5 Reasons why Lomi changes the way you deal with food waste forever

1. Lomi revolutionize your kitchen clean up

Say goodbye to kitchen clutter and messy cleanup with Lomi. Instead of filling up your garbage with stinky food waste, you can process it in just 4 hours. No smell, fewer wasted garbage bags and less trash to take out.

2. Lomi can transform almost everything: From leftovers to eco-friendly packaging

Lomi efficiently breaks down a variety of items, including food scraps, bread, yard waste, and eco-packaging. By adding small, diverse pieces, you maximize its efficiency and versatility in waste management.

3. Lomi helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Lomi reduces your carbon footprint by transforming food scraps into valuable resources, cutting down harmful emissions. Each year, it saves about 179 kg of carbon per household. Together, Lomi users have kept nearly 340 million pounds of waste out of landfills, showcasing its effectiveness in environmental protection.

4. Lomi gets you rewarded for dealing with trash the right way.

For the first time, you'll receive rewards each time you convert your food waste. By tracking your impact with the Lomi App, you can earn Lomi points and redeem them for discounts on your favorite everyday brands.

5. Lomi is your perfect ally in gardening

Gardening joy grows as you turn everyday waste into nutrient-rich soil, a process that usually takes years. Lomi cuts food waste by up to 90% in just 4 hours, turning peels, scraps, and coffee grounds into valuable fertilizer, speeding up your gardening rewards.

The best investment you’ll ever make in your kitchen.

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More than 200,000 happy households

My Family is a climate solution!!

“The whole process is wonderful to help my family do our part in recycling waste.”

Jamie S.

Verified Buyer

The huge difference this simple appliance can make.

“It is surprising to see the difference it has made. Every little tweak in the way we treat the planet is exceedingly valuable.”

Connie W.

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I've cut the weight of my trash in HALF!!

“This machine is so great. Biggest difference I see is that the weight of my garbage has decreased significantly!”

Michelle K.

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