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Discover our line of consumables and composter accessories that will elevate the way you compost and will ensure an odour-free, smooth breakdown process.

Lomi Accessories

Lomi Cap & Bucket

A lid and extra bucket to keep collecting food scarps while Lomi is hard at work.
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Lomi Cap - bucket lid

A lid so you can place scraps in the bucket, and store you Lomi device off counter.
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Lomi Labels

QR labels + app help you keep track and eat food BEFORE it goes bad.
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LomiPods - 45 Pack

LomiPods add microorganisms to help breakdown of food scraps and reduces odors.
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Filter Refill - 1 pack

Lomi Filters eliminate odors to keep your kitchen smelling fresh.
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LomiPods & Filter Refills - 45 Cycles - 1 yr membership

Bundle our two top add on and save!
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Lomi Blends

A nutrient booster to improve ther fetilizer qualities of your Lomi Earth
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LomiCare - 3yr Extended Warranty

Add an extra two years to your one year manufacture's warranty
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Discover the difference with the ultimate countertop composter.