The fast, convenient way to recycle food waste at home.

Odor-free, pest-free, mess-free. It's that easy.

how it works

It's like composting, but way easier.

Fill your bucket

Simply fill Lomi with your food scraps or whatever you don't eat.

Press One Button

It’s truly that effortless. Reduce your kitchen waste, smells, and pests.

Put the dirt to work

Lomi Earth is scientifically proven to create greener lawns and abundant gardens.

Shop Lomi

Transform the way you do the trash.

Keep your kitchen cleaner for longer, and effortlessly reduce waste by up to 80%. Turn your everyday food scraps into nutrient-rich soil, ready for the garden with every use.

The Lomi Way vs. The Old Way


Easier and quicker than composting

No nasty bugs, or pests in your trash

Less trash in your house and the landfill

Smell free and looks great in your kitchen

Kitchen Bin

Fruit flies love these

Messy, smelly, leaky

Best hidden under the sink

Needs regular emptying

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Which Lomi is right for me?

Lomi 1.3

The updated, original Lomi makes kitchen cleanup easy with the push of a button.

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  • Reduces your trash
  • Smell and pest-free
  • Turns food scraps into plant food

Lomi 2

The newest model. All the magic of Lomi 1.3 with improved cycles and app experience. 

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All you love about Lomi 1.3, plus:

  • Faster
  • Quieter
  • More energy efficient
  • Self cleaning cycle
  • Tracks your carbon footprint
  • Earn rewards for using Lomi

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