12 Cutting-Edge Technologies to Reduce Waste

Hand adding food scraps into Lomi

As concerns about the world’s growing waste problem rises, more and more people are eager for technological solutions to minimize waste going to landfills. With 1.3 billion tons of food waste created every year, it’s no wonder people are focusing on developing and acquiring new technology to reduce food waste.

Reducing your waste is essential for the environment — not only because of the physical space landfills take up, but also because of the enormous amounts of methane they release. If you’re looking to use technology to reduce waste, this article will introduce you to some innovative solutions that are transforming the waste industry. Specifically, we’ll discuss the following topics:

We’re going to be covering technology to reduce waste in general, but if you’re searching specifically for solutions to reduce kitchen waste, check out our guide on zero-waste kitchens.

Let’s start by taking a look at how technology can be used to transform the waste management sector.


How can technology be used to reduce waste?

Innovations in waste reduction technologies allow us to better monitor, prevent, and manage our waste. This includes appliances that deal with waste sustainably, smartphone apps to track waste and help us develop eco-friendly habits, and sensors to accurately measure what we have and what we're tossing.

Understanding what waste management solutions are available to you is the first step to reducing your waste. From countertop composters to self-sorting trash cans, waste management companies are coming up with innovative ways to make the waste management process simple and efficient. All you need to do is incorporate some of these technologies into your household.

So, let’s explore some of the best smart waste management technologies that are currently available in the market.



12 best waste reduction technologies you should check out 

Now that we know how to use technology to reduce food waste and more, we can explore some of the available solutions to reduce solid waste. Here are some of the smart waste management technologies available today.


1. Lomi: Turning waste into food for plants

Electric composter with food scraps surrounded by plants

Lomi is an innovative kitchen appliance designed to put food and organic waste back into the Earth. This unique device breaks down your kitchen waste into nutrient-rich dirt, which can then be used in gardens, green bins, or the garbage, making it a great option for those wanting to compost in apartments

For environmentally-conscious gardeners, producing compost at home is a fun and easy way of keeping trash out of landfills while turning waste into nutrients for your plants. The ability to convert waste into dirt is both economically beneficial and environmentally friendly. Lomi also helps reduce landfill gas and methane emissions, contributing to a happier, healthier planet.

Price: $499; pricing plan available

Product category: Composter

Why you need it: Lomi is a first-of-its-kind appliance that breaks down kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich dirt, accelerating the composting process and giving back to the planet.


Lomi by Pela



Lomi allows you to turn food waste into plant-ready nutrients in under 24 hours. Boost your plants while reducing your waste.


2. Hazel Technologies: Improves shelf life of produce

A Hazel sachet sitting in grapes
Image Credit: Hazel Technologies.com

Produce sellers can really benefit by using Hazel's sachets. These sachets are thrown into the boxes and bins storing specific fruits and vegetables to help extend their shelf life. Hazel's technology helps reduce respiration and prolong freshness, helping to reduce waste.

Price: Contact company for price inquiries.

Product category: Preservation

Why you need it: Hazel sachets are a convenient option to improve the shelf life of fruits and vegetables stored in a variety of conditions, helping sellers keep their products fresh.


3. Olio: Sell or share your unwanted items

The home screen of the Olio app

Olio is an app that allows users to share their surplus items with their neighbors and prevent waste. Simply snap a photo and list it (along with a meeting location) on the app, and those nearby will be able to view what you have available. You can also offer to lend items or sell old items, making this app great for helping your neighbors while also helping the planet.

Price: Free to download; subscriptions available for $2.49/month or $6.99/year.

Product category: Sharing App

Why you need it: The Olio app is a convenient option allowing neighbors all over the world to share their unwanted items with each other while prioritizing safety.



4. Smarter FridgeCam: Monitors and tracks items in your refrigerator

Smarter FridgeCam and its app
Image Credit: Smarter.am

If you've ever gone to the grocery store and forgotten what you have at home, the FridgeCam can keep you from buying more than you need. This device takes a photo of your fridge's contents and uploads it to the app, allowing you to check what you have. It also tracks when you run out of items and can add them to your shopping list.

Price: $29.99

Product category: Smart camera

Why you need it: This smart camera helps you keep track of what’s in your fridge, so you never have to worry about overstocking or running out of items.


5. Bluapple: Delays ripening and spoilage of produce

Bluapple with a refill packet
Image Credit: The Bluapple.com

TheBluapple is a helpful item that keeps the produce in your fridge fresher for longer. The packets placed inside the Bluapple absorb the ethylene gas to delay ripening and spoilage, allowing you to store food for longer. There are a variety of packages available, and you can sign up for refill reminders, helping you make the most of the Bluapple.

Price: $11.99 for 2-pack

Product category: Preservation

Why you need it: Bluapple absorbs the gasses in your fridge that spoil your food, allowing you to enjoy them for up to 3 times longer.


6. MyFoodways: Get recipe recommendations based on your refrigerator contents

MyFoodways Suggestions screen

Those wanting to avoid wasting the contents of their fridge will enjoy using MyFoodways. The MyFoodways app is designed to give you recipe recommendations based on the food you have in your fridge. It offers a great way to discover new, healthy meals while also preventing food waste.

Price: Free

Product category: App

Why you need it: The MyFoodways app helps you use up everything in your fridge, allowing you to discover new favorite recipes and limiting waste at the same time.


7. Bin-e Smart Waste Bins: A self-sorting trash can 

Bin-e Smart Waste Bin
Image Credit: Bine.world

Bin-e is a smart waste bin that uses IoT technology to improve waste management. These smart bins use sensors, image-based trash recognition technology, and artificial intelligence, enabling them to automatically sort and categorize recycling litter into one of its smaller bins. This innovative new technology is set to simplify the waste management process and improve collection efficiency.

Price: Contact company for price inquiries.

Product category: Self-sorting trash can

Why you need it: These smart recycling bins simplify the sorting process by using artificial intelligence to sort and compress recyclables. Their sensors also monitor fill levels, preventing the bins from overflowing and helping keep cities around the world clean.


8. ecoATM: Trade your old electronic devices for cash

ecoATM kiosk
Image Credit: ecoATM.com

Anyone looking to rid themselves of their old smartphones should consider using an ecoATM. These smart kiosks scan the electronic devices to determine their value and will offer them instant payment. This helps consumers easily sell their phones while reducing electronic waste.

Price: Free to use

Product category: Electronic waste management

Why you need it: ecoATM kiosks allow consumers to easily profit off their old devices while ensuring proper disposal of electronic waste.


9. RecycleNation: Free database to simplify your recycling efforts

RecycleNation in use on desktop and smartphone
Image Credit: RecycleNation.com

RecycleNation is an online platform that helps ensure old items are properly recycled. Using the website or the app, you simply input the items you want to recycle and your location and RecycleNation will tell you where you can go to do so. It even helps you map your route and suggests mail-in options, making proper recycling an easy process.

Price: Free

Product category: Recycling

Why you need it: The RecycleNation app allows businesses and individuals to discover the easiest ways to properly recycle old items, while tracking their environmental impact.


10. iRecycle: Helps you find the best recycling opportunities

iRecycle home screen

Earth911.com's iRecycle app is another option for those in the US looking to properly recycle old items. The app can help you determine the best recycling opportunities in your area and help you plan to do so. It's also full of great resources for those wanting to learn more about limiting their waste.

Price: Free

Product category: Recycling

Why you need it: The iRecycle app allows users to easily locate recycling options nearby while providing them with resources to build their knowledge of sustainability.


11. CleanCUBE: Solar-powered trash compactor for efficient waste management

Image Credit: Ecube Labs.com

The CleanCUBE by Ecube Labs is a solar-powered trash compactor that helps minimize waste. These compactors simplify the waste collection process and are designed to hold significantly more waste, reducing overflowing and trash pickup frequency. They're also easy to maneuver and use wireless transmission to communicate data, helping cities around the world reduce their waste and lower emissions.

Price: Contact distributors for pricing.

Product category: Public waste management

Why you need it: CleanCUBEs use solar power to compress trash, reduce pickup frequency, and help keep cities clean.


12. Sensoneo Smart Sensor: An ultrasonic trash sensor

Sensoneo Smart Sensor
Image Credit: Sensoneo.com

The Ultrasonic Bin Sensors by Sensoneo provide an easy solution for monitoring fill-levels. These sensors are great for monitoring a variety of waste types (including paper, plastics, glass, liquids, bio-waste, and more) within different types and sizes of bins to prevent overflow. These smart sensors offer quick data transfers, ensuring accurate measurements and efficient waste management.

Price: Contact company for pricing inquiries.

Product category: Smart waste management technology

Why you need it: Sensoneo’s ultrasonic trash sensors equip a variety of bins and containers with the technology to automatically monitor fullness, and they’re water and shock-resistant.


There are plenty of great technologies available that you can start using today. If you want to see how food waste technology can make a difference, see what Lomi users have to say about our product.

Writen by: Karyn Little