Wave goodbye to waste with Almond Cow and Lomi 

From plastic waste to food waste, what we throw away, doesn't go away. But it doesn't have to be this way!

Embrace Sustainability & Transform Your Milk Routine

Say goodbye to the store bought plant-based self milks in plastic packaging, and say hello to the Almond Cow Milk Maker! Make plant-based milk however you want, whenever you want, without all the stuff you don't want.

Almond Cow designs Milk Makers to transform any nut, seed, or grain into plant-based milk in moments - without the hassle of straining. Beyond the milk maker, Almond Cow sources organic milk ingredients in compostable sachets and designs glassware to store the milk in for a complete end-to-end-solution to milk without the packaging.

Make the plant-based milk your way, and let Lomi take care of the rest.

Not sure what to do with the leftover pulp? Lomi can reduce your carbon footprint even further by keeping your waste out of landfill and turning your pulp into nutrient rich soil for your grass, garden, plants or green bin.

Track your impact with Lomis smart technology, and get rewarded for getting rid of your waste the right way. 

More than 180,000
happy households

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Up to 2 hours faster

Lomi Bloom comes with updated temperature sensors that reduce cycle durations.

A new cleaning cycle.

A hassle-free way to clean your Lomi Bloom. Just add water and start the cleaning cycle.

Basically soundless.

Quieter than a modern-day dishwasher, Lomi Bloom runs at under 60 db.

A Connected Lomi

Using our Apple iOS app Lomi Bloom can measure each cycle and give you real-time data on your carbon impact.