35 Cool Kitchen Appliances & Gadgets (2022) To Make Life Easier

Lomi on a kitchen counter backed against a fridge

Getting cool new kitchen appliances and gadgets is always a thrill. Isn't it just way more fun to be in the kitchen when you've got exciting new gadgets to work with? Of course, the market is just saturated with businesses trying to sell you the new thing, so how are you supposed to know what's worth it and what's a scam?

Well, we're here to show you a bunch of our favorite gadgets and appliances that people are excited about today. We're going to dive into a bunch of different stuff, including eco-friendly gadgets, appliances that will broaden your cooking horizons, and even indoor composting appliances.

Let's start by taking a look at the very best of the smart kitchen appliances and cool kitchen gadgets currently available.

Our top recommendations for the coolest kitchen appliances

If you truly have no idea what you want to get, we'd highly recommend choosing one of the items on this list. No matter what sort of smart kitchen appliances and kitchen gadgets you like, the items on this list are sure to bring you joy.

  1. The coolest new kitchen appliance: Cocktail maker machine
  2. The most eco-friendly small kitchen appliance: Lomi
  3. The coolest way to organize your spices: Select-a-spice auto-measure carousel
  4. The best gadget for comfortable cooking: Comfort mat
  5. The biggest time saver: Automatic pan stirrer

15 must have small kitchen appliances for your home

Here's a fun and cool small kitchen appliances list you can get into and find something to really mix up and improve your time in the kitchen! Try out exciting and different appliances to see what you can start making at home.

1. Lomi - food composter

Lomi filled with food scraps next to a cutting board with vegetables

This small kitchen appliance will quickly turn your food waste into nutrient-rich dirt you can use to feed your plants and gardens. All you need to do is throw your kitchen scraps in Lomi's bin, push a button, and wait a few hours for it to finish. Lomi is an easy and eco-friendly way to dispose of your organic waste, and is much faster than traditional composting.

Price: $499.00

Why you’ll love this: The kitchen isn't fun to work in when it's stinky from a full compost bag or bin. Lomi stores and deals with your compostable waste while ensuring a fresh-smelling kitchen.


Lomi by Pela



Lomi allows you to turn food waste into plant-ready nutrients in under 24 hours. Boost your plants while reducing your waste.


2. Multifunctional digital air fryer

Product shot of the digital air fryer filled with cooking food
Image Credit: Walmart

We have yet another all-in-one appliance that would be a great addition to any kitchen. This multifunctional digital air fryer by Chefman is an air fryer, rotisserie, dehydrator, and countertop oven all at once. The digital interface makes setup easy, and the auto shutoff means you can just leave it to do its thing.

Price: $189.57

Why you’ll love this: Even though this is a small appliance, it can hold a ton of food! With a 10L capacity, this one appliance can handle dinner for the whole family.

3. Ninja Foodi

Product shot of the Ninja Foodi
Image Credit: Amazon

This versatile appliance is a must have for any and every kitchen. With just this one small appliance, you'll be able to cook food in a huge variety of ways, such as air frying, steaming, pressure cooking, and much more. Even with the multiple uses you can get out of the Foodi, it's still easy to clean and maintain, and is small enough to fit in nearly any kitchen.

Price: $199.99

Why you’ll love this: Don't get a small appliance for every different type of cooking you want to do. Instead, you can get one appliance that does everything, saving you space and money.

4. Kitchen central 3-in-1 food processor

Product shot of the food processor filled with various food
Image Credit: Cuisinart

For anyone who loves cooking, a food processor is a must. However, why get just a normal old food processor when you can get one that's also a huge blender and a powerful juice extractor. This 3-in-1 appliance is sure to get a ton of use in your home.

Price: $149.95

Why you’ll love this: As with the Foodi, it's always better to get a single appliance that has multiple functions than a bunch of little appliances you need to store and take care of. Plus, who wouldn't like a juicer at home?

5. M99S ultra kettle

Mueller kettle on a countertop next to a mug of tea
Image Credit: Amazon

Everyone needs a kettle, whether for making hot drinks, soup, or whatever else strikes your fancy. However, ensuring you get a good kettle is important - you don't want your hot water tasting like plastic when it's done. Mueller's ultra kettle is made of borosilicate glass that will leave your water tasting pure, and will be sure to last for a long time.

Price: $49.99

Why you’ll love this: While most electric kettles are annoying to maneuver with the cord attached to their base, Mueller's kettle is thankfully free of that restriction. While its base does have a cord, the kettle itself pops right off the base to move around freely and easily.

6. SodaStream

SodaStream in use next to a glass of sparkling water
Image Credit: SodaStream

If you're often in the mood for soda or sparkling water, you should definitely consider getting a SodaStream, which will get you what you're looking for in seconds. While the price may seem a bit high, it's absolutely worth it considerin2g how much it will save you in the long term. You'll never need to buy sparkling water or soda ever again!

Price: $129.99

Why you’ll love this: The SodaStream isn't only cool and handy, but it's just fun to use. Experiment with a bunch of different drinks to see what you get

7. Cocktail maker machine

Product shot of the cocktail maker machine by Black+Decker
Image Credit: Amazon

If you're a drink lover, this cocktail maker machine is going to be the appliance for you. This is a quick, easy, and super fun way to make a myriad of different cocktails. Have fun mixing drinks on your own, or show off your cool new appliance to a bunch of party guests!

Price: $299.99

Why you’ll love this: While it may look difficult to take care of, it's actually the opposite. Every part of this machine that needs to be cleaned is dishwasher safe, letting you have a fun time mixing drinks without annoying cleanup.

8. Nugget ice maker

Nugget ice maker on a kitchen counter filled with ice
Image Credit: GE Appliances

You know what's annoying? Having to refill an ice tray over and over, and trying to delicately place it in the freezer without spilling water everywhere. Instead of dealing with all that, you can get this nugget ice maker and have a constant supply of ice for your drinks without any hassle whatsoever.

Price: $629.00

Why you’ll love this: On top of the convenience of having an ice maker, this ice maker specifically makes nugget ice cubes, which are smaller and nicer to use than most other ice cube shapes.

9. CREAMi ice cream maker

A mother and daughter eating ice cream from their CREAMi
Image Credit: Walmart

There's nothing better during the hot summer than a delicious ice cream cone or bowl of sorbet. The only thing that could top that would be the ability to make those tasty treats quickly and easily in your own home. Of course, with the Ninja CREAMi you can do just that. Instead of going out, make homemade ice cream from the comfort of your kitchen.

Price: $168.00

Why you’ll love this: While you can make your favorite classic ice creams, there's no need to stick to what you know! With CREAMi, you can customize your frozen snacks as much as you want. Explore and be creative.

10. Perfect blend pro smart scale

Food being placed in the blender next to already made smoothies
Image Credit: Amazon

Do you love smoothies and want to know just how much you're consuming of each ingredient? This smart scale and app work together seamlessly to ensure you also know exactly what you're eating and how much. This app and scale combo are so easy to use, it takes all the hassle out of measuring your food.

Price: $99.99

Why you’ll love this: The app also contains a ton of smoothie recipes. Instead of making the same old smoothie over and over again, try some new recipes and maybe you'll discover some new favorite foods.

11. Smart WiFi instant pot

Instant pot in use next to already made dishes on a table
Image Credit: Walmart

Do you have trouble making dinners because you're out at work all day and don't have time to cook when you get home? Well, this smart instant pot is the answer to your prayers. Because the instant pot has a wifi connection and smart capabilities, you can prep and place your food in the morning, and it will start cooking at the perfect time, even when you're not at home. Get ready to start coming home to perfectly cooked and delicious meals.

Price: $149.99

Why you’ll love this: If you're getting home later than expected, don't worry about it! This slow cooker has a warming function that doesn't overcook your food, so it'll still be perfect no matter how late you are.

12. High speed smart toaster

Smart toaster in use next to a pile of bagels
Image Credit: Williams Sonoma

Get your bread toasted faster than ever in the morning with this high-speed smart toaster. Also, expect your toast to come out just how you like it - the smart sensors in the toaster customize the heating process based on what you put in it, so it comes out right every time.

Price: $299.95

Why you’ll love this: If you like toasting more than just bread, this toaster is ideal for you. The slots are extra wide to ensure it has the space to cook whatever you want in there, from bread to waffles and much more.

13. Electric breakfast sandwich maker

Product shot of the breakfast sandwich maker filled with sandwich ingredients
Image Credit: Walmart

Sometimes you need a little more than just toast and coffee in the morning. On those days, a breakfast sandwich would be perfect, but that's a lot of effort for first thing in the morning. Instead, with this electric breakfast sandwich maker, you can have breakfast sandwiches with barely any effort at all. Enjoy your mornings even more with a filling and healthy breakfast every day!

Price: $50.68

Why you’ll love this: While there is a suggested layout for your breakfast sandwich, feel free to mix and match toppings and bread. If you don't like english muffins, why not try small pancakes instead? Go crazy and find what you love!

14. Juice fountain cold plus centrifugal juicer

Product shot of the juice fountain pouring juice into a glass
Image Credit: Amazon

Cold, fresh juice is such a delight, especially on hot summer mornings. However, trying to hand-squeeze some oranges into orange juice is just a chore, so people don't normally have fresh juice at home. Of course, you could easily change that with this juice fountain by Breville. Easily make your own juice at home every day if you want.

Price: $279.95

Why you’ll love this: If you don't want to drink all your fresh juice right away, you don't have to! The juice fountain has plenty of storage that lasts up to 3 days in the fridge.

15. Induction cooktop

Product image of the induction cooktop in a countertop
Image Credit: Bosch

Although induction cooktops are pricey, they're worth the investment for people who love cooking. With the Bosch induction cooktop, you're guaranteed swift heating and even cooking throughout.

Price: $2,299.99

Why you’ll love this: For anyone wanting to teach their children to cook, induction cooktops are great kitchen tools to do so. Because of the way induction heating works, children are far less likely to hurt themselves using one than they would with a gas or electric stove.



20 cool kitchen gadgets to make cooking more fun

New appliances aren't the only toys you can get for the kitchen to spice things up. Some cheaper yet still cool kitchen gadgets are another way to make cooking easier, more fun, and more exciting.

16. Comfort mat

A comfort mat on a wooden floor in front of a kitchen sink
Image Credit: L.L.Bean

Standing on your feet on a hard surface for long periods is hard on your back and can hurt your feet. By having a small mat to bring around your own kitchen wherever you'll be standing, you can have a far more comfortable time cooking and cleaning.

Price: $79.00

Why you’ll love this: This soft and cushiony mat is easy to carry around, so you can set it down where you need to be.

17. Sushi maker equipment

Sushi making equipment in use on a kitchen counter
Image Credit: Amazon

Making your own sushi is fun and rewarding, but anyone who's done it by hand can tell you how difficult and time-consuming it can be. Instead, get this equipment to quickly and seamlessly make homemade sushi.

Price: $10.99

Why you’ll love this: While it's designed for sushi, this equipment can help you make any sort of food that needs rolling, speeding up the process for multiple cooking adventures.

18. Meat tenderizer tool

Meat tenderizer lying next to steak on a table filled with food
Image Credit: Amazon

Tenderizing meat is an important step for many delicious recipes, but it certainly is exhausting to do it without the right equipment. Do yourself a favor - get this meat tenderizer and save your rolling pin for rolling out dough.

Price: $26.07

Why you’ll love this: This tenderizer was designed with safety in mind, so you never have to worry about hurting yourself when using this kitchen gadget.

19. Automatic pan stirrer

The automatic pan stirrer stirring tomato sauce
Image Credit: Uncommon Goods

Some of the best-tasting foods unfortunately require so much attention that you need to be stirring a pot or pan the entire time it's cooking. When you want to be focusing on multiple dishes, or doing literally anything else with your life, that just isn't fun. That's where this super amazing automatic pan stirrer comes in. No more will you need to stand over the stove for 30 minutes just praying for the food to be cooked.

Price: $25.00

Why you’ll love this: Not only is this pot stirrer going to save you time, but it'll save you plenty of energy as well. You'll no longer be eating dinner with an exhausted arm that had to work for so long.

20. Food kitchen scale

A bowl of chocolate chips being weighed on an electric kitchen scale
Image Credit: Amazon

Being able to easily and quickly measure your food by weight is important for many reasons - some people want to count calories, and bakers will swear by weight measurements over volume measurements. This food kitchen scale is an excellent way to achieve both of those goals.

Price: $13.99

Why you’ll love this: This modern kitchen scale is highly precise and provides multi-unit conversion. You can weigh with confidence when using this scale.

21. Oil sprayer

Oil being sprayed on food on a grill
Image Credit: Amazon

Spraying cooking liquids of all kinds, such as oils, vinegar, or even wines, has plenty of cooking applications. Unfortunately, that's difficult when pretty well any cooking liquid you buy comes in a pour bottle. Getting an oil sprayer like this will easily diversify your possible home cooking methods.

Price: $14.99

Why you’ll love this: The oil sprayer isn't just good for cooking. You can actually store salad dressing in this bottle and spray them on your salad! No more accidentally dumping far too much dressing on your salad.

22. Emulstir salad dressing mixer

The salad dressing mixer being used
Image Credit: Amazon

A poorly mixed salad dressing is always disappointing - you just end up with oily and flavorless salad, and nobody wants that. Instead, you can get this handy gadget that perfectly mixes your salad dressing to ensure it's well emulsified whenever you want to dress your salad.

Price: $24.95

Why you’ll love this: While this kitchen gadget would certainly be annoying if you had to clean it by hand - you don't! This salad dressing mixer is perfectly dishwasher safe, making it completely hassle-free.

23. Silicone and porcelain mortar and pestle

Product shot of the mortart and pestle
Image Credit: Amazon

A mortar and pestle always seem great - except they're generally insanely heavy, making them difficult to use and clean. Thankfully, you can now buy a silicone and porcelain mortar and pestle that will get the job done without exhausting your arms.

Price: $26.99

Why you’ll love this: You don't even have to completely hold this set to use it! Because of its silicone base, this mortar and pestle will completely grip to your counter, making it easier than ever to use.

24. Mini bag sealer

The handheld bag sealer sealing a small candy bag
Image Credit: Amazon

I don't know about you, but I have a bunch of clips and rubber bands cluttering up a drawer waiting to ineffectively close a bag I opened and didn't empty. What would be far more convenient is this one little tool that will actually seal the bags. That would take up way less space in a drawer while also more effectively sealing those bags.

Price: $21.99

Why you’ll love this: If you're trying to be as waste-free as possible, this bag sealer is the perfect option for you. You never need to buy extra bags or containers to properly seal your food so it stays fresh.

25. Angry Mama microwave cleaner

Product shot of the angry mama microwave cleaner
Image Credit: Amazon

Cleaning the microwave is a hassle that no one actually wants to do, but really needs to get done so you're not contaminating your own food. The angry mama microwave cleaner takes the hassle away by cleaning and disinfecting your microwave with steam and vinegar.

Price: $8.79

Why you’ll love this: You don't need to buy a special microwave cleaner to get angry mama to work. All you need is some water and vinegar, and your microwave will be as good as new.

26. Adjustable rolling pin

A person adjusting their rolling pin
Image Credit: Amazon

If you're an avid baker, you know that rolling out dough or pastry to a specific uniform width isn't an easy task. However, that task can be made super easy with this adjustable rolling pin. Just choose the width you're looking for and start rolling!

Price: $25.00

Why you’ll love this: This rolling pin is adjustable and has measurements marked on it, making it truly an all-in-one tool for bakers.

27. Instant beverage cooler

Product shot of the HyperChiller
Image Credit: Amazon

Iced coffee is a must in the summer, and sometimes you just don't want to wait for drinks to cool down with ice or in the fridge. In comes the HyperChiller instant beverage cooler. Get your iced coffee, iced tea, and whatever cold beverages you want in a matter of seconds.

Price: $24.99

Why you’ll love this: Just to make this beverage cooler a perfect kitchen gadget, it's also dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean.

28. Garlic press and slicer

Garlic press lying on a table next to a bowl of sliced garlic
Image Credit: Amazon

As garlic makes pretty much every dish taste better, and fresh garlic is the best garlic, this garlic press is definitely a handy kitchen gadget. Cutting up fresh garlic just takes so much time, which you would no longer have to worry about with this cool gadget for the kitchen.

Price: $23.62

Why you’ll love this: Most garlic presses will only give you crushed garlic, but this one actually gives you the option of either sliced or crushed garlic, making it more versatile than most.

29. Smart meat thermometer

A cook preparing salmon with their smart meat thermometer next to them
Image Credit: Best Buy

While you can cook meat visually, you always run the risk of over or undercooking it. Instead, this smart meat thermometer will give you the precise temperature of your meat, achieving a perfect doneness every time.

Price: $129.00

Why you’ll love this: Because of its smart features, you can set the desired temperature and just leave your food to cook. Your thermometer will let you know when it's done cooking!

30. Select-a-spice auto-measure carousel

The auto-measure carousel on a kitchen counter next to some fruit
Image Credit: Amazon

Fumbling about your spice cupboard looking for just the right spice is never a fun time. Neither is dirtying every measuring spoon to get the right amount of spices for your recipe. Thankfully, the select-a-spice auto-measure carousel solves both of those problems.

Price: $42.79

Why you’ll love this: If you're the kind of person who has every spice and herb for just the right occasion, this spice holder is perfect for you. The carousel is designed to stack, so you can have up to 48 different herbs and spices in one convenient and easy-to-use location.

31. Bamboo cutting board with drawers

Product shot of the cutting board with its drawers filled with chopped vegetables
Image Credit: Amazon

Finding the counter space to place all your chopped fruits and vegetables isn't an easy task when preparing a meal. On the other hand, a nice cutting board with built-in drawers to hold all your chopped food is seriously convenient, especially when it also comes with an attached grater.

Price: $49.99

Why you’ll love this: If you want to prep in advance for a meal, you can easily just store the whole cutting board in the fridge to keep the chopped food fresh.

32. Digital food scale and measuring cup

The digital measure cup filled with food next to a bowl filled with food
Image Credit: Amazon

Having a single kitchen gadget that can do multiple tasks is perfect. That's why this digital kitchen scale and measuring cup combo is so perfect. No need to get multiple measuring cups plus a kitchen scale, just have one kitchen gadget for both jobs.

Price: $23.98

Why you’ll love this: Although you might worry about how this is supposed to be cleaned, it's actually really easy. The cup itself removes from the electrical portion, so you can easily wash the measuring cup.

33. Vegetable spiralizer

Product shot of the vegetable spiralizer in use
Image Credit: Amazon

This is one of those kitchen gadgets that really is necessary if you want the end product. You really can't just spiralize by hand, which is a shame because spiralized vegetables make great pasta.

Price: $20.99

Why you’ll love this: This spiralizer has an attached cup, so you can easily store what you're spiralizing.

34. Butter churner

Someone using the butter churner to make butter
Image Credit: Wayfair

Butter is expensive, but it's also amazing. What better way to save on money than to make your own homemade butter? Of course, you could do that without any special tools, but it would be exhausting and take forever. Instead, you can use this handy butter churner and make it do most of the work for you.

Price: $50.00

Why you’ll love this: Unlike when buying butter at a grocery store, you can add whatever you want to your butter churner to make special flavored kinds of butter. Experiment on your own or look up fun recipes for super tasty butter!

35. Lobster pot holders

Product shot of the lobster claw pot holders
Image Credit: Amazon

You know what's better than just not burning your hands while cooking? Getting to wear adorable lobster pot holders. You'll never again forget about hot pot handles if you're looking forward to wearing cute lobster pot holders.

Price: $28.00

Why you’ll love this: These silicone pot holders are heat-resistant, comfortable, and easy to clean. It's the perfect trio!

Cool kitchen gadgets and must have kitchen appliances are always great to get and have around, especially when you end up using them every day. If you're looking for a cool small kitchen appliance you'll use every day, look no further than Lomi. Lomi users are happy to talk about just how much use they're getting out of it, and how helpful they've found it. If that sounds right for you, you can order one online. Enjoy your cool new kitchen appliances!

Written by: Sereana Simpson