16 Gifts for Vegetable Gardeners Any Greenthumb Would Love

A bundle of carrots wrapped in a ribbon

Got a veggie gardener in your life? That’s great for so many reasons! Not only does that mean you get to enjoy the fruits of their labor as they share their bounty, it also means they’re super easy to buy gifts for. Why? Because there are so many cool, unique gardening gifts available. The only problem you’ll have is deciding which one to get!

Thankfully, we’ve narrowed it down to sixteen of the best gardening gift ideas out there. If you’re in a hurry, check out our five top picks. Or, skip ahead for more in-depth info on our thoughtful gift choices.

First up, our top picks - including the best gardening gifts for mom and dad. Plus, gift baskets and kits for anyone on your list.

Gift ideas for vegetable gardeners (our top picks!)

Whether you’re buying for a family member, a friend, a coworker - or yourself! Here are our top five picks for the nicest and most unique gifts for gardeners.

  1. Best gardening gift for mom: Womanswork Long Floral Garden Gloves
  2. Best gardening gift for dad: Esschert Design Canvas Tool Belt
  3. Most unique gardening gift: Lomi Home Composter
  4. Best gift basket for gardeners: ThreeBearsEmporium Personalized Garden Gift Box
  5. Best vegetable gardening kit: FLEUR DU BIEN Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit


16 practical gifts for vegetable gardeners in your life

From pretty gardening gloves to practical tools to an appliance that turns food waste into nutrient-rich dirt, you’ll find these ideas and more right here!

1. Womanswork Long Floral Garden Gloves

White and floral-patterned garden gloves on a pink background

Pretty and practical, these extra long gloves keep the hands and arms safe from prickly weeds and bug bites - all while looking great. The adjustable drawstring creates a snug fit and the synthetic leather palms are perfect for pulling thistles and intense shoveling.

Price: $40.00

Why we recommend it: Made by Womanswork, a woman-owned brand that’s been providing greenthumbs with garden essentials for 32 years.

Ideal for: Most gardeners love to dig in the dirt, but not all of them like getting their hands dirty. 

2. Joeys Garden Expandable 100' Garden Hose

A green and black garden hose coiled in front of a green and black box

Ever since expandable hoses came onto the market, they’ve become a must-have for any serious gardener. Lightweight, yet durable, this hose grows up to 100’ when filled with water, which makes tending to a large vegetable garden so much easier than lugging a heavy, long hose around.

Price: $64.99

Why we recommend it: Unlike some expandable hoses that have plastic connectors, this hose by Joeys Garden has brass fittings, which are far less likely to crack in colder weather.

Ideal for: Gardeners whose veggies are spread out across a large area.

3. Lomi Home Composter 

Lomi sitting in a bright kitchen next to several indoor plants

Home composting shouldn't be difficult. And it shouldn’t only be reserved for people with big yards and extra time on their hands. Lomi makes composting accessible to everyone with its three easy to use modes and mess-free cleanup. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to cut down on food waste as it turns scraps into usable natural-fertilizer.

Price: $451.11

Why we recommend it: Not only does Lomi help you personally reduce your food waste, keeping excess waste out of the landfill also reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Ideal for: A plant lover who wants to reduce their environmental footprint and produce an endless supply of fertilizer for their plant babies.


Lomi by Pela



Lomi allows you to turn food waste into plant-ready nutrients in under 24 hours. Boost your plants while reducing your waste.


4. Esschert Design Canvas Tool Belt

A man wearing a green and tan canvas tool belt filled with garden tools

Affordable and durable don’t always go together, but in the case of this canvas tool belt - they do! This belt by Esschert keeps all the necessary garden tools at the ready without being bulky or heavy.

Price: $18.15

Why we recommend it: Its adjustable belt makes it a one size fits all and the reinforced stitching means this belt is in it for the long haul.

Ideal for: Gardeners who love their tools and want to keep their trowel, scissors and plant markers close at hand. 

5. The Smart Garden 27

A wooden shelving unit filled with three white smart gardens

If you’ve got a special someone on your list who has always wanted to grow their own food, but doesn’t have access to a yard or balcony, then The Smart Garden 27 is the perfect gift. This indoor garden makes growing organic veggies and herbs a cinch by providing just the right amount of light, water and nutrients.

Price: $799.95

Why we recommend it: The Smart Garden 27 can either be left to stand freely or mounted to the wall, meaning it’s perfect for those with a small home.

Ideal for: An urban gardener who lives in an apartment building or someone with limited mobility who still wants to enjoy the benefits of growing their own food.

6. CraftsHomeGarden Galvanized Steel Plant Markers

Two blank steel plant markers standing in a garden

Growing a variety of edible plants is a wonder, but it can sometimes be hard to remember which is which - especially when they’re in the seedling stage. Take the guesswork out of gardening and give the gift of these galvanized steel plant markers, which won’t rust and can be used season after season.

Price: $40.11

Why we recommend it: Handmade by a small business, this set comes with 20 markers in either horizontal or vertical orientation. 

Ideal for: Super-organized greenthumbs or beginner gardeners who need a little reminder of where they planted their cucumbers and zucchinis.   

7. Jackson 6 Cu. Ft. Wheelbarrow

A blue wheelbarrow with wooden handles on a white background

Any gardener who has dealt with a tippy, poorly-made wheelbarrow knows that they’re the worst. A wheelbarrow should be durable, sturdy and do what it’s meant to do - make your life easier! This wheelbarrow has 6 cubic feet of usable space and patented leg stabilizers to make it 40% more tip-resistant.

Price: $149.00

Why we recommend it: Many pros swear by this wheelbarrow. And if it’s good enough for them it’s good enough for anyone!

Ideal for: Gardeners who move around a lot of dirt or who do a lot of transplanting.

8. TXVMart Natural Bamboo Fruit and Vegetable Brush

A wooden brush with brown and tan bristles on a white background

While a lot of gardening gifts are meant to be used in the garden, we can’t forget about the fact that a huge part of gardening is the clean up. From scrubbing potatoes and carrots to scrubbing under your nails, this brush provides two different sides - one for tough-skinned fruits and veggies and the other for softer produce like tomatoes and apples.

Price: $9.99

Why we recommend it: It’s made from bamboo, coconut fiber and sisal - three highly sustainable materials.

Ideal for: Those who are mindful about the end-life of the things they own can rest easy knowing this brush is fully biodegradable. 

9. Lee Valley Self-Watering Seed Starter

Off-white seed starter set filled with soil and seedlings

Part of learning to garden is learning how to start your own seeds and this self-watering starter kit makes the whole process easy-peasy. A capillary mat provides your seeds with consistent moisture and the plastic lid keeps the seeds warm. Once they’ve germinated, remove the lid and watch the seedlings grow!

Price: $28.50

Why we recommend it: The tray’s design makes it easy to pop the seedlings out so they can be transplanted outside or repotted and kept indoors.

Ideal for: Those who live in colder climates and want to start their seeds inside when it’s still chilly out. 

10. PrecisionMemory Personalized Garden Tool Set

Three small garden towels with a wooden handles and the name amanda on them

A gift is always nice, but a personalized gift is even more special. And what gardener wouldn’t love a set of tools with their name on it? This set comes with three tools made from highly durable carbon steel with a non-slip handle.

Price: $44.99

Why we recommend it: This set is handmade by a small business that offers 24/7 customer support and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  

Ideal for: Beginner gardeners who don’t own tools yet or more experienced gardeners who work so hard they deserve a special custom gift.

11. The Vegetable Gardener's Bible

A book cover with an older man holding a basket filled with fresh veggies

Introduce the gardener in your life to the expert advice of Edward C. Smith, greenthumb extraordinaire and creator of the W-O-R-D system for producing high yields in all North American regions. First published in 2009, Smith’s advice has helped countless gardeners grow abundant amounts of fresh fruits and veggies with the least amount of work possible.

Price: $34.95

Why we recommend it: The gift of knowledge is the gift that keeps on giving! 

Ideal for: Beginner and advanced gardeners, book-lovers and those with who live life curiously. 

12. FLEUR DU BIEN Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit

A seed kit with cardboard packing sitting next to indoor plants

Gift-givers who love to give items that are both pretty and practical rejoice, this indoor herb garden starter kit is lovely. Including ten different seed packets ranging from dill to peppermint to basil, this kit makes it easy to grow indoors - even in a small space.

Price: $39.75

Why we recommend it: All the seeds included are organic and all packaging is recyclable or biodegradable, making this a great gift for the tree (and plant) hugger in your life.

Ideal for: Those who have limited outdoor space who want to get into gardening and need something simple to start with.

13. ThreeBearsEmporium Personalized Garden Gift Box

A gift box filled with handmade soap, tea and other small items

Gardening tools and supplies are great for newer gardeners, but what do you give the greenthumb who already has everything? Why not give the gift of self-care with this personalized gift box? Includes handmade soap, a wooden nail brush, a shower steamer, hand lotion and more. Perfect after a long day in the garden!

Price: $28.73

Why we recommend it: You can personalize this gift box with a beautiful card that wishes the gift recipient a Happy Birthday, Happy Mother’s Day, Merry Christmas and more!

Ideal for: Anyone who loves to pamper themselves just as much as they love to work hard.

14. Vego Raised Garden Bed Kit

A metal raised garden bed in a backyard and filled with plants

If someone in your life keeps talking about wanting to try raised bed gardening, give them the gift of an all-in-one kit. This modular kit can be assembled in a variety of ways to fit any yard, whether large or small. Plus, it’s made of a mixture of zinc, magnesium and aluminum and coated with an eco-friendly paint.

Price: $259.95

Why we recommend it: Vego is a brand who cares about sustainability and supporting them helps their mission to help the environment. 

Ideal for: Those who would enjoy the benefits of raised bed gardening, which include easier access thanks to its height above ground.

15. Gardena Multi-Sprayer Premium Nozzle

A hand holding a spray nozzle watering flowers

Any seasoned gardener knows a multi-sprayer nozzle is key to a veggie garden’s success as you have to be able to mist brand new seedlings, yet thoroughly drench fully established plants.  This nozzle has frost-proof components, because nothing is more frustrating than garden gear that cracks when the temperature drops.

Price: $42.82

Why we recommend it: It’s durable, yet lightweight and easy to control.

Ideal for: Gift recipients who appreciate a practical, usable present.

16. The Smart Garden 9 Pro

A woman cutting herbs from a small white indoor garden

If you know a gardener that also loves technology and gadgets, then the app-controlled Smart Garden 9 just might be their new best friend. With automatic watering and pre-programmed light levels, this indoor garden makes growing your own food a cinch.

Price: $289.95

Why we recommend it: It comes with nine complimentary plant capsules to get you started.

Ideal for: Anyone who would benefit from a super easy, indoor gardening system. So… everyone!

Here’s hoping you feel super confident about buying your favorite gardener the perfect gift. Whether it’s their birthday, a holiday like Christmas or Valentine’s Day, or just a gift to say “been thinking of you” - these sixteen ideas are sure to delight and inspire.

And nothing says you’ve been thinking of someone more than the gift of Lomi! Want to know why? Read what others have been saying about the Lomi composter and why they can’t get enough of this easy to use countertop appliance!

Written by: Larissa Swayze