LomiPods and Filter Refill Subscription

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Keep your Lomi smelling fresh and add soil-enhancing, plant-friendly nutrients to your Lomi Earth.

This bundle includes:
  • 1-pack of Filter Refills 
  • 45 pack of LomiPods
Subscribe to unlock more benefits:
  • Lifetime Warranty with subscription*
  • Refills for LomiPods and Filters delivered every 3 months
  • FREE device upgrade every 3 years
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How activated charcoal creates clean, scent-free air.

1. Breaking down your food waste creates the odor you usually smell in your garbage

2. The air in lomi passes through two filters removing the gasses and particles that cause odors

3. Clean, deodorized air is released back into your kitchen

How LomiPods Act as Compost Accelerators

LomiPods are a unique and nutritious blend of microbes (bacteria and fungi). These tiny living organisms work to accelerate the composting process. Using a LomiPod increases the amount of organic matter in Lomi Earth which helps reduce smell AND most importantly creates the healthiest soil to add to your garden and plants.

For best results as a homemade fertalizer user with Lomi Blends which adds specialized nutrients to target specific deficiencies in your plants & soil.

Bundle Subscription Perks

Automated Refills

Receive a refill every 3 months - that means you’ll never run out of your Lomi Essentials. LomiPods ensure that you’re getting the most nutrient-rich Lomi Earth and Lomi Filters keep your kitchen smelling fresh.

Lifetime Warranty

You’re supporting a waste free future, so we’re supporting you. As long as your subscription remains active, you’ll have a lifetime warranty* on any Lomi model.

Free Device Upgrade

We believe in the impact that Lomi makes and hope you will use your Lomi for years to come. So, for every 3 years** of subscription, you’ll be eligible for an upgrade to a new Lomi.

*Any cancellation or missed payment reverts coverage to our standard 1 year limited warranty. ** Free device upgrades are available for subscribers who maintain a subscription for an uninterrupted 36 month period. If canceled, customers forego device upgrade and, upon renewal, begin a new 36 month upgrade cycle. Please note, the upgrade cycle begins at the time of subscription activation.