Save up to 50% of food waste cost and transform your city’s approach to food scrap recycling with Lomi

A sustainable approach diverting your waste into landfills, significantly reduce your carbon footprint, and foster a healthier environment for your citizens.

Community Food Scrap Recycling Initiative

Green Steps Forward

This pilot program is designed to empower residents through a strategic partnership between your municipality and Lomi. This initiative aims to reduce the amount of food waste sent to landfills and reduce the number of trucks on the road by integrating Lomi Smart Waste™ devices into households. The program encompasses a comprehensive approach, offering community members the opportunity to advance in food scrap recycling and make a significant impact on food waste management within their community.


Residents will sign up for the program and be informed about the benefits of reducing food waste with Lomi.

Pick Up

Multiple Lomi pick-up events at accessible locations will be organized for residents to pick up their Lomi.

Track your Impact

Use our Lomi app to track how many pounds of garbage you've kept out of landfills by using Lomi


See the impact grow: by adding Lomi into community day-to-day waste practices means compounding results!

This program is customized for each municipality, taking into account factors like population density and waste facility ownership.

In the US, 40% of food is wasted, costing $430 billion loss. The global Lomi community prevents 340 million pounds of waste from ending up in landfills.

Why Lomi?

Lomi turns kitchen scraps into Lomi Earth, a nutrient-rich fertilizer, keeping waste out of landfills. With Lomi in 200,000+ homes, we've turned 85 million pounds of scraps into fertilizer, saving 34,000 metric tons of CO2e.

Opting for Lomi not only manages your food waste but also joins you in the global composting movement for sustainability.

Lomi can process all types of food including meat!

Meet Lomi Bloom

No more food waste in the landfill

Spread the word about Lomi in your community.

No more foul garbage odors.

No more green bin to attract fruit flies and bugs.

No more taking the garbage out every day.

Reduce your carbon footprint by an average of 179kg CO2e every year.

Become a part of the solution

Your food doesn’t need to become trash. Lomi is the simple and convenient solution to transform your waste and make a difference for our planet.