The Ultimate Sustainable Kitchen Duo: Lomi & the Farmstand

A man cooking in the kitchen with Lomi

Between purchasing your produce and throwing away your food scraps, cooking a meal can turn into a daily practice that is not very environmentally friendly. Sure, you can try your hand at gardening, and attempt to compost outdoors, (or with worms if you’re brave), but what happens if you are unsuccessful? Or don’t have the time, money, knowledge, or space for this? If you are like us, you must be thinking that there has got to be a better way! 

Well, we have partnered with our friends over at Lettuce Grow to officially close the loop on food waste and bring you the ultimate sustainable kitchen duo: Lomi and the Farmstand. 

After intensive research, the founders of Lettuce Grow concluded that one of the ways to begin decreasing food waste was to bring food production closer to people - and people closer to production. As the mainstream system stands now, industry grown produce uses 20x the amount of water, and travels 1,500 miles in 7-10 days just to reach your grocery store. From there, it could sit on a shelf for another 3-5 days before it’s purchased. Ultimately, nearly 50% of food never makes it to a table for consumption. This comes at both an environmental and financial cost: If we were just able to remove all the waste from produce, we could halve the cost to the consumer! 

Lomi with food scraps in it

Even if the food makes it to your kitchen, not all of it will be consumed. It is estimated that each year, 108 billion pounds of food is wasted in the United States. This wasted food ends up in landfills where it releases methane, a greenhouse gas that’s about 25x more potent than carbon dioxide. Using Lomi for your fruit and vegetable scraps, animal products, food and yard waste, as well as Lomi approved bio-plastics, gives you the opportunity to turn this waste into nutrient-rich dirt at the touch of a button. By keeping this food waste out of landfill, you’ll further reduce your carbon footprint, all while creating the soil-amendment of your garden’s dreams. 

With the Farmstand being made of upcycled ocean-bound plastic, while also giving you the opportunity to grow your own produce at home, and Lomi ensuring your food waste does not end up in a landfill, we cannot think of a better ultimate sustainable kitchen duo. 

If you’re interested in implementing the Farmstand magic for yourself, we have good news: They’re giving you $100 off any 18 plant Farmstand or larger! Use the code LOMI at checkout — plus your shipping is free! 

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