Grow your garden. Not your garbage.

Help your gardens flourish with chemical-free fertilizer, made right at home.

Lomi turns your everyday food waste into nutrient-rich plant food

Grow your best garden ever with Lomi, the home food recycler that takes your trash and turns it into plant food treasure. Lomi turns your food scraps into Lomi Earth - the homemade fertilizer that's packed with the nutrients your plants need to thrive.

Lomi: the gardener's secret

The secret to full, healthy, lawns and gardens starts with Lomi: it take the food scraps you already have and, instead of throwing them into the trash, transforms them into the usable garden-ready fertilizer.

Lomi Earth is the nutrient-rich fertilizer that Lomi makes. In as little as 4 hours your peels, scraps, and coffee grounds are ready to revitalize your soil and give your plants the nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy.

Unlock the full potential of Lomi Earth

Your Lomi Earth is already an amazing natural fertilizer but you can amp up it's plant-growing properties by adding Lomi Blends. Lomi Blends are a special combination of macro and micro nutrients that target common soil deficiencies and ensure your plants and lawn get the healthy, balanced diet they need.

Impacting the environment

One of the worst places food scraps can go is into landfills where they breakdown and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). By using Lomi you are helping to reduce food waste in landfills and, by adding Lomi Earth back into the soil, you're returning vital nutrients to the soil to regenerate it, grow healthy plants, and save GHG Emissions.

To date, Lomi is in more than 200,000 homes, diverting nearly 340 million pounds of food scraps and saving up to 34,000 metric tons of CO2e emissions.

Create the perfect homemade fertilizer

Start with scraps

The best Lomi Earth starts with a diverse mix of food scraps. Add your scraps into your bucket with a Lomi Pod to introduce beneficial microbes that create a "living soil": it's perfect for plant growth.

Mix in Lomi Blends

By adding in a scoop of Lomi Blends you're introducing specialised nutrients that work to resolve common deficiencies in your soil that could be stopping your plants and lawn from being lush and healthy.

Choose your cycle

Any cycle will give you plant-ready Lomi Earth but, for the best possible results use Grow mode, which creates Lomi Earth with the highest nutrient and microbe content.

Adding Lomi Earth into your lawn and garden

Lomi Earth can be scattered right onto your lawn or can be mixed into your soil and applied to your plants for an extra nutrient boost. We like ten parts soil for every one part Lomi Earth for the best results.

What can go in your Lomi, you ask?

From fruits and veggies to meat and bread and yard waste to eco-packaging, Lomi can break down most items. The combination of items put into each cycle will affect the end result that is created and how it can be used.

For the best possible Lomi Earth we always recommend adding your scraps in small pieces into Lomi and adding a diverse mix of items.

Boost your garden with Lomi

By enriching your soil with natural Lomi Earth fertilizer your plants and lawn will get all the nutrients they need to be full, lush, and beautiful for the season. Great gardens start with Lomi. Are you garden ready?