The food waste Editorial

Why on earth are people freezing their food waste??

By Nicholas M. | October 1 2023

If you're among the 8% of Americans with food waste pickup, you're probably familiar with how unpleasant the little compost bin in your kitchen can get.

You know, the one that always seems to end up stinky no matter what you do? I've been there, and I totally get it.

While these little bins aim to reduce our environmental impact, it's definitely not at all clean OR convenient.

And people are...not too impressed.



The food composter New Yorkers are turning to, before the 2024 mandate.

Here are some of my favourite (and hilarious) ways that folks are (or are not) dealing with the little bin on their counter:

This is what the internet had to say...

“Leave the top open overnight, and the raccoons and bears take care of it” 🐻 🐀 🐕

- Jade H.

“If you keep the bugs out, it doesn't get as nasty. Get a bug killer hanging thing (looks like a giant air freshener) and keep it in the green bin. 🐜 🐜 🐜

- Samual J.

“Don’t put anything in them” 🤣 🤣 🤣

- Max V.

“I use my neighbors. Mine still looks brand new!” 🏠

- Michelle L.

“If you have the disposable income to justify this - Pay someone to clean it biweekly” 🧼

Jenny F.

“Easy, I freeze my food waste. Never put it in the little bin" 🧊 🧊 🧊

Scott B.

I think it’s pretty clear how we're all feeling about this “solution to food waste in landfills”

Over the last 100 years, we’ve innovated products that provide people with simple and convenient solutions to make things…easier:

The dishwasher…the cellphone…online banking…Etc. Etc.

That little bin under your sink is definitely not one of those convenient solutions.

Maybe you’re spending time every week deep cleaning your leaky gross green bin to avoid creating foul odors that invite ants, fruit flies, and maggots into their kitchens.

Or… You freeze your food waste to to completely avoid the green bin all together. Who even has the freezer space for this???

Maybe you even have to drive it into town from your house because you don’t even have organic waste pickup.

We can all agree on one thing…

These bins have to be the most disgusting and inconvenient eyesore in the modern day kitchen.

And yet we all put up with it. We’re still doing the garbage like it’s 1920.

Let’s be honest…If there wasn’t a risk of being fined by the government, most of us would probably still be throwing our food waste in the garbage, with the rest of our trash.

So I started doing some research for a more convenient alternative solution to the green bin and this is what I found 🗒️ ✍️

This is Lomi. And it might be the best investment you'll make in your kitchen.

In just 4 hours, Lomi transforms almost anything you eat into a nutrient rich soil that you can put in your plants or dispose of. Lomi is the most convenient way to deal with your food waste.

🌿 Odor-Free: Lomi keeps your kitchen smelling fresh, eliminating the need for deep cleaning your green bin.

🐜 Bug-Free: Say goodbye to fruit flies and pests; Lomi ensures your kitchen remains insect-free.

❄️ No More Freezing: Reclaim your freezer space – Lomi handles food waste without the need for freezing.

Simple and convenient.

Say goodbye to smelly garbage bags sitting overnight in the bin! Lomi contains carbon filters that trap outside odors, keeping your kitchen and the rest of your home smelling fresh all the time.

Step 1 - Fill.

Almost anything you eat can go into Lomi.

Say goodbye to smelly garbage bags sitting overnight in the bin! Lomi contains carbon filters that trap outside odors, keeping your kitchen and the rest of your home smelling fresh all the time.

Step 2 - Transform.

In just 4 hours, Lomi reduces your all your food scraps down by 80%.

Using Lomi in the kitchen just twice a week, you’ll build up the power to reduce your carbon footprint by 50% or more! By using less conventional plastic and working hard to rid our everyday food waste in a compact, environmentally friendly way, we can help make the planet a more sustainable place.

Step 3 - Grow OR throw.

In Lomi’s extensive Grow cycle, your food scraps turn into what’s called a soil amendment, which is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and sodium.

Best of all, the dirt resulting from Lomi’s Grow mode is healthy and nutrient-dense, perfect for feeding your indoor plants or outdoor garden proper nutrients for a successful growth cycle in the seasons to come!

If you aren't a gardener, that's totally fine.
Share your Lomi Earth with one of your gardening friends (they'll absolutely love you for this)

You'll can also send your Lomi Earth to the same place you would have sent your organic waste.

Lomi has completely changed the way over 165,000 households are dealing with food waste.

Here's what they have to say...

“Finally a climate solution where I’m not freezing my food waste

"The lomi has become an essential part of kitchen routine and living in a hot country it is essential to keep food waste down to avoid nasty smells and flies. It's very easy to use."

“How do I keep my green bin clean?? Simple, I use Lomi instead”

“The whole process is wonderful to help my family do our part in recycling waste.”

“This machine is so great. Biggest difference I see is that the weight of my garbage has decreased significantly!”

Where can you buy Lomi?

After some research, I discovered that lomi.com is the best place to buy with the best price possible.




Talk about the biggest innovation in the kitchen since the dishwasher. This is exactly what I need to turn my home into a climate solution without any of the gross odors or bugs 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻