The unlimited membership that gives your Lomi superpowers.

$60.00 USD every 3 months.

Lomi can turn your food waste into dirt like magic, but with a little help, it can do even more.

Your order includes:

  • A 4-pack of Filter Refills to keep your kitchen smelling fresh.
  • A 180 pack of LomiPods to add   soil-enhancing, plant-friendly nutrients to your Lomi Earth

The most convenient way to keep your Lomi performing at its best.

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LomiPods: Vitamins for your plants.

LomiPods are a unique and nutritious blend of microbes (bacteria and fungi). These tiny living organisms work to accelerate the composting process. Using a LomiPod increases the amount of organic matter in Lomi Earth which helps reduce smell AND most importantly creates the healthiest soil to add to your garden and plants.

Filter Refills Keep your kitchen smelling fresh and odor-free.

Filter Refills help your Lomi neutralize all those funky food waste odors from your kitchen.

And to keep your kitchen smelling simply lovely, you're going to want to replace these filters every 3 months OR 45 Lomi cycles.

How activated charcoal creates clean, breathable air.

1. Breaking down your food waste creates the odour you usually smell in your garbage

2. The air in lomi passes through two filters removing the gasses and particles that cause odours

3. Clean, scent-free air is released back into your kitchen

Learn how to fill your filters