The Lomi app. Feel good about food waste, feel good about rewards.

Download the app, connect your Lomi device and track your climate impact. Our new Lomi Bloom comes with even more ways to earn rewards.

More reasons to download the app

Earn rewards for using your Lomi

Earn 100 rewards points for connecting your Lomi to the app. Plus Bloom devices earn 2x cycle rewards points for their first 30 days on the app

Optimize your Lomi cycles

Learn more about your Lomi. Get access to guides, and frequently asked questions about Lomi

Track your climate impact

Use the app to track how many pounds of garbage you've kept out of landfills by using Lomi

Know when to change your Lomi's filters

Get important information on how and when to change your Lomi's filters to help it stay fresh and work at its best.

See what folks are saying about the Lomi app

Lots of information, and easy to use!

“Super user friendly app with all the tips & tricks I could ever need to help me get the most out of my Lomi! Way better than a typical manual, way easier to find information quickly”


Super clean, smooth app

“This app is so easy to use adn the FAQs are clearly listed. I love Lomi”

Amelia M

A game-changer for eco-conscious users

"This intuitive app allows users to track in real-time the amount of organic waste they’re diverting from landfills, offering tangible evidence of their positive environmental impact."

My Home Dojo