Herbaland Packaging

Herbaland packaging

Herbaland packaging is earth-friendly, compostable and made from 100% plant-based ingredients. The packaging is made from sustainably sourced plant-based ingredients including wood pulp, cornstarch, cassava, sugarcane, and beets.

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Test results for Herbaland Packaging

We ran the Herbaland packaging through our Lomi Approved test to ensure it is compatible with and can be composted in Lomi. Here are the details of the test results, and before and after photos.


An image of Herbaland Packaging and food waste in lomi


An image of lomi with Herbaland Packaging dirt

Can Herbaland Packaging break down in Lomi?

Yes, you can compost Herbaland packaging in Lomi! Based on the test results, this packaging is Lomi Approved and can be fully broken down by your Lomi Composter!

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