How Much is Lomi Composter?

Lomi on a countertop

With rising awareness of the environmental impact of industrial grade composting and mulching, more and more people are turning to convenient at-home composting. This eco-friendly solution cuts down on packaging waste, shipping emissions, and personal organic waste. To cater to this growing market, many companies have begun producing convenient composters to use at home.

Lomi is one such company. Unlike other consumer options, Lomi offers a low-profile device that can fit on anyone’s countertop. Lomi is perfect for anyone, regardless of the size of their home. A single countertop model costs $499. To reserve your Lomi, you’ll put down a downpayment; when the units begin to ship in January, you pay the remaining amount. 

Upkeep-wise, a Lomi will survive on just a few cents of electricity per day and $39 every three months for new filters and additives. That means you can create high-efficiency ready-to-use compost at home for less than $1 per day!

What Does Lomi Do?

Lomi beside chopped vegetables

$499 might seem like a chunk of change, but there’s a good reason for the price. Lomi’s sleek, compact design makes it a discrete fixture on any surface, and its low running cost pays for itself. Unlike low-cost bins, a composter like Lomi does the work for you. Simply plop in your food waste, close the lid, and press a button. Lomi will then run in the background, breaking down your food waste into available compost.

There’s a lot more to Lomi than just composting, though! Many modern composters are offered at the same upfront cost as Lomi, but they hide a nasty, potentially smelly secret: they don’t actually compost! Instead, these pricey, often clunky-looking gizmos dry out your food and output dehydrated husks.

Lomi by Pela



Lomi allows you to turn food waste into plant-ready nutrients in under 24 hours. Boost your plants while reducing your waste.

Lomi is different. Lomi composts your food waste by breaking down organic matter and bioplastics. The result is nutrient-rich, immediately useful soil. It doesn’t take long for your Lomi to start outputting, either; you can have fresh soil in as little as 24 hours of uninterrupted cycling. All of this can be done with a single button press, making Lomi an ideal option for busy eco-minded folks and their families.

Because of its small size, Lomi is ultra portable. If you ever need to move it, there’s no need to lug around a bin or bemoan the loss of your compost heap. Just clean the bucket and unplug the unit! This makes Lomi an ideal solution for small spaces, campers, and anyone who’s always on the move.

The Benefits of Lomi

Kids seeing how lomi works

Despite its compact size, proper use of a Lomi can make a huge difference when it comes to your finances and lifestyle. One of the biggest returns you’ll see is lower land and plant upkeep costs. Lomi’s highly enriched soil is the perfect substitute for expensive fertilizers or brand-name “miracle” growth stimulants. Mix some of your fresh compost into regular soil at a 1:10 ratio, and you’ll soon discover just how much money you’ve been spending on store-bought fertilizer.

The dramatic decrease in commercial fertilizer and plant food will also pay off environmentally. By avoiding retail, you cut down on your carbon footprint. There’s no waste from your fertilizer’s plastic bag or container, and you can sleep soundly knowing that your compost didn’t come with a load of air pollution from shipping. Thanks to Lomi’s carbon-neutral manufacturing process, even your tech can be green!

On a personal level, you’ll also see a host of perks. The most obvious benefit is a dramatic waste reduction. Even organic waste can pollute the environment, especially if you’re using plastic trash bags. By tossing your scraps into your Lomi instead of your trash can, you’re reducing how much goes into your local landfill. Less trash also means fewer trips to the garbage bin or dumpster.

Compared to similar products, Lomi does more work in less time and with less effort. Traditional composting takes up space and can take months to properly decompose into useful, nutrient-rich soil. Bins, even those designed to be placed inside, have a similar problem. On top of taking up more space than you’re probably willing to part with inside, a standing bin will also start to stink! Lomi avoids these issues. With Lomi, you can get everything done with a single button press, and your compost is ready in as little as a day.

You’re sure to love your Lomi, and the savings you reap will pay for the device. Anyone can benefit from a Lomi. Individuals and couples can reduce their environmental impact, and families can teach their children the importance of caring for the earth. If you’re ready to take the leap and do your part to save the world, now is an awesome time to reserve your Lomi.