One Year Later - My Top 5 Favorite Things about Lomi


I’m Molly. I’m a mother to an 18-month old daughter and fiancé to a wonderful man. We own a house in Kelowna, we have chickens, a large vegetable garden and two black compost bins in the back. 

You could say that I care about the environment.

Owning Lomi just made sense to me. We’ve had our Lomi for over a year now and we use it every day. It’s become my family’s most used kitchen appliance (other than the beloved coffee machine), and I want to tell you why!

In this article, I’ll be sharing the 5 reasons why I love my Lomi, what I’ve noticed after a year of consistent use and why I think it’s the best way to teach kids about composting and our planet.

1. It makes food waste a breeze.

lomi makes food waste a breeze.

This is my all time favorite thing about Lomi. It simply makes food waste not wasteful. Instead of tossing our banana peels and the leftovers going bad in the fridge, we just toss them in Lomi. 

Our daughter tends to not eat her full meal. I used to stress about it because I hate wasting food. With Lomi, my stress disappears because her leftover food waste turns into nutrient rich dirt for our vegetable garden > which then grows her more fresh food.

It’s the circle of life really!

Since we can toss all our food waste into Lomi, our garbage takes so much longer to fill. Plus, it never smells like rotten food — which is a big bonus

Using Lomi is probably the easiest thing that you could do to kick-start your journey into eco-friendly living.

2. It gets kids involved in the composting process. 

Lomi product shot front

Lomi helps my daughter join in on the fun. I’ve been teaching her the difference between garbage and compost lately and she’s really starting to understand. When I tell her to put something in the compost, she will go and put it in there herself. It’s amazing to watch her little brain develop.

Since I can see how much she pays attention and understands things, I’ve been explaining to her that food waste goes into the compost and the reasons why. When I turn Lomi on, I get her involved in the process and let her press the button to start the cycle. 

I truly believe that all of these things help kids start caring about the planet. 

I know that I wouldn’t have the same level of care and attention to my sustainability efforts if my mom didn’t instill these practices in me from a young age. Teaching me about the planet and how what we do affects it has been one of the most important lessons my mom has taught me. I feel a great honor now being able to pass that along and teach it to my daughter with the help of Lomi.

3. There’s essentially no wear and tear. 

We compost all of our food waste. We use Lomi practically every single night. I love that we can just spend the day filling up the compost bucket and then before we head to bed, press the button and allow it to run while we sleep. 

There’s never been an easier way to compost. 

With that amount of use, I have seen no wear and tear on the machine. It’s held up incredibly well and it looks brand new. I wash out the bucket regularly to ensure that there are no pieces of food stuck in the bottom. Did you know that Lomi is dishwasher safe? It makes tackling the washing super easy. I simply throw it in the dishwasher with my load and it gets sparkling clean!  I also wash the outside of the machine to keep it looking new. 

When you see my Lomi on my countertop, you wouldn’t believe that we’ve used it nearly 400 times.

4. It’s beautiful and looks nice on the counter. 

lomi countertop

If anyone else is like me, you love a clean and empty countertop. Lomi is the only appliance that I let live on my countertop. There’s something special about a beautiful looking appliance, isn’t there? 

Lomi is exactly that! White with clean lines and not too big and bulky. Plus, seeing it every single day reminds me to use it every single day! 

I love the look and design of Lomi. It’s not too big, but if you don’t have space for it, you can always put it away between uses and bring it out when you’re ready to use it. 

5. You don’t have to change the filters often. 

lomi filter

The one thing that I thought about before owning Lomi was the amount of times that I would need to change out the filters and buy LomiPods. Thankfully, it hasn’t been a worry at all for me! 

I have changed out the filters two times and I use a LomiPod with every use. Lomi makes it easy with a subscription for these things. They come to my door without me having to even think about it. 

Lomi will also remind you when it’s time to change the filters. I love this because as a busy mom who works full-time as well, reminding myself to change the filters may not happen on time.

My final thoughts on my Lomi.

molly and family


When I think about my family’s future, I see Lomi being in it for the long run. It provides us with an easy way to help the environment and is backed by science. That’s a win-win in our household. 

It’s taught my daughter the importance of composting and will continue to teach future kids those same important lessons.

Simply put, it’s the best appliance that I’ve brought into my home and I can’t imagine my life without it. 

If you’re ready to invest in the countertop composter that will change your life, you can get Lomi here! You can also check out the FAQs or the blog to learn more about Lomi, its benefits, and how it works.