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You're first step to a great Lomi experience is connecting your Lomi to the app for access to earning rewards, user guides, tracking your climate impact and more.

Getting Started

Download the app

Bloom owners can start earning points with each cycle by using the App. Classic owners get access to all our standard features including user guides, dirt recipes and more

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Watch our How-to

Discover the ultimate guide to mastering Lomi with our How-To video.

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Discover the answers to your questions with our comprehensive FAQs.

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Find Your Manual

Lomi Classic English manual click here

Lomi Classic German manual click here

Lomi Bloom English manual click here

Tips to perfect your first cycle

Add a Lomi Pod

Using a LomiPod helps reduce smell AND creates the healthiest output to add to your plants

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Give Eco-Express a spin

Get the fastest results while using the least amount of energy, put Lomi on Eco-Express mode and see results in 3-5 hours.

Learn how to use Lomi Earth

Lomi Earth made from Grow Mode can be used in plants and gardens. No garden? Use Lomi to reduce the amount of trash being sent to green waste or landfill facilities. Less is more!