Elevate Compostable Mailer

Elevate compostable mailer

The Elevate compostable mailer is strong, durable, and home compostable. It’s water resistant, lightweight, and has all of the benefits of traditional poly mailers without the plastic waste.

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Test results for Elevate Compostable Mailer

To determine whether the Elevate compostable mailer can be used safely and effectively with Lomi, we ran it through our Lomi Approved test. Here are the test results, as well as before and after photos. 


An image of Elevate Compostable Mailer and food waste in lomi


An image of lomi with Elevate Compostable Mailer dirt

Can you compost Elevate Compostable Mailer in Lomi?

Yes! Based on the test results, the Elevate compostable mailer is Lomi Approved and can be fully broken down by your Lomi Composter!

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