Should You Buy Lomi? 11 Things To Consider Before Buying One

Front view of Pela Lomi on a kitchen counter surrounded by plants

You’re probably here because you’re looking for ways to reduce your own carbon footprint. Preventing food waste is a great way to do that, but is the Lomi composter the best way for you to do that? Well, it depends.

Whether or not you should buy Lomi depends on your housing situation, your personal wants/needs, and your current composting solutions. Throughout this article, we’ll discuss why Lomi is worth it, and when it isn’t. At the end, you’ll know if you should or shouldn’t get Lomi for yourself.

Here’s everything we’re covering, but feel free to jump ahead to any section you’re looking for:

Before getting into details about when to buy Lomi, let’s start with what Lomi really is, and what it isn’t.

What is Lomi?

Front view of electric composter next to a small pile of dirt and a small plant

Lomi is an electric composter that can break down your food scraps into dirt in less than a full day. Lomi does this by heating, aerating, and mixing your organic waste, accelerating the material’s breakdown. Electric composters are not a replacement for backyard composting, but are a fantastic alternative to landfills.

What Lomi can do

What Lomi cannot do

  • Compost your food scraps in under 24 hours if you don’t have the time or space for traditional composting
  • Compost approved bioplastics you wouldn’t be able to compost in a backyard pile
  • Offer a more sustainable solution for your food waste than sending it to the landfill
  • Provide a daily supply of nutrient-rich dirt for your plants
  • Offer a safe and easy way to reduce your food waste
  • Act as a replacement for traditional composting methods
  • Offer a better net carbon footprint than backyard composting
  • Compost the same volume of organic waste as a backyard compost pile

Now that we have a good idea of what exactly Lomi can do, and understand that it isn’t just a replacement for traditional composting, we can get into the reasons Lomi would be the best choice for you.

Who should buy Lomi: 11 reasons why you need one

When traditional composting methods are the environmentally best option for dealing with food waste, then why bother with Lomi? There are actually quite a few reasons you might not be able to, or even want to, compost traditionally. In these cases, Lomi is an excellent way to reduce your environmental impact.

1. You don’t like dealing with the smell of organic waste

Top down view of kitchen composter filled with organic waste

When composting is done perfectly right, it will give off a wonderful, earthy scent. But, getting it perfect every time isn’t going to happen, especially for beginners. When there’s something wrong, that scent can turn sour real quick. 

That’s not a huge deal if you have outdoor compost, but it’s unpleasant with indoor composting to say the least. Think rotting food, ammonia, or even poop smells permeating throughout your home. If you can’t stomach that, we don’t blame you at all. Lomi provides an odor-free way of composting indoors, so you won’t have to worry about bad smells at all.

Don’t buy Lomi if: You love the smell of food waste and garbage in your home!

2. You don’t have the time to compost

Traditional composting takes time, both active and passive. You’ll be spending time sorting your kitchen scraps, shredding a bunch of paper or leaves, layering your compost, and turning it every once in a while. Depending on your composting method, it will then take anywhere from one month to over a year to reach the finished product. That’s a lot of time.

We’re all busy people, and some of us just don’t have the time every week to maintain a successful compost pile. Some of us have gardens that just can’t wait a year to receive the needed nutrients from compost. 

The Lomi food composter takes all that time out of composting. The most you need to do is make sure your food scraps aren’t too big, and then push a button. Then, you’ll be waiting for less than one day to get nutrient-rich dirt to feed your plants.

Don’t buy Lomi if: You have the time to maintain a traditional compost bin, and can wait however long for that composting process to finish.

3. You want to introduce eco-friendly habits to your children

Kids watching mom add food scraps to electric kitchen composter

Kids are information sponges, and with the right tools you can teach them pretty much anything! We all know it’s important to teach them good habits early in life. So, showing your children the process of composting is a fantastic idea. 

However, with the slow process of traditionally composting, it can be difficult to demonstrate the entire process in an easy to understand way. Instead, you can use Lomi as a teaching aid to show the beginning stages of the composting process in a single day. You can then build a daily composting habit with your children using Lomi.

You can also watch this video for an example of how Lomi can be used in an educational setting.

Don’t buy Lomi if: You don't have children or if you have children but don’t want to teach them eco-friendly habits!

4. You want an easy-to-use composting solution

Even if you have the time and the know-how to compost in a traditional way, it still does take time and effort. After working all day, taking care of the kids, and taking care of yourself, you may not have the energy for composting.

With the Lomi composting machine, you don’t need to put in any effort. Just fill Lomi with your kitchen scraps, put on the lid, and push a button.

Don’t buy Lomi if: You do have the energy for traditional composting, or have someone that you can share the workload with.



5. You want an unlimited supply of nutrient-rich dirt for your plants

A handful of dirt with Lomi in the background

One of the best things about Lomi is how quickly it can break down organic waste. Because its longest cycle takes less than a full day to complete, you get a steady and unlimited supply of nutrient-rich dirt. This is absolutely fantastic if you have indoor plants, outdoor plants, or a garden that could use those nutrients.

Don’t buy Lomi if: You, or the people close to you, don’t have many plants that can really use that nutrient-rich dirt on a regular basis. 

6. You don’t have access to an outdoor space

A traditional backyard compost bin really is the best way to let mother nature do its work and turn all your organic waste into enriching food for the earth. Unfortunately, the base requirement for that is to have a backyard to work with. Anyone living in an apartment, and most people living in the city just won’t have enough yard space for composting.

When you can’t compost outdoors, you can either compost indoors or send your waste to a landfill. Indoor composting comes with more challenges than outdoor composting, so Lomi makes indoor composting a much more accessible option.

Don’t buy Lomi if: You have easy access to year-round outdoor space. It really is best if you can make use of that space for standard composting methods.


Lomi by Pela



Lomi allows you to turn food waste into plant-ready nutrients in under 24 hours. Boost your plants while reducing your waste.


7. Your current solution to kitchen waste is to send it to the landfill 

Plenty of cities these days ask their residents to separate their compostable waste from their recyclables and other waste. The compostables, which get thrown in the green bin, then make their way to industrial sites where they get turned into compost to get used by local farmers, right? In many cases, yes, but there is still tons of organic waste making its way to landfills.

If the green bin is currently your only solution for your food waste, then Lomi is absolutely a step in the right direction. It will be a fast, easy, and mess-free way for you to start reducing the negative environmental impact of food waste. 

Don’t buy Lomi if: You already have other composting solutions that work for you, whether that means you’re composting yourself or bringing your kitchen scraps to a community garden.

8. Worms make you feel squeamish

A handful of compost with worms in it

If you have an outdoor compost pile, all manner of helpful bugs are going to make their way in there. Worms are especially helpful for breaking down organic waste. If you don’t like bugs, or just worms in particular, you may have thought composting indoors was the solution. What you may not have realised is that worm composting is still one of the most efficient ways to compost indoors. If you absolutely cannot stand the idea of having worms in your home, or having to sift through them to get your compost, then Lomi may be a good choice for you.

Don’t buy Lomi if: Worms don’t bother you at all. Vermicomposting is a quick and effective method of indoor composting, and will be more eco-friendly than Lomi.

9. You want to avoid rodents or pests in and around your home

As we already mentioned, compost can end up smelling pretty bad. When you have an outdoor compost pile, that isn’t necessarily a problem. However, issues can arise when those bad smells are attracting rodents and other unwanted pests into your home. Even if you stop the smelling, getting rid of those pests once they’re there can be an ordeal on its own.

Using Lomi, you won’t ever need to worry about attracting pests. The filter and quick cycles Lomi uses prevents smells from escaping and causing problems.

Don’t buy Lomi if: You aren’t worried about rodents or other pests. For example, you could have some other solution that prevents your compost from smelling.

10. You are looking for an easy way to compost bioplastics

Someone putting bioplastic cutlery in their Lomi

Even though bioplastics are technically compostable, you can’t really compost them through traditional methods. They need an environment that can be provided by industrial composting systems, which we can’t replicate in a compost pile at home.

However, Lomi actually can break down your bioplastics. So, if you generate a decent amount of bioplastics at home that you’d like to compost, getting a Lomi would be the perfect solution.

Don’t buy Lomi if: You don’t have or get many bioplastics at home that you could compost.

11. You want to support a company that takes sustainability seriously

Eliminate 1 billion pounds of waste

Companies have a far greater impact on the environment than single households ever could. With that in mind, it’s more important than ever to support businesses that recognize that fact and do everything they can to minimize their own carbon footprint.

At Pela, sustainability means everything, which is why they worked hard to become a Climate Neutral company. Pela’s ultimate dream is a waste-free future, and they’re currently working towards removing one billion pounds of plastic from the waste stream by 2028. Having already prevented more than 587 thousand pounds of plastic from entering the waste stream, they’re well on their way to realizing that dream. 

If supporting companies like Pela is important to you, then that’s also a great reason to get Lomi.

Don’t buy Lomi if: You can’t afford to support sustainable businesses, or you’re already supporting local eco-friendly companies and organizations. If you can afford it, we would also highly suggest donating to local environmental charities.

How does Lomi compare with its competitors?

Top down view of Lomi filled with food scraps

Lomi is the latest eco-friendly product developed by Pela. Pela’s mission is to help themselves and others impact the environment in a positive way. They created Lomi for exactly that purpose - so you can turn GHG-producing waste into something productive for the future of the earth.

Lomi isn’t the only electric composter out there, but it’s definitely a top choice when it comes to efficiency and sustainability. Here are four ways Lomi stands out from its competitors:

  1. Lomi arrives at your door Climate Neutral Certified: Pela’s tackled their production and distribution methods to reduce any environmental impacts wherever possible. Where it isn’t possible, they purchase verified carbon credits to offset the remaining carbon emissions. Your Lomi home composter is completely carbon neutral when it reaches your door.
  2. Lomi uses less power than standard kitchen appliances: On average, you oven uses 2.3 kWh per hour of use, and the shortest dishwashing cycle will use at least 1.0 kWh. Compared to that, Lomi is markedly energy-efficient, using only 1.0 kWh for its longest (20 hours) cycle.
  3. Lomi breaks down approved bioplastics: Lomi is unique in its ability to compost bioplastics, which also can’t be done through traditional composting.
  4. You can choose between 3 different cycles: Lomi offers three different cycles depending on how you want to use it, so you can adjust how much energy you want to consume. One of the cycles is even an energy conserving mode, so if you don’t intend to use the finished product in your plants, you can quickly and efficiently break down the food waste.

So, is Lomi really worth it? 

Lomi taking up minimal space on a kitchen counter

Does Lomi work? Yes, it does. And, Lomi is absolutely worth it for the right people in the right situation. As we’ve mentioned many times at this point, nothing will ever beat traditional backyard composting. But, where that isn’t a practical option, Lomi is a fantastic alternative. Don’t just take it from us, though, see some of the reviews below or check out the Lomi reviews page!


The number one benefit of Lomi has been to reduce the mess and odor of our food scraps and plate scrapings.

- Mary Jane D.


Worth the wait. Using it for a month now. Very impressed. We were looking for a condo compost solution ( i have a large rooftop patio with a lot of trees and plants, so I have a use for it, plus our condos green waste bin is gruesomely disgusting.) The final product is really amazing. Usually ends up smelling faintly like Onion soup mix.

- Maureen R.


Two young constantly snacking children is no joke when it comes to food waste let me tell yah. Admittedly, as the boys get older, their food waste has been driving me nuts. As a family we’ve been going full nerd mode on turning our household food waste + anything compostable into literal DIRT at the end of our days with this UNBELIEVABLE (quite truly) machine whipped up by a few ingenious trailblazers

- Jaclyn R.

If you’re convinced that Lomi is your best option, that’s great! You can easily find Lomi for sale online today. If you’re in the position to compost traditionally and would prefer to do that, that’s also wonderful! There are plenty of resources on our blog to help you start (or continue) your composting journey. Whatever your choice, we’re happy we could help you on your journey towards sustainability.

Written by: Sereana Simpson