Transform your food waste and unlock a clutter-free kitchen with Lomi

✓ Get rid of the mess and smell of food scraps piling up!

✓ No more trash bins to draw pests and fruit flies.

✓ Take up less space and sits right on your kitchen counter

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Revolutionize Your Kitchen Cleanup

Say goodbye to kitchen clutter and messy cleanup with Lomi. Instead of filling up your garbage with stinky food waste, you can process it in just 4 hours. No smell, fewer wasted garbage bags and less trash to take out.

Lomi can process up to 80% of your food waste all while providing nutrient-rich fertilizer.

Upgrade your kitchen and embrace a cleaner, more eco-friendly lifestyle

The secret to a high-performing kitchen is a clean-as-you-go system. Lomi goes above and beyond to keep your kitchen clean and free from pests. It eliminates the smell, the time, the physical effort, and the complexity that can otherwise deter people from composting their kitchen scraps.

3 Easy steps for a greener, cleaner kitchen

Fill your Bucket

Instead of carrying your kitchen scraps like the dripping egg shells, smelly banana peels, and mounds of potato peels from countertops to the trash can, put it into your Lomi.

Press One Button

Choose your cycle with a simple touch, and Lomi effortlessly transforms your waste into eco-friendly, homemade fertilizer.

Use your Lomi Earth

Utilize your Lomi Earth to enhance the health of your soil in your plants, community garden, or lawn, or simply incorporate it into your organic compost bin.

What can go in your Lomi, you ask?

From fruits and veggies to meat and bread and yard waste to eco-packaging, Lomi can break down most items. The combination of items put into each cycle will affect the end result that is created and how it can be used.

Quick Checklist

For the best possible Lomi Earth we always recommend adding your scraps in small pieces into Lomi and adding a diverse mix of items.

- Yes! Lomi can process meat and dairy products

- Do not add any bones which may damage the grinder

- We recommend 1/4 cup or less per cycle

- Yes! Lomi loves fruits and veggies

- Avoid fruit pits and harder materials

- Yes! Bread and grains are great for Eco Express Mode

- Ensure grains are mixed well with a diverse group of food waste

- We recommend 1/2 cup or less of grains or up to 1 cup of bread scraps per cycle

- Yes! Lomi processes yard trimmings

- Yard trimmings are considered ‘brown waste’ and should make up no more than 1/2 of the items in a cycle

- Lomi Approved products are compostable non-food products, like compostable kitchen bags or our own packaging, that can be efficiently broken down by Lomi and transformed into Lomi Earth.

Take the First Step Towards a Cleaner Kitchen

Ready to transform your kitchen and make a positive impact on the environment? Get your Lomi today and start your journey toward a cleaner, clutter-free kitchen!