25 Eco-Friendly Companies To Watch in 2022

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Environmental sustainability and climate change are pressing issues that affect all of us, no matter where we are or what we do. Taking steps to reduce our environmental impact is important for a healthy and sustainable future, and businesses need to take the lead on these changes.

For the eco-conscious consumer, it's important to find the right eco-friendly companies to support. This means that a company should not only have environmentally sustainable practices, but actually useful products that you'll want or need. In this article, you'll easily be able to find some sustainable companies that offer something of value to you.

Let's start by taking a look at what makes a company eco-friendly to begin with before we dive into our list of the top 25 eco-friendly companies.

What is an eco-friendly company?

A handful of dirt with a plant growing from it

Eco-friendly companies are companies that put a lot of focus into positive social and environmental impact. This generally means they'll be reducing greenhouse gas emissions whenever possible, buying carbon offsets whenever that's not possible, producing products ethically, and supporting environmental organizations.

If you're looking for sustainable companies to support, you can generally check their website for the details listed above. You can also keep an eye out for certifications showing that a company is environmentally friendly. For example, B Corp certified companies are sure to be environmentally and socially sustainable organizations because of how strict the standards are for those certifications.

However, there are plenty of so called "eco-friendly" companies that sell seemingly eco-friendly products that don't have environmental certifications, so keep an eye out for other hints that a brand is sustainable.



Top 25 most eco-friendly companies with stellar products

Each of the following eco-friendly companies provide some sort of product or service we're sure you're going to love on top of having sustainable business practices. You can happily support any of these environmentally-friendly companies with a clear conscience.

1. Pela

Lomi surrounded by food scraps and plants

Founded: 2010

Headquarters: Kelowna, BC

Pela is one of the most environmentally friendly companies with a mission to tackle the world's waste problem. Their innovative products reflect that mission. When they realized how many plastic phone cases were manufactured each year, they came up with a sustainable solution: the world's first compostable phone case! They also created Lomi, an electric composter to divert food waste from landfills and instead turn it into nutrient-rich dirt that can be added to your garden! Lomi can even break down Pela cases, as well as other Lomi approved bioplastics.

Using any of Pela's products, you can easily reduce your own waste. You can also feel great knowing that when you buy Lomi, it shows up to your door climate neutral. Pela has done the hard work of reducing their carbon emissions wherever possible, and purchasing carbon offsets when eliminating GHGs isn't possible. After you receive Lomi, it's an easy and energy-efficient way to prevent food waste from ending up in landfills and releasing methane into the atmosphere.

Why they’re an eco-friendly decision: While Pela's mission is to eliminate the world's waste problem, their current goal is to remove 1 billion pounds of plastic waste from the waste stream by 2028. They've already diverted hundreds of thousands of plastic from the waste stream, putting them well on the way to their goal. Pela's sustainable products and practices are also recognized, as they're a certified B Corporation and Climate Neutral certified.


Lomi by Pela



Lomi allows you to turn food waste into plant-ready nutrients in under 24 hours. Boost your plants while reducing your waste.


2. Beyond Meat

A burger made with a beyond meat patty on a cutting board
Image Credit: Beyond Meat

Founded: 2009

Headquarters: El Segundo, CA

Beyond Meat believes there's a better way to feed our future, and that way is through plant-based meat alternatives. Their goal has been to create both nutritious and delicious alternatives to much-loved meat products. As the meat industry is definitely not environmentally friendly, the more of us that eat less meat, the better off the planet will be. And, their products are delicious, so you should definitely give them a try if you haven't already!

Why they’re an eco-friendly decision: The products they've created provide a viable and eco-friendly alternative to foods that many people love eating. The more products like this that exist, the more easily we'll all be able to reduce our environmental impact.

3. Dandelion Energy

A diagram showing how geothermal heating and cooling functions
Image Credit: Dandelion Energy

Founded: 2017

Headquarters: Peekskill, NY

One of the primary uses of energy in the home is from heating and cooling. When using fossil fuels for heating and cooling, that can easily create tons of GHG emissions. Instead, by using green energy for climate control, we can reduce both our environmental impact and our financial burden.

Dandelion Energy makes it easy for people to save money and the environment by replacing their fossil-fuel reliant heating and cooling systems with geothermal heat pumps. Those heat pumps are able to keep your home comfortable during any season without releasing any greenhouse gases.

Why they’re an eco-friendly decision: They make your home a greener and more comfortable place to be. Their services are also accessible to many because of the generous payment plans they offer.

4. Sealed

A row of HVACs against the outside of homes

Founded: 2014

Headquarters: New York City, NY

Sealed is another eco-friendly company helping people reduce their carbon emissions at home. It's not uncommon for HVAC systems to waste energy while heating and cooling homes because of their inefficiency. Sealed solves that problem by upgrading your HVAC systems. You'll have a more comfortable home year-round while decreasing energy consumption far more than before.

Why they’re an eco-friendly decision: Sealed is dedicated to making homes healthy, comfortable, and green for everyone. This is made easy by the risk-free payment plan they offer.

5. Zipcar

An image of the Zipcar website
Image Credit: Zipcar

Founded: 2000

Headquarters: Boston, MA

Zipcar is a service that allows you to rent a car on demand through their app for however long you need it. Need to drive to another city to visit your family, or just need a car for a quick trip to the grocery store, Zipcar is there for you. The service is super easy to use, and also extremely affordable (especially compared to owning your own car).

This service is absolutely fantastic because it reduces the need for people to own cars, therefore reducing overall carbon emissions as well as traffic on the roads. With an easy-to-use car-sharing service, we're all incentivized to walk where we can and only get a use a vehicle when we need one.

Why they’re an eco-friendly decision: Since its founding, Zipcar has been dedicated to creating better neighborhoods by reducing GHG emissions and traffic. By subscribing to their service, you'll be making your own transportation more affordable while still being convenient, all while making the world a greener place.



6. Who Gives a Crap

Two rolls of Who Gives a Crap toilet paper
Image Credit: Who Gives a Crap

Founded: 2012

Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia

One thing we all truly need is some quality toilet paper. Thankfully, Who Gives a Crap is creating just that - quality TP made from sustainable materials. You can get luscious rolls from them that were made either from bamboo or recycled materials, making your time in the bathroom greener than ever.

Toilet paper isn't all they sell, though! You can also get all your eco-friendly tissue paper, paper towels, and reusable cloths from them. And don't worry, even though they're made from stuff you're probably not used to, they're undoubtedly comfortable to use.

Why they’re an eco-friendly decision: Aside from the obvious, you can be confident in Who Give a Crap's sustainability as they are a certified B Corporation. More importantly, though, this eco-friendly company's profits help build toilets for people who need them. 

7. Patagonia

A man holding a flag that says 1% for the planet
Image Credit: Patagonia

Founded: 1973

Headquarters: Ventura, CA

Patagonia is an eco-friendly clothing company with a focus on outdoor wear and sports apparel. They've been making sustainable clothing and business decisions since their founding, and have made a real impact on the world. Not to mention, all of their products are top-quality, making them a solid investment both for yourself and the planet.

Why they’re an eco-friendly decision: Patagonia has supported thousands of environmental non-profts over the years, truly giving to those in need. For those who also want to support non-profits, Patagonia helps connect people with organizations in need.

8. Green Toys

A Green Toys truck next to small piles of recycled plastic
Image Credit: Green Toys

Founded: 2007

Headquarters: Sausalito, CA

When it comes to kids' toys, we often rely on plastic as a cheap and safe material for our children to play with. However, with the growing waste problem plastic is contributing to, continuing to create even more plastic for toys isn't a great idea. Instead, Green Toys is recycling used milk jugs and turning them into safe and fun toys for your kids.

Why they’re an eco-friendly decision: Not only does this sustainable company use 100% recycled materials for all the toys that they make, but they also donating a sizeable portion of their profits to the PNOC Foundation.

9. Thinx

A couple of women posing in Thinx period underwear
Image Credit: Thinx

Founded: 2013

Headquarters: New York City, NY

Most easily available feminine hygiene products are both wasteful and uncomfortable. Unfortunately, they're also necessary. What we need is something both comfortable and eco-friendly for that time of the month - and that's exactly what Thinx has provided.

Thinx's period underwear is comfortable, affordable, and ranges from mildly absorbent to super absorbent. Most importantly, they're easy to wash and reusable; there's no waste with Thinx underwear. There are also plenty of styles to choose from so that you can pick out the perfect set.

Why they’re an eco-friendly decision: For one, this eco-friendly company is reducing the world's waste problem by creating a comfortable and reusable alternative to disposable period products. What's also worth supporting is that they're improving equity by providing reliable access to menstrual hygiene products for everyone.

10. Native Shoes

A large pile of Native shoes being recycled
Image Credit: Native Shoes

Founded: 2009

Headquarters: Vancouver, BC

We may not always think about what we put on our feet, but what connects us to the ground can have a huge impact on the earth. That's why Native Shoes is careful to only use sustainable materials for the shoes that they make while ensuring they're also comfortable. If you're looking for a pair of lightweight shoes, Native Shoes has you covered.

Why they’re an eco-friendly decision: For one, they use sustainable materials to create their shoes, and have designed a line of biodegradable shoes. What's also amazing is that they're using your recycled Native shoes to build playgrounds for children.



11. Numi Tea

A woman drinking Numi Tea outside
Image Credit: Numi Tea

Founded: 1999

Headquarters: Oakland, CA

For all the tea lovers out there, you have to give Numi Tea a try! Numi Tea sells fair trade and organic tea in a wide variety of different flavors. They even sell beautiful tea gift sets if you don't love tea but know someone who does. More importantly, they measure and share their environmental impact to be transparent, so you can know just how much your tea affects the environment.

Why they’re an eco-friendly decision: Not only do their sell fair trade teas but they are also a Climate Neutral certified business. They are one of the few sustainable companies that not only offset their carbon emissions but are also on a journey to reduce their annual carbon impact as much as possible. To that end, they've created a climate action plan, which you can learn more about on their website.

12. Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation cleaning products lined up on a washer and dryer
Image Credit: Seventh Generation

Founded: 1988

Headquarters: Burlington, VT

Seventh Generation is an eco-friendly company that makes cleaning products. This green business sells plant-based household cleaners of all kinds, including general cleaners, dish detergents, and laundry detergents. Not only are their cleaners natural and sustainable, but they’re effective and make your home smell absolutely wonderful.

Why they’re an eco-friendly decision: Seventh Generation is a certified B Corporation dedicated to climate justice and equity. And, not only is their product sustainable, but their packaging is made from recycled materials.

13. Tentree

A lush and vibrant forest
Image Credit: Tentree

Founded: 2012

Headquarters: Vancouver, BC

Tentree is an eco friendly brand that makes sustainable lifestyle apparel. Their one main goal is to show everyone how even small decisions can have a lasting impact on our environment. With that goal in mind, they decided to plant ten trees for every single purchase made. Of course, that would be pointless if the clothing they made wasn't also sustainable. So, all their clothes are made using eco-friendly materials, including organic cotton.

Why they’re an eco-friendly decision: Being an environmentally friendly company, Tentree has made an earth-first commitment, which is why they plant trees with every purchase, use eco-friendly materials, and produce all their products ethically.

14. Eco-Products

Paper containers by eco-products filled with food
Image Credit: Eco-Products

Founded: 1990

Headquarters: Boulder, CO

Eco-Products is an eco-friendly packaging company that makes disposable packaging. Nearly all of their products are made from either renewable resources, such as plant-based plastics and sugarcane, or from recycled material, such as recycled paper or plastic. They produce a wide variety of sustainable packaging, cutlery, and dishes, and even offer a customization service for their products.

Why they’re an eco-friendly decision: Eco-Products is another certified B Corporation. Their aim is to help reduce waste in the world by using recycled waste and by creating compostable packaging. They also power their whole operation with net-zero electricity!

15. Lush

A solid shampoo bar by Lush without packaging
Image Credit: Lush

Founded: 1995

Headquarters: Poole, Dorset

You've almost definitely heard of Lush already, as they're a popular cosmetics brand. What you might not have known is how environmentally responsible they are. Lush is focused on activism in many areas, only one of which is environmental sustainability. However, their ethical policies and high-quality products have made them a trusted brand for many. You can definitely feel good about your cosmetics purchases when you get them from Lush!

Why they’re an eco-friendly decision: Lush is dedicated to leaving the world better than they found it. They currently run 60% of their operation on renewable energy, and are striving for that 100%. They're also reducing their water use; they're in the process of building the infrastructure to treat their own wastewater so they can recycle it.

16. Toms

A woman posing in white Toms shoes
Image Credit: Toms

Founded: 2006

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

Toms is another sustainable footwear company with plenty of purpose. While they're selling stylish and comfortable shoes to everyone, they're also partnering with and supporting organizations that are fighting social and environmental issues. If you want a comfortable and green shoe, check out their Earthwise collection.

Why they’re an eco-friendly decision: Toms is dedicated to improving their impact on the planet as a certified B Corp. All the materials they use are natural and sustainable (like organic cotton), and all their wood-based materials are sourced from sustainably-managed forests.

17. Tru Earth

Product image of Tru Earth laundry detergent
Image Credit: Tru Earth

Founded: 2019

Headquarters: Port Moody, BC

Tru Earth is a great example of an environmentally friendly business that kept both the family and the planet in mind when they developed their eco-friendly laundry detergent. Tru Earth Eco-Strips are sensitive to your skin, green for the planet, and effective on your laundry. These strips are such an easy way to clean your laundry, they take up nearly no space at all in your closet, and you don't have to worry about them harming the planet.

Why they’re an eco-friendly decision: Tru Earth is one of the eco friendly companies that is truly dedicated to the planet and the people who live here. They ensure their packaging is waste-free, and with every subscription they earn, they donate loads of laundry to people in need.

18. West Paw

A small dog holding a toy by West Paw in their mouth
Image Credit: West Paw

Founded: 1996

Headquarters: Bozeman, MT

For all the pet parents out there, you'll definitely want to check out West Paw. Obviously, your pet's safety and entertainment are paramount when it comes to the toys you're getting them, but sustainability doesn't need to be thrown out the window for your pet to have a great time. West Paw makes safe and durable toys, accessories, and beds for your pets in a responsible way - with recycled materials and free of any harmful toxins.

Why they’re an eco-friendly decision: West Paw is a proud B Corporation committed to reducing their environmental footprint. They use safe and sustainable materials for their toys, including recycled ocean-bound plastic.



19. Eco Originals

A baby holding a container of baby wipes
Image Credit: Eco Originals

Founded: 2012

Headquarters: Sydney, Australia

Eco Originals is the world's first plastic-neutral diaper company. As any parent is sure to know, babies go through a ton of diapers, which creates tons of plastic waste when they're mostly made from plastic (in fact, normally over 70% of the diaper is plastic!). Instead, Eco Originals creates plant-based diapers that are eco-friendly, durable, and most importantly, 100% free of undesirable inks, dyes, chemicals, and toxins.

Why they’re an eco-friendly decision: As they're focused on health for both children and the planet, they focus their development on designing out waste. This leaves you with an environmentally friendly product that is biodegradable, plastic neutral, and carbon neutral.

20. Preserve

A group of people cleaning up ocean pollution
Image Credit: Preserve

Founded: 1996

Headquarters: Waltham, MA

Preserve is an eco-friendly company that everyone can benefit from as they create sustainable everyday products. You can get everything from toothbrushes to containers and dishes here. They make these products with plastic taken from waterways and coastlines. When they're not recycling plastic, they're making compostable products that can go back to the earth when they're done.

Why they’re an eco-friendly decision: Preserve is a leading certified B Corporation leading the world to a greener place. They encourage everyone to reduce and reuse as much as possible, and provide their Gimme 5 Recycling program to Americans without access to recycling.

21. Allbirds

A woman running while wearing reruns shows from Allbirds
Image Credit: Allbirds

Founded: 2016

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Allbirds is yet another footwear company with a focus on sustainability. At Allbirds, they have all kinds of shoes ranging from flats to hiking shoes, all of which are made with renewable materials.

Love their shoes but are strapped for cash? That's not a problem! Allbirds has a ReRun section of their shop where they sell slightly used and slightly imperfect shoes, so that nothing goes to waste.

Why they’re an eco-friendly decision: Their goal is to help reverse climate change through their better business practices. They're currently a carbon-neutral company that uses natural, sustainable materials and is actively working towards reducing their carbon footprint.

22. Aspiration

A woman paying with a credit card from Aspiration
Image Credit: Aspiration

Founded: 2013

Headquarters: Marina Del Ray, CA

Aspiration is a sustainable online banking platform focused on encouraging and rewarding sustainable spending. Where other banks are supporting and investing in the fossil fuel industry, Aspiration is investing in the planet. Getting an account with Aspiration also has many perks for you, such as a high interest rate and a "pay what is fair" payment system.

Why they’re an eco-friendly decision: They're a certified B Corporation, and unlike many other banks, they don't invest in the fossil fuels industry. They plant trees with purchases you make and offset the carbon you create with gasoline purchases.

23. Barkhouse

Samples of Barkhouse wall coverings ready to put in a priority mail package
Image Credit: Barkhouse

Founded: 1990

Headquarters: Spruce Pine, NC

Barkhouse is an eco-friendly construction company that applies hand-crafted and environmentally friendly wall treatments for both interior and exterior wall. The wall finishes and siding they apply are also quite unique, as it is literally bark. That may not immediately sound appealing, but all you need is one quick look at their gallery to see how gorgeous bark looks on the walls. With Barkhouse, your home can immediately make you feel close to nature.

Why they’re an eco-friendly decision: Their mission is to connect people to the forest and support forest health and climate balance. They use safe and healthy materials for their work, and they work on community projects that help the earth.

24. Renewed Materials

A table made from ALKEMI recycled materials
Image Credit: Renewed Materials

Founded: 2005

Headquarters: Santa Barbara, CA

Renewed Materials designs and develops sustainable surface materials. If you're not sure what that means, surface materials can be used for applications like tabletops, countertops, and a variety of other hard surfaces. What makes these surface materials so eco-friendly is that they're all made mostly with recycled materials. Exploring their projects shows that their products are not only sustainable, but stunning as well.

Why they’re an eco-friendly decision: Renewed Materials not only creates eco-friendly surface materials to work with, but they're also a proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council. On top of that, they donate some of their profits to organizations like the Starfish Program and Kiva.

25. Eco Enclose

Example of custom business cards made by Eco Enclose
Image Credit: Eco Enclose

Founded: 2010

Headquarters: Louisville, CO

Eco Enclose is another eco-friendly packaging company, focusing on sustainable packaging and shipping supplies for businesses. If you have a small business of your own that is often shipping out products, Eco Enclose can provide you with a fully customized set of all the shipping supplies you could need. Their supplies are durable, reliable, and most importantly, made with recycled content and made to be compostable.

Why they’re an eco-friendly decision: They're looking for a future where people and the earth can thrive together. They make recyclable products using recycled material, focus on compostability, and purchase carbon offsets where they can't reduce emissions.

With environmental concerns as high as they are right now, having eco-friendly companies to invest in and provide us with helpful products and services is essential. Thankfully, there are plenty of great eco-friendly companies right now and on the rise. For each of us individually, it's also important that we do what we can to improve our carbon footprint at home. That's why products like Lomi are necessary right now - reducing waste needs to be easy and accessible for everyone. If you want to eliminate your own food waste, check out Lomi and see if it's right for you!

Written by: Sereana Simpson