The food waste Editorial

New York City Residents Will Soon Have to Compost Their Food Scraps.

And what New Yorkers can do to avoid massive fines and inconvenience.

By Nicholas M. | June 20 2023

Attention, New York City residents!

Brace yourselves for a new government mandate that is going to change the way you handle your trash.

The City Council recently passed a bill requiring all New Yorkers to separate their food waste from regular garbage and compost it.

While this move aims to reduce environmental impact, some residents are concerned about the additional work and potential hassle it may bring to their daily lives.

Here's what this means for you:

1.) This law is going to force you to compost all of your food scraps.

The City Council's decision to make food composting mandatory for all residents may have caught some New Yorkers off guard. This move reflects the government's determination to address the environmental challenges posed by organic waste in landfills. However, it means that residents now have an extra responsibility when it comes to managing their trash.

2.) This change could be in effect in as early as October 2023

Starting this October, the mandate will be rolled out town by town, eventually covering all five boroughs by next year. Brooklyn and Queens will be the first to compost. The subsequent rollout will take place over several months, potentially causing adjustments and inconveniences for residents in each area.

3.) The green bin you'll be given will likely look and smell terrible in your kitchen.

Household pests are drawn to the smell of food waste sitting in your trash can or green bin. Once you start to have an insect problem, it can be really hard to get rid of.

4.) It's going to take time for people to learn and adjust to this new law.

While the mandate aims to foster environmental sustainability, some residents might be concerned about the adjustment period and potential challenges that may arise. Adapting to a new composting regimen may take time, and initial confusion is expected as residents learn the do's and don'ts of proper food waste separation.

5.) If you make a mistake, you could be fined up to $100 PER MISTAKE.

The Sanitation Department will also have the power to hit building and business owners with fines if they fail to use the new organics bins more than four times in a sixth month period.

Many of the fines start off at $25 and work up to $100 depending on the seriousness of the offense.

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