraps, which is nature's fertilizer, to regenerate the soil, grow healthy plants, and save GHG Emissions.

Community Impact

The global Lomi community has helped to prevent up to 340 million pounds of food scraps from entering landfills.

Lomi is currently in more than 200,000+ households and, together, the Lomi community has created up to 85 million pounds of nutrient-rich natural fertilizer with their Lomi - we call it Lomi Earth - that has helped to regenerate the soil and saved up to 34,000 metric tons of CO2e emissions.

Research Reports

Lomi is transforming your food waste into regenerative fertilizer.

The proof is in the Earth:

University of Toronto

Research study result:

Overall, the evidence accumulated from these analyses indicates that Lomi Earth was the most effective soil amendment for increasing plant size and soil health compared to compost and organic fertilizer.

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Helen's Acres Farm

Research study result:

The initial testing result indicates adding Lomi Earth to soil increased crop yield by 26%, increased crop size by 17%, and boosted levels of essentials nutrients, as compared to the control.

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Take an even deeper look at how Lomi is tackling the food waste problem

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Lomi helps reduce your carbon footprint. Even though Lomi is powered by electricity, you’re still reducing your carbon footprint by an average of 169kg CO2e every year.

Emissions Avoided from Landfill


Lomi Electricity Emissions


Estimated GHG Savings 


We offset 100% of our manufacturing emissions so Lomi is carbon neutral when it reaches your doorstep.

Reducing Carbon Emissions

We take Lomi's end of life journey very seriously by refurbishing, upcycling, and donating to schools


Refurbished Lomis

Refurbished recycles the emissions from creating each part of Lomi and reduces the emissions involved with disposing Lomi.


Lomis donated to Classrooms

Food waste education in schools brings the problem and its solutions to the forefront of future generations - so they can keep pushing for vital change.


Open Box - Lomi units sold

Finding Lomi a new home once refurbished means lomi can keep doing its part to reduce carbon emissions.

Reducing Carbon Emissions

We have a zero waste packaging. 100% of our packaging can be broken down by Lomi. That's all of our cardboard!

We are proudly B Corp and Climate Neutral Certified.

In order to achieve B Corp certification a company needs to demonstrate high social and environmental performance by achieving a B Impact Assessment score of 80 or above. See how Lomi measures up.

We take our mission to heart.

We are on our way to removing 10 billion pounds of waste from global landfills by 2028.