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Our membership perks make using your Lomi even easier and will give you complete peace of mind knowing that your Lomi is covered. 

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✓ Automated Refills

Receive a refill of LomiPods and Filter Refills every 3 months — that means you’ll never run out of your Lomi Essentials.

✓ Lifetime Warranty

With an active membership, you’ll get a lifetime warranty* on your Lomi.

✓ Free Device Upgrade

For every 3 years** of an active membership, you’ll be eligible for an upgrade to a new Lomi at no cost to you.

LomiPods and Filter Refill Membership

Keep your Lomi smelling fresh and add soil-enhancing, plant-friendly nutrients to your Lomi Earth.

Included in a Membership:

● 1-pack of Filter Refills 

● 45 pack of LomiPods

● Lifetime Warranty

● Free Device Upgrade (Every 3 Years)

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*Any cancellation or missed payment reverts coverage to our standard 1 year limited warranty. ** Free device upgrades are available for members who maintain a membership for an uninterrupted 36 month period. If canceled, customers forego device upgrade and, upon renewal, begin a new 36 month upgrade cycle. Please note, the upgrade cycle begins at the time of subscription activation.