Top 5 Reasons Lomi is America’s Most Popular New Kitchen Appliance. 

More than 200,000 homes have discovered the magic. Here’s why they upgraded their kitchen with Lomi.

1. It’s like composting, just easier and more convenient.

Traditional methods of composting your food waste are both time consuming and messy. Less than 1% of people ever stick with it. Cold winter months and hot summer months make composting the old way very difficult, can take up a lot of space, and takes a long time for your scraps to break down. Lomi is the quick one-button solution that works while you sleep and transforms your scraps to usable nutrient-rich plant food in just a few hours

2. Keep your kitchen smelling odor-free and trash-free

Say goodbye to smelly garbage bags sitting overnight in the bin! Thanks to activated carbon filters your Lomi odors and makes sure that your home and kitchen stay  clean and fresh.

3. Your kitchen doesn’t have to be the vacation spot for ants and fruit flies this summer.

Household pests and animals are drawn to food waste sitting in your trash can or green bin - and once they’re there it can be hard to get rid of them! Transforming your waste in Lomi allows you to avoid attracting pests both in your home or outside in your garbage. Instead, you can turn your waste into nutrient-rich Lomi that you can use to feed your lawn, garden, or houseplants.

4. Grow Healthier Plants.

Our food contains some amazing nutrients that can help your lawn and garden grow lush and healthy.  By using Lomi, you’ll see it for yourself. With Lomi’s Grow Mode, your food scraps are turned into a soil amendment,  a natural fertilizer that is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and sodium, perfect for feeding to your plants or lawn to give them the proper nutrients for a successful growth cycle in the seasons to come!

5. Reduce Environmental Impact & Waste.

Much of our food waste starts in the kitchen. Using Lomi in the kitchen just twice a week, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint by 50% or more! That means a lower environmental impact and that you’re helping to make the planet a more sustainable place.

The best investment you’ll ever make in your kitchen.

In just 4 hours, Lomi turns almost all of your food scraps into a nutrient-rich fertilizer to feed to your lawn and garden.

✅ No more foul garbage odors.

✅ No more green bin to attract fruit flies and bugs.

✅ No more taking the garbage out every day.

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Worth every penny!

Absolutely amazing! It's magical how such a large volume of food waste can be converted into such a small amount of soil, in such a short period of time!
- Becky S.

Instant gratification meets doing good for the planet

Instant gratification meets doing good for the planet and my garden? What else can you ask for?
- Gary S.

My new best friend

This is the coolest thing ever. Literally ever. It’s my new best friend and my girlfriend is jealous.
- Max N.