The best investment you'll make in your kitchen.

Lomi 2
Sage Green

Never smell your trash again! Lomi takes care of your food waste while you sleep, without the gross smell, mess, or pests. Which means one less chore for you.

  • Say goodbye to smelly trash and fruit flies

  • Lomi eats almost everything you do

  • New and improved bucket is dishwasher safe OR use the new self cleaning cycle

  • Smart cycles - keeps Lomi from jamming

Free Shipping with 5-7 day delivery

30 day risk free trial

1 year warranty

Seeing is believing

Cleans your kitchen in three ways

Less Trash

Less trips to the trash with food waste reduced by 80%.


No Stink

Our dual carbon filter removes the smell for your food waste as Lomi works it's magic.

No pests

Lomi removes the moisture from your food dispelling pests like mice and fruit flies.

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Should you buy a Lomi?

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