Grow healthy plants indoors with Lomi and Soltech

Feed your plants with nutrient-rich Lomi Earth and let the LED power of Soltechs Grow Lights help you grow luscious healthy plants indoors. 

Embrace sustainability & grow plants your way with Soltech

Soltech is on a mission to brighten lives through plants, by innovating spaces with LED grow light that seamlessly blends functionality and design. They inspire individuals to bring the beauty of nature indoors through their products and sustainable practices. 

Turn your food waste into nutrient-rich Lomi Earth to help your plants thrive. 

Lomi is the first and only Carbon Neutral home appliance that allows you to turn your food waste into nutrient-rich fertilizer for your plants, lawn, and garden. Lomi reduces your carbon footprint by 127% by keeping your food waste out of landfills. Simplify your garbage routine, get rid of smelly, leaky garbage, and feed your soil with nutrients that improve the quality of your plants. 

More than 180,000
happy households

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Up to 2 hours faster

Lomi Bloom comes with updated temperature sensors that reduce cycle durations.

A new cleaning cycle.

A hassle-free way to clean your Lomi Bloom. Just add water and start the cleaning cycle.

Basically soundless.

Quieter than a modern-day dishwasher, Lomi Bloom runs at under 60 db.

A Connected Lomi

Using our Apple iOS app Lomi Bloom can measure each cycle and give you real-time data on your carbon impact.