Lomi Cap™ - bucket lid

Say goodbye to the hassle of storing food scraps in bags, bowls, or the freezer! Lomi Cap, the newest accessory for Lomi, is made for your bucket.

Dealing with your food waste is clean and easy with Lomi Cap: now, you can store your scraps right in your Lomi bucket until it's time to run a cycle and transform them into Lomi Earth. 

✔ Dishwasher-safe

✔ Sustainably Made

✔ Fits all Lomi models

✔ Attaches to Lomi Bucket

$21.99 USD

Lomi Cap™ sits on top of your bucket, keeping your food scraps out of sight

Lomi Cap™ is designed with ease and convenience in mind.

Simply place the Cap™ on the bucket when you're done adding your food scraps. Or, if you're in the middle of food or meal prep, hook the Lomi Cap™ on to the side of the bucket for convenient storage while you work!

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