Best Gardening Gifts for Mom: 25 Unique Ideas for Mother’s Day

A woman holding a plant pot

Got a mom in your life who loves gardening? You’re sure to find something special in this list of twenty-five of the best gardening gifts for mom. Even if she’s a no-nonsense gardener, there are plenty of functional yet unique gift ideas below. Or maybe mom’s an aspiring gardener and just hasn’t had a chance to get started? We’ve got suggestions for her too!

Read on to learn all about our suggestions on Mother's Day gifts for gardening moms. These gifts would be much appreciated as a birthday or Christmas present too, or just as a “thanks for being my mom” gift. You can also skip ahead to check out recommendations for adorable gifts, practical gifts, plus tools to help take mom’s gardening skills to the next level.

Are you looking for sustainable gifts for mom as well? Check out our gift guide on eco-friendly gifts for moms! But first, let’s take a look at some adorable gardening gift ideas for mom that will make her go “awww.”

Adorable gift ideas for a gardening mom

Whether the mom in your life has an indoor garden, patio garden, or large garden in the yard, she’ll love one of these nine handmade gifts.

1. Home is Where Mom Is Planter

A woman holding a white and terracotta planter with text home is where mom is
Image Credit: Etsy

This six-inch “Home is Where Mom Is” planter is the perfect gift for a plant-loving mom. It also comes in four inches and you can add a terracotta saucer to your purchase to help your mom keep her countertops and furniture free of water stains. 

Price: $39.28

Why she’ll love it: Handmade by a small business owner who operates her plant goodies shop out of a vintage camper.

Ideal for: Moms who love to support small businesses.

2. Personalized Garden Sign

A wood-looking round sign with text Jane’s garden and flowers on it
Image Credit: Etsy

Help mom claim her little patch of sunshine with a custom garden sign. Made of metal with the option for either a chalkboard-style or a wood-like background, this sign also comes in four sizes ranging from 9” to 28”. You can even request mom’s name be printed on both sides.

Price: $44.00

Why she’ll love it: This sign is handmade to withstand the elements and looks pretty while doing so.

Ideal for: Moms who consider their gardens a place that’s just for them.

3. Gardening Tool Belt

A dark green canvas tool belt with gardening tools inside
Image Credit: Etsy

Both a functional and a beautiful gift, this toolbelt is made for gardeners by gardeners, so you know it’s been thoroughly tested. Comes in two earthy shades - hunter green and mocha - and has two pockets and a cotton webbed belt. 

Price: $35.49

Why she’ll love it: It’s waterproof and the heavy canvas material means it’ll protect mom from any sharp tools she carries around.  

Ideal for: Moms who like to have their garden tools at the ready.

4. Gardener's Gift Set

A silver tin with a wooden brush, soap, and a tin of balm in it
Image Credit: Etsy

Moms who love to garden know that it’s rewarding work, but it sure can be hard on your hands. Give your hardworking mom something to pamper her green thumbs with - and the rest of her hands too! This gift set comes with tea tree soap, healing balm, and a natural bristle two-sided nail brush.

Price: $29.95

Why she’ll love it: The healing balm is made from organic shea butter and hazelnut oil, which is known to soothe itchy, inflamed skin.

Ideal for: Moms with sensitive skin that needs a little extra TLC.

5. Gardening Is My Therapy Shirt

A light pink tee, darker pink tee and gray tee with text gardening is my therapy
Image Credit: Etsy

Got a mom who’s always saying her garden is her happy place? Then she’ll surely love this “Gardening is My Therapy” tee, which comes in a whopping fourteen color choices. It also comes in a wide variety of sizes, including sizes for children and babies. Matching family t-shirts anyone?

Price: $30.00

Why she’ll love it: This tee is handmade from 100% cotton so you know it’ll be soft on mom’s skin.

Ideal for: Moms who appreciate funny quotes and a cozy t-shirt.

6. Copper Plant Markers

A pile of plant labels with silver stakes and copper tops
Image Credit: Etsy

Made of stainless steel and copper, these plant markers are meant to stand the test of time. Perfect for labeling outdoor or indoor plants, you can order either twenty or forty markers depending on how extensive mom’s garden or plant collection is.

Price: $26.25

Why she’ll love it: Using labels when growing from seed will help mom tell all the little seedlings apart.

Ideal for: Super-organized moms who love to label things and moms who need help identifying what they’re growing.

7. Hummingbird Garden Kit

A brown basket with brown pots, soil discs, and a label with text hummingbird garden kit
Image Credit: Etsy

A kit that contains nine different flower seed varieties known to attract hummingbirds. Aside from the seeds, this gardening gift basket for mom also includes peat pots, peat discs, and wooden garden markers so she can keep track of what she’s growing.

Price: $66.95

Why she’ll love it: This kit includes three flower varieties that will bloom even though the summer heat - zinnias, cosmos, and cleome.

Ideal for: Moms who love birds as much as they love their gardens and want to invite wildlife into their outdoor space.

8. Radish Gardening Gloves

A pair of white gardening gloves with a red radish and green vines
Image Credit: Etsy

Whether you like to eat radishes or not, you have to admit these garden gloves are so cute. Surely mom will feel the same as she tends to her garden wearing these handmade screen-printed gloves. And they’re washable too!

Price: $18.00

Why she’ll love it: The dotted grip pattern on the palm of the glove makes these great for pulling out hard-to-get weeds.

Ideal for: Moms who like to dig around in the soil, but want to keep their hands and nails protected.

9. Personalized Birth Month Flower Pot

A white planter with six different flowers illustrated on the front and text grandma’s garden
Image Credit: Etsy

Both mothers and grandmothers will surely be delighted with a personalized flower pot. Have the birth flower and name of her children or grandchildren added to the pot and know she’ll smile every time she looks at it. For those who love being reminded of the little ones in their life, this is one of the best Mother's Day gifts for gardening moms out there.

Price: $52.99

Why she’ll love it: This pot is made from chip-resistant stoneware and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Ideal for: Moms who like to garden in planters either indoors or on their patio.

Unique but practical gardening gifts for mom

Looking for cool gardening gifts for mom? Then these seven ideas are for you, including an electric composter, a high-tech indoor garden, and a garden system that doesn’t use soil.

10. Lomi

A woman cutting up vegetables next to Lomi

One thing every green thumb mom needs is an unlimited supply of nutrient-rich dirt to add to her garden. Lomi takes food scraps and breaks them down in as little as four hours. Not only is this an awesome bonus for her plants, but it also reduces household food waste. And there are many more benefits of composting that mom would surely appreciate.

Price: $499

Why she’ll love it: Aside from turning organic waste into something reusable, Lomi also eliminates the smell common with other indoor countertop composting systems. And it can also break down some approved bioplastics!

Ideal for: Eco-conscious moms and moms who don’t have the yard space for an outdoor compost pile. 


Lomi by Pela



Lomi allows you to turn food waste into plant-ready nutrients in under 24 hours. Boost your plants while reducing your waste.


11.  Smart Garden 9

A woman making a salad next to a white indoor garden filled with plants
Image Credit: Click and Grow

Got a mom in your life who keeps mentioning she wants to start gardening indoors? Give her the gift of growing her own food with a Smart Garden 9. It comes with a companion app so she can learn all about what she’s growing. Plus, it waters itself - which is perfect for busy moms.

Price: $199.95

Why she’ll love it: The Smart Garden comes with pro-grade grow lights so she’ll know her plant babies are getting just the right amount of nourishment.

Ideal for: Moms who want to get started growing their own food year-round. And tell mom to check out our post on how to start a hobby greenhouse.  

12. Indoor Herb Garden Kit

A wooden planter filled with greenery sitting near small green boxes and a brown paper instruction manual
Image Credit: Etsy

An all-in-one kit that comes with a beautiful bamboo planter, this is a great gift idea that will get mom growing both indoors and out. It comes with ten biodegradable growing pots, which can be placed directly in the ground once the seedlings sprout. It also comes with ten herb seed packs and instructions for growing each type of seed.

Price: $69.00

Why she’ll love it: If mom doesn’t have an outdoor garden space, she can simply transplant seedlings into bigger indoor pots.

Ideal for: Moms who love herbs such as basil, cilantro, and rosemary.

13. The Complete Gardener

A book with a blue spine and a man sitting in a garden on the cover with text the complete gardener
Image Credit: Blackbough

Popular British gardener Monty Don has re-released his classic book The Complete Gardener with new photos and up to date techniques based on how he gardens today. While his approach has always been sustainability-focused, this new updated version now also covers ways to invite helpful wildlife into your garden.

Price: $20.99

Why she’ll love it: Not only is this hardcover copy filled with useful things, it will look pretty on mom’s bookshelf or coffee table.

Ideal for: Moms who love to read and are always up for learning new things.

14. The Farmstand

A woman using a hose to put water in a tall tower garden filled with plants
Image Credit: The Farmstand

Is your mom always up to date on the latest tech? If so, then she’ll be super into The Farmstand, a soil-free garden system that grows plants in nutrient-rich water. It also makes growing fresh food very low maintenance as it waters and fertilizes the plants on its own.

Price: $399

Why she’ll love it: For every ten units purchased, The Farmstand donates one unit to a school in need.

Ideal for: Moms who love cool, tech-y things and like to grow their own food.

15. Seed Packet Storage Tin

A navy blue metal tin with seed packets inside sitting on a wooden table
Image Credit: Burgon & Ball

This powder-coated galvanized steel collector’s tin has leather handles, meaning it can easily be transported from house to garden to shed. With interior dividers, so mom can keep her seed packets neat and tidy, it’s also watertight so seeds are kept dry and ready for the next growing season.

Price: $56.99

Why she’ll love it: This pretty tin is made by the historical British brand Burgon & Ball, which was founded in 1730.

Ideal for: Moms with a lot of different kinds of seeds who like collector’s items.

16. Glass Terrarium

A brass and glass terrarium sitting on a table next to a sofa
Image Credit: Etsy

Some moms like growing veggies, others prefer flowers. And then there are moms who really love succulents and cacti. Give her a home for all her favorite house plants with this handmade steel and glass terrarium. It even has a hinged door to make it super easy for mom to water her plants.

Price: $69.99

Why she’ll love it: Terrariums are a great place to grow heat-loving, easy-to-care-for plants.

Ideal for: As far as gifts for moms who like gardening indoors go - this one is perfect, but you should also check out our list of gifts for indoor gardeners if your mom wants to up her indoor gardening game.

9 essential gardening tools your mom will love

These essential gifts for a gardener mom are for serious green thumbs. From a personalized garden toolset to a 100-foot long expandable hose, mom will make quick use of these nine garden tools!

17. Mini Trowel

Hand holding small trowel digging in soil

Transplanting tiny little seedlings into the garden can be tricky work with their tiny roots and delicate foliage. This mini trowel makes the job much easier, so mom can confidently start her seeds indoors, then move them outside without damaging them. 

Price: $14.95

Why she’ll love it: This trowel was made by a family-owned company that’s been in the gardening business for more than 100 years.

Ideal for: Moms who like to start their seeds inside and transplant them once the weather has warmed. 

18. Muck Boots

A pair of dark blue ankle boots sitting in front of two shoe boxes with text the original muck boot company
Image Credit: Shoes and M’orr

Garden-tending moms know it can be messy work. But since tromping through the garden is just part of the job, help mom keep her feet dry with a pair of cute muck boots. 100% waterproof and easy to take on and off, aside from their functionality they’re also super stylish.

Price: $82.67

Why she’ll love it: They have memory foam inserts so mom will feel like she’s walking on a cloud.

Ideal for: Fashionable moms who like to own a different pair of shoes for every occasion.

19. Two Wheel Wheelbarrow

A woman pulling a two-wheeled wheelbarrow filled with bags followed by two ducks
Image Credit: Amazon

Anyone who has ever tried to push a single-wheel wheelbarrow knows how tricky they are to navigate, especially when you’re moving a heavy load. Thankfully, you can buy two-wheeled wheelbarrows, which are so much more stable than their one-wheeled cousins. This model is also lower to the ground than traditional wheelbarrows, meaning it’s much less likely to tip.

Price: $89.99

Why she’ll love it: It has a foldable handle so it can easily be stored in mom’s shed, garage, or tucked into a corner of the yard.

Ideal for: Moms who have big gardens and need to move around a lot of stuff.

20. Expandable Garden Hose

An adult helping a child water a garden using a green hose
Image Credit: Amazon

Expandable garden hoses are one of the coolest gardening inventions to come around in a long time. When hooked up to a water source, the water pressure expands them - often to three times their original length! This makes storing them when not in use a much easier task. Plus, they tend to be much more lightweight than a traditional hose.

Price: $49.99

Why she’ll love it: This expandable garden hose grows to 100 feet in length.

Ideal for: Moms who appreciate a practical gift.

21. Scoot-N-Do Garden Seat

A woman sitting on a blue garden seat with four wheels tending to a garden
Image Credit: Amazon

Tending to a garden is hard work and can be difficult for moms with limited mobility. The Scoot-N-Do Garden Seat was designed to make the gardening experience easier and more enjoyable. It has a steering knob for quick maneuverability and a swiveling tractor seat with an adjustable height.

Price: $149.95

Why she’ll love it: It has a tray under the seat and a wire bin on the back so mom can keep her tools at the ready.

Ideal for: Moms who could use a little extra help in the garden.

22. Personalized Garden Tools

Two garden tools beside plants and flowers

What gardening mom wouldn’t love a matching set of beautiful tools? This three-piece set comes with a dibber, a fork, and a trowel and is made from copper and ash. Have mom’s name carved on the handle, making this a gift with a lovely personal touch.

Price: $103.17

Why she’ll love it: The trowel is marked with measurements so mom will be able to plant seeds at the correct depth every time.  

Ideal for: Moms who love beautiful things that are also functional.

23. 7-Pattern Metal Garden Nozzle

A hand holding a silver metal garden nozzle spraying water with yellow flowers in the background
Image Credit: Amazon

If you’ve ever used a single-hole plastic spray nozzle you know - they aren’t great. Moms who take their gardening seriously need a durable, multi-pattern nozzle instead. With a body made from zinc alloy, this nozzle can be easily switched between seven spray patterns depending on what type of plant mom needs to water.

Price: $23.98

Why she’ll love it: This nozzle comes with a metal bar to hold the nozzle handle in the on position, which makes watering for long periods of time much easier.

Ideal for: Moms with a wide variety of plants ranging from delicate to hardy.

24. Maple Garden Carry-All

A woman carrying a wood and wire basket filled with fresh produce
Image Credit: Terrain

Make it easy for mom to tote around her gardening essentials with this carry-all featuring a maple handle, white pine end caps and a metal wire basket. It’s perfect for transporting tools, cutting flowers, and harvested fruits and veggies. It also comes in two different sizes - small, which is 15.8” long, and large, which is 18.8” long.

Price: $58.00

Why she’ll love it: When she’s not using it in her garden, this pretty carry-all would look nice sitting on the counter filled with fresh produce.

Ideal for: Moms who have smaller gardens, but still need something to carry things in.

25. Portable Mosquito Coil Holder

A person holding a circular black metal mosquito coil holder while lifting the lid off
Image Credit: Amazon

Nothing takes the joy out of gardening like mosquitos buzzing your ears and biting your skin. This mosquito coil holder is the perfect gift for moms who just can’t get mosquitoes to leave her alone. Buy mom a few packages of mosquito coils to go with this portable holder and she can move it around her garden as needed.

Price: $14.99

Why she’ll love it: Not only does this decorative container work with standard mosquito repellent coils, it also can be used as an incense coil holder.

Ideal for: Moms who live in the country or other mosquito-heavy areas.

Whether your mom prefers practical gifts, she can use right away or likes to receive a thoughtful gift that makes her smile, these twenty-five gifts for the gardening mom are sure to delight this Mother’s Day - or on any other day of the year.

To learn more about how composting is an essential part of any gardener’s success, check out our guide to gardening with compost. Then head on over to learn why people are loving Lomi and order one for mom today - and maybe a second one for yourself 

Written by: Larissa Swayze