Lomi Approved™

At Pela, we are designing waste out of the human experience. We see a future where garbage is optional. To highlight products & packaging that support this vision, we offer partners the opportunity to be listed as 'Lomi Approved'. Our science team has confirmed products & packaging with the Lomi Approved mark will turn into dirt in Lomi.

How do products & packaging become Lomi Approved?

Lomi Approved is a certification for non-food compostable items, including bioplastics, that can be broken down by Lomi so they can biodegrade faster and ultimately turn into nutrient-rich fertilizer.

Products & packaging that are Lomi Approved:

- Physically disintegrate to a minimum threshold size after a Lomi cycle

- Disintegrate and biodegrade in a composting facility. This means they transform into CO2 and organic matter in an aerobic composting environment.

- Won’t become or release toxic chemicals that are harmful for the environment or hinder plant growth

All Lomi Approved products & packaging meet standard compost certification requirements and are proven to turn into dirt in Lomi. 

Step 1 Review

Pela reviews & assesses raw material and associated biodegradable and compostable certifications for each product & packaging item submitted. 

Step 2 Test

Pela tests the product and assesses its compatibility with Lomi.

Step 3 Approve

If approved, use of the Lomi Approved trademark is granted to each passing product & packaging item.

Step 4 Document

Pela documents and provides photo collateral from the testing process.

Step 5 Marketing

Pela provides style guidelines for use of the Lomi Approved mark to be applied to each Lomi Approved product & packaging item. 

Step 6 Done!

Pela adds each Lomi Approved product and packaging item to the pela.earth website and app with links to the partner’s website. 

Lomi Approved products & packaging

Interested in getting your products Lomi Approved?