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Lomi 2 - Kitchen Countertop Food Recycler

Color:  White

Lomi makes handling your food waste effortless, odorless, and mess-free. It works while you sleep to shrink your food waste by 80% and provides nutrient-rich, garden-ready dirt with every use. It's like composting, but way easier and without the bears, ants, and fruit flies. The new Lomi 2 includes:

  • Enhanced odor control for fresh-smelling bins
  • Dishwasher-safe bucket for easy cleaning
  • New cleaning mode & waste tracking
  • A connected app experience

Large 3L bucket (dishwasher safe)


Improved App Experience

Faster cycles + self cleaning


Lomi 2


Your Lomi + Membership

Just a Lomi

  • 20% off for PRIME TIME
  • Lomi 2 Food Recycler
  • Starter pack of Filters (45 cycles)
  • Filter Refills (45 cycles), delivered quarterly
  • Lifetime warranty

Membership billed at $60/every 3 months starting 3 months after your purchase date. Minimum 1 year term.

FREE Shipping

Lomi ships FREE, with all duties pre-paid.

Risk Free Home Trial

Return Lomi within 90 days of receiving your purchase for a full refund. Return shipping is free.

Members get more

Quarterly Shipments

With this membership you’ll receive replacement Filters and Lomi Pods every 3 months so you’ll always be sure you’re creating the very best Lomi Earth and that your home is smelling fresh. Lomi Filters last up to 3 months (that’s about 45 cycles!). And each package of LomiPods contains enough tables for 45 cycles.

Lifetime Warranty

Since we believe in the impact that Lomi makes and hope you will use your Lomi for years to come, every active member gets our lifetime warranty.

Non-members receive our 1 year limited warranty on Lomi.

This membership has a minimum 1 year subscription term.

White countertop composter with control dial, alongside promotional text.

Three easy ways to use the dirt.


Use Lomi, use the output as a fertilizer on your lawn or in your garden.

Very Good

Use Lomi, put the output in the organics pickup bin.


Use Lomi, throw the output in the trash. 

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Which Lomi is for me?

Lomi 1.3

The updated, original Lomi makes kitchen cleanup easy with the push of a button.

Available in

Starting at





  • Reduces your trash
  • Smell and pest-free
  • Turns food scraps into plant food

Lomi 2

The newest model. All the magic of Lomi 1.3 with improved cycles and app experience. 

Available in

Starting at




All you love about Lomi 1.3, plus:

  • Faster
  • Quieter
  • More energy efficient
  • Self cleaning cycle
  • Tracks your carbon footprint
  • Earn rewards for using Lomi

Seeing is believing:

Over 200,000 people, just like you are already using Lomi to be a part of the solution.