Lomi Blends.

The multi-vitamin for your lawn and garden.

✅ Save back-and-forth trips to the garden center.

✅ Spend less time watering your lawn and garden. 

✅ All natural and completely safe for kids and pets.

$25.00 USD

More than 150,000 happy households

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Lomi Blends is going to make spring gardening a whole lot easier!

"I've had a Lomi for over a year. Adding Lomi Blends to Lomi has given me such healthy vegetables. It's so easy and so simple."

Jamie S.

Verified Buyer

Fresh, healthy soil food - EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING.

"Lomi Blends is amazing. It is so rewarding to get a fresh batch of plant food for my lawn and garden every single morning."


Verified Buyer

No more trips to Home Depot!

"I used to send my husband on to the gardening centre because it was so inconvenient and all those fertilizer bags were heavy. Now I create everything my lawn and gardening needs, ALL IN MY KITCHEN!!!"

Paula M.

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A healthy garden and beautiful lawn shouldn't take so much time and effort.

Stop spending $100+ on multiple products for your lawn and garden.

Stop spending your weekends going back and forth to the garden centre.

Deal with heavy bags of fertilizers that often take up a lot of storage.

Save money. Lomi Blends is an all in one solution for your lawn and garden.

Just mix Lomi Blends into Lomi and save the trip to the garden center.

The most sustainable way to feed your lawn and garden.

Create a comprehensive blend of vital nutrients for your plants.

Lomi Blends is an all-natural, simple to use, multi-vitamin that creates a perfectly balanced boost for a long lasting lawn and garden. 

Lomi Blends makes gardening simple.

Add a scoop of Lomi Blends to Lomi.

Run Lomi on a Grow mode cycle.

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Use Lomi Earth on your lawn and in your garden.

Everything you need for your lawn and garden, all conveniently in your kitchen.

Greener, lusher grass.

Bigger, healthier vegetables.

Slow nutrients release.

Less watering.

No harsh chemicals.

Feeding it to your plants and exposing chemical fertilizers to your kids and pets is way worse. 

Chemical fertilizers are a non renewable, short term solution to a long term need, that can be toxic to both humans and animals.

Completely safe and natural.

Releases nutrients that plants can use.

Contains very high organic matter.

Will not burn plant leaves and roots.

Dangerous to humans and animals.

Depletes organic matter in soil, overtime.

Contains no organic matter.

May burn plants due to high concentrations of chemical nutirents.

An all natural ingredients list that is safe for the whole family.