13 Best Compostable (and Biodegradable) Phone Cases of 2022

person holding three phone cases

If you are looking for even more ways to reduce your carbon footprint, choosing a biodegradable phone case is a great start. Whether you got your hands on one of the newest iPhone models or just want to replace your old plastic phone case, there are some great eco-friendly phone cases on the market today. Here's what we'll talk about in this article:

Ready to get started? First, let's look at some of the top brands when it comes to biodegradable phone cases.

Top 4 biodegradable phone case manufacturers

There are a few phone case companies that want to help the planet by reducing plastic waste and creating phone cases that won't just end up in landfills for centuries. Here are 4 of the best phone case brands that make sustainable phone cases.

  1. Pela Case: Pela has created the world's first compostable phone cases. Made of plant-based materials, you can toss them right in your compost pile or use Lomi electric composter. Their cases are 100% biodegradable and compostable.
  2. Incipio: Incipio offers a variety of different eco-friendly options. They offer cases made of recycled plastic as well as their Organicore phone cases which are compostable.
  3. Wave: Wave is a small British company that sells plastic-free phone cases made from wheat straw, PLA, and PBAT which are all biodegradable.
  4. agood company: agood company's phone cases are "farm to case". Made out of linseed, their phones are 100% plant-based and compostable.

Now that we know the major manufacturers of eco-friendly phone cases, let's look at a few great phone cases they have to


Pela Case

Pela Case


48,000+ 5 star reviews | The internet's most loved case

Protect your phone and the planet with the world's first compostable phone case. Pela Cases offer a serious drop protection without compromising on style. Over 857,205 people have switched to Pela. What are you waiting for?


13 best compostable phone cases for the eco-conscious 

A compostable phone case can, most of the time, be tossed right in your home compost. Depending on the materials, they may need to be sent to an industrial composting facility. Either way, these eco-friendly products are a much better option and help prevent a ton of plastic pollution.

1. Pela Green Summit case

person holding up a dark green phone case with engraved pine trees

If you love walking through the forest and spending time in the trees, you are going to love having this biodegradable phone case in your pocket. The green color and engraved tree design will have you feeling like you're in the forest, even when you can't be. It's simple, yet attractive.

Pela's phone cases are made of plant-based materials so you can toss them in your compost pile or pop them in your Lomi composter to break them down in a just a few hours! Their plastic-free phone cases are eco-friendly but don't skimp on protection or beauty.

Why we love this case: Pela's mission is to keep one billion pounds of plastic waste from ever being made. That's why they created the world's first-ever compostable phone case.

2. Organicore for iPhone 14 Pro

off white phone case

Incipio's Organicore Collection features eco-friendly phone cases made from plants. They feature 8 ft. drop protection and a lifetime guarantee.

Why we love this case: Not only are these 100% compostable phone cases stylish and durable, but for every Organicore case sold, one tree will be planted.

3. Printed designs case

phone case with leaves on it

Wave's plastic-free phone cases are made from wheat straw and come in a wide range of vibrant colors and designs to give your phone some real personality.

Why we love this case: Wave supports Surfers Against Sewage, an organization of volunteers in the UK fighting to keep their beautiful coastline free from plastic waste.

4. Floral vines with black ridge case

clear phone case with flowers on vines

If you're looking for a clear phone case, but want one that will add a little bit of flare, this plastic-free phone case is perfect. The floral vines add just the right amount of beauty while letting your phone's natural color shine through.

Why we love this case: The black ridge on this clear case makes it easier to hold onto and will match your phone no matter the color.

5. Vista blue no plastic phone case

blue phone case with the words no plastic on it

If you're someone who tells it like it is and wears your heart on your sleeve, this phone will help you show your love for the planet. Its minimalist design keeps the message at the front and is sure to be a conversation starter.

Why we love this case: agood company's phone cases design and production process takes place completely in Sweden. They're also 100% circular with their A Good Loop program.

6. Bamboo phone case

a bamboo phone case

This phone case is made out of solid bamboo and the surround is made from wheat straw, so it is 100% plastic free and zero-waste. Not only are they vegan, but they are entirely biodegradable phone cases.

Why we love this case: Not only do they make sustainable phone cases, but for every order, Loam and Lore will plant one tree.



7. Environmentally Friendly Biodegradable Phone Case

green phone case on a recycled cardboard background

Wilma Be You's biodegradable phone cases are made completely out of corn-based bioplastic. They meet European Standards so they'll disintegrate in 12 weeks and fully biodegrade in about 6 months. They have some bright cases with designs but also have some more muted colors if you prefer something less flashy.

Why we love this case: Not only are their phone cases plastic free, but their packaging is made of recycled cardboard and they use soy ink for their print.

8. Honey (bee edition) case

person holding a yellow phone case with bees and a honeycomb pattern engraved on it

Do you love bees and want to show everyone how much you love them? Not only does this phone case show how much you care for the bees, but you can also feel good knowing that this eco-friendly phone case gives back to the bees.

Why we love this case: Since Pela phone cases can be composted, you can protect your phone and the planet wat the same time!

9. Sawtooth Phone case

person holding three phone cases

If you love the national parks, you are going to want to snag one of Pela case's eco-friendly phone cases. Each one has beautiful artwork depicting a beautiful national park.

Why we love this case: Not only do these cases beautifully illustrate a national park, but since they are good for the environment, they ensure these parks will be around to enjoy for a very long time.

10. Reboxed Eco case

person holding colorful phone cases

Reboxed's eco-friendly phone cases are made from plant-based polymers and reclaimed wheat fibers. They are completely plastic-free and home compostable.

Why we love this case: These phone cases are slim and soft to the touch but will protect your phone no matter how slippery your fingers might be.

11. Sage Green Phone case

three solid color phone cases

If you're looking for a compostable phone case that doesn't sacrifice function over style, you'll love Pela's simple colored phone cases. That's not to say that these eco-friendly phone cases are not elegant in their own way.

Why we love this case: These simple phone cases protect your phone and the planet since they are fully compostable at the end of their life. Throw them into your compost bin or use a Lomi kitchen composter to break them down!


Lomi by Pela



Lomi allows you to turn food waste into plant-ready nutrients in under 24 hours. Boost your plants while reducing your waste.


12. Black Digital Nomad case

black phone case with mountains and a van on it

Over the years, there's been an increase in digital nomads who live in vans and travel wherever they like. Whether you consider yourself a digital nomad, van lifer, or simply like the aesthetic, you are going to love this phone case.

Why we love this case: Once you're done with this phone case, toss it into your compost to naturally biodegrade.

13. Spotlight case

phone case with geometric design

This eco-friendly phone case is slim with a design that perfectly blends geometric shapes with neutral colors. It's simple, with the right amount of pop. Plus they're made from recycled phone cases. This case features a non-slip grip so you won't have to worry about dropping your phone.

Why we love this case: This phone case may not be biodegradable or compostable, it's made of 72% recycled plastic. So even though it won't break down, it is still a more sustainable phone case than traditional plastic ones.

Pelacase - the best biodegradable case in the market

three phone cases laying on a table

As an eco-friendly company, when Pela discovered that over a billion plastic phone cases are created every single year, they decided to change the game and create the world's first compostable phone cases. Pela's phone cases break down into compostable soil in 6 months, leaving nothing but usable compost behind.

Not only are Pela's eco-friendly phone cases sustainable, but they are stylish and flexible. Their phone cases provide comfort and protect your phone. They're also a climate-neutral and certified B company, so you can feel good about buying their phone cases. Don't believe us? You should see all the good things people have to say about Pela's phone cases.

Thankfully we live in a world with so many companies that want to have a positive impact on the world. Whether this is turning recycled plastic into phone cases or finding a solution to make composting even easier like Pela's electric composter, Lomi. Users love how easily they can break down organic waste and even their compostable phone cases into usable fertilizer for their plants. No matter how you look at it, choosing a more eco-friendly phone case is a great step in creating a better planet for everyone.

Written by: Sarah Kendal