Join the next phase of Alpharetta's Community Compost Program

Alpharetta is partnering with Lomi to introduce a dehyrdated food waste arm to the Community Agriculture Program.

Composting Program

Community Compost Initiative

We aim to establish a community compost program to divert food waste from landfills and support our local farm. Residents are invited to use a countertop composter to convert their food waste into Dehydrated Food Waste (DFW) for the farm. Choosing DFW over fresh food waste simplifies transportation and provides a mess free solution for residents.

Food Waste

Put all of your food scraps, coffee grounds, and more into Lomi. Say goodbye to odors and fruit flies! And say hello to reducing your carbon footprint!

Community Garden

Drop off your dehydrated food waste at a Alpheratta compost drop off location. We'll put it to use as fertilizer.

Fresh Organic Food

Enjoy a larger harvest from one of 36 community garden plots. Bring home the veggies to cook and start the cycle again.

43% of food waste in the U.S. happens at the household level.

The average food waste household generates roughly 18 lbs of food waste every week. Let's make that zero!

Alpheretta x Lomi

Alpheretta has teamed up with Lomi to offer program participants a convenient countertop composter. The countertop units are user-friendly, and provide a simple way for residents, even those with children, to manage food waste daily. This scalable program ensures an introduction to food waste management without adding significant inconvenience for participants.

Lomi can process all types of food including meat!

Introducing Lomi Bloom

No more food waste in the Alpheretta landfill

What can go in Lomi

Join Alpharetta's Community Compost Program

This plan will help the community respond to food insecurity, responsibly steward the environment, and support new and future generations.

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