Best Useful Gifts for Mom: 25 Practical and Thoughtful Ideas

Someone holding a wrapped gift behind their back with a smiling woman in the background

Finding a gift for your mom, mother in law, grandma, wife, sister or friend, one that truly embodies how much you care for her isn’t easy. Finding one she’ll actually use? Well, that’s even trickier! Thankfully, this list of the 25 best useful gifts for mom should give you a whole bunch of great ideas.

Holiday season, Mother’s Day, birthday or just because - you can get mom something she’ll both love and find practical. And you can do it on any budget, as this list ranges from $10 to over $400 dollars. Skip ahead to find the perfect gift within your ideal price range, or keep reading to learn about all 25 of our choices. From tech-gear, to kitchenware, to linens and towels, we’ve got gifts for mom that are useful - and fun!

First up, the best gifts for mom - whether she gave birth to you, is a special mother figure, a new mom, or the busiest mom around, choose one of these 5 gifts to show her how much you love her.

Our top 5 useful gift ideas for mom

If you’re in a hurry to pick out a gift mom will love, any one of these 5 are sure to be a hit.

  1. Most useful kitchen gift for mom: Lomi Composter
  2. The gift she’ll use the most: CoffeeSock Reusable Coffee Filter
  3. Most practical gift for a new mom: MoCuishle Shiatsu Neck Back Massager Pillow with Heat
  4. Best gift for a busy mom: Neato D8 Intelligent Robot Vacuum
  5. Best affordable useful gift: TOPHOME Leather Cable Clips

7 most useful gifts for mom under $50

Even if you don’t have a ton to spend, mom deserves a thoughtful gift. So here are seven cheap useful gifts for mom she’s sure to love.

1. BonsaiRepublic Indoor Watering Can

A hand holding a blue watering can

Moms who love their plant babies will also love this pretty and functional watering can by BonsaiRepublic. Comes in gray, blue or green and has a removable handle and water spout for easy storage. Mom can water her succulents, bonsais or any other indoor plant with ease - and style!

Price: $23.39

Why she’ll love it: She can either store it in a cupboard when not in use, or - thanks to its cute, modern design - leave it on display.

2. Papier Colorblock Customized Notebook

A hand holding a two-toned notebook with a name printed on it

Help mom stay organized - or creative - with a personalized notebook. Choose from several colorways, like light green/dark green, pink/red or purple/orange. Then, have mom’s name added to it - or request other custom text like her favorite quote or song lyric.

Price: $24.00

Why she’ll love it: This well-made hardcover notebook will last her a long time - and keep all her notes and thoughts safe for years to come.

3. CoffeeSock Reusable Coffee Filter

Fabric coffee filter filled with coffee grounds

If you know a mom who loves the environment as much as she loves coffee, then she’ll also like this certified organic cotton reusable coffee filter. It works with most coffee machines and is guaranteed by CoffeeSock to last up to a full year. Which is equal to 500 single use coffee filters! Add this filter to a coffee-focused gift box to delight her even more.

Price: $13.99

Why she’ll love it: Reusable coffee filters are known to deepen the flavor of coffee in comparison to single use filters.

4. TOPHOME Leather Cable Clips

A brown leather cable organizer with white cords hanging from it

No one really likes the sight of a tangle of cords, especially moms who pride themselves on a neat and tidy home or office space. Help her keep her cords in check with this attractive leather cable organizer. Each one holds up to six cables, ranging from headphone cords to laptop chargers to phone cords.

Price: $9.99

Why she’ll love it: It turns an eyesore like too many cords into an eye-catching accent.

5. NoTimeForWaste Bamboo Kitchen Brush Set

Various wooden brushes resting on a brown paper bag

Know a mom who loves to keep things clean and hates waste? Then this bamboo brush set for the kitchen will make her day. With four different brushes, she’ll be able to wipe grime off dishes, brush dirt from potatoes and scrub the sink clean easily and sustainably.

Price: $41.69

Why she’ll love it: This set is shipped in minimal, biodegradable packaging, so the eco-conscious mom in your life can rest assured knowing her gift left little impact on the planet.

6. MoCuishle Shiatsu Neck Back Massager Pillow with Heat 

A blue and black massage pillow

For all the hardworking moms who need a little extra TLC in their life, new moms, moms who work long hours, or moms who deal with chronic pain. All will appreciate a warm neck and upper back massage at the end of a long day. The massage nodes mimic the deep kneading of a massage therapist, giving mom relief from stiff and sore muscles.

Price: $33.99

Why she’ll love it: She can take it anywhere - on long car rides, on the plane, or just use it while resting in bed at night.

7. Grund Pinehurst 100% Organic Cotton Hand Towels

Off-white towels folded and stacked

Give the gift of soft and luxurious bath towels with this certified organic cotton set, which comes in colors like driftwood, sage, sea blue and ivory. Made by family-owned business Grund, a company that believes sustainability starts with durability, these towels are eco-friendly from the farm all the way to mom’s bathroom.

Price: $38.00

Why she’ll love it: They’re spun using extra-long organic cotton loops, making them super fluffy and extra absorbent. 

Top 8 practical gifts for mom ($50 - $100)

When you've got a bit more to spend, but still need to keep your budget under $100, these eight practical and awesome gifts will have mom saying, “Wow! Thanks!” 

8. COSORI Air Fryer 9-in-1

A black air fryer on a white background

If the mom in your life doesn’t have an air fryer yet, help her join the thousands - perhaps millions - of people who swear by them. Whether mom is health conscious or just really loves homemade french fries, the Cosori air fryer has nine different functions and can cut out 85 percent of the oil needed to create tasty, crispy fried foods.

Price: $99.99

Why she’ll love it: She can round out her collection of must-have kitchen appliances with one that cooks food in a fraction of the time the oven does.

9. YnM Cooling Weighted Blanket with 100% Bamboo Viscose

A blue gray quilted blanket on a bed

Silky and cool to the touch, this weighted blanket made of bamboo fibers will keep mom comfortable and cool whether she’s asleep or curled on the couch watching a movie. The quilted construction keeps the glass beads from shifting and the fact that it comes in multiple colors means you can get one in her favorite shade.

Price: $67.99

Why she’ll love it: Weighted blankets have been shown to relax the nervous system and research has found they’re calming to those who experience anxiety and insomnia. 

10. Toshiba Digital Rice Cooker

A white rice cooker on a white background

If you know a mom who loves to cook stir fries, stuff rice in burritos or add everyone’s favorite grain to soups, then this rice cooker by Toshiba is the perfect gift. It has a non-stick inner pot, which makes cleanup of even the stickiest rice a breeze.

Price: $89.99

Why she’ll love it: It has easy to use controls, meaning mom can just press a button and voila! Perfect rice every time.

11. Haden Heritage Electric Tea Kettle

A black and copper electric kettle on a countertop

A stainless steel electric kettle made even more beautiful with its matte black coating and copper accents. Inspired by British heritage designs, this kettle still has all the bonuses of modern technology with a built-in water filter, boil-dry protection and a stay-cool base plate.

Price: $69.95

Why she’ll love it: This kettle can be paired with a matching toaster to create a kitchen she’ll love spending time in.

12. SEEBYCLO Hexagon Wall Cork Board

Gray, orange and black hexagons on a white wall

Moms who like to stay organized need somewhere to keep all their to-do lists, important receipts and awesome ideas. Handmade from felt, these colorful hexagon cork boards can be configured anyway she pleases and can be used at home or at her office.

Price: $61.39

Why she’ll love it: Felt is a sustainable material, so eco-conscious moms will truly appreciate this gift.

13. MARCATO Atlas 150 Pasta Machine

A red and silver pasta machine on a wooden background

A pasta machine handmade in Italy? You know it’s got to be good! Known as “the Ferrari of pasta machine world,” Marcato’s Atlas is made of chrome steel and aluminum. So mom can make homemade fettuccine and lasagna noodles for the whole family that are as tasty as those served at her favorite Italian restaurant.

Price: $89.95

Why she’ll love it: This handy kitchen tool comes with a ten year warranty, so she’ll know it was built to last. 

14. Rough Linen Napkin Set

A light blue napkin on a plate on a decorated table

Did you know that linen is derived from flax? And did you know that linen napkins make a gorgeous, usable gift? These beautiful linen napkins are the perfect marriage of luxurious and practical. They come in dreamy colors like sky, agave and noir and are 20 inches by 20 inches in size.

Price: $90.00

Why she’ll love it: Even though they’re beautiful, they’re still easy to care for as she can just throw them in the washer and dryer with the rest of her laundry.

15. PeterBowenArt Handmade Cornish Butter Dish

A blue green butter dish on a white background

For mom’s who love to entertain or just love beautiful things for the kitchen, this handmade butter dish will surely be appreciated. Made by Peter Bowen, a classically trained artist, this dish is inspired by cornish copper, which turns green with age.

Price: $58.11

Why she’ll love it: Hard to believe that something so pretty can be microwave and dishwasher safe, but it is!

The 10 most helpful gifts for mom over $100

What better way to spend your money than spoiling the mom in your life? But not all moms like jewelry and flowers - they'd rather have a cool and practical gift like a home composter, a stylish coffee maker or a kitchen pot that does it all.

16. Lomi Composter

A woman adding food scraps into Lomi

Whether mom wants to reduce her environmental footprint, make fresh fertilizer for her garden and indoor plants, or just really hates smelly garbage - there’s a reason for her to love Lomi. Lomi is a home composter that turns kitchen scraps and household waste like paper and tissues into nutrient-rich dirt in just a few hours. How cool is that?

Price: $499.00

Why she’ll love it: Lomi is small enough to sit on mom’s countertop, yet powerful enough to break down all kinds of household scraps - including Lomi-approved bioplastics. 

Lomi by Pela



Lomi allows you to turn food waste into plant-ready nutrients in under 24 hours. Boost your plants while reducing your waste.

17. House of Marley No Bounds Sport Bluetooth Speaker

A light gray portable speaker on a shelf

If mom is a music-lover, or just can’t resist a good podcast, then this speaker by House of Marley - as in Bob Marley - would make an awesome gift. House of Marley is one of the few tech making companies that actually put the environment at the forefront of the design and construction of their products.

Price: $99.99

Why she’ll love it: While many portable speakers play music from only one side, this speaker wraps around all 360 degrees - projecting sound in all directions. 

18. Ember Mug2 

A woman drinking from a black mug

Know a busy mom who loves her tea or coffee, but can’t seem to sit still long enough to finish it while it’s warm? Then she’ll love the Ember Mug, which heats the contents from the base of the cup instead of from the base as with similar products. She can set the mug to keep her drink at her chosen temperature using her smartphone. The app will even notify her once her beverage is at optimal drinking temp!

Price: $149.95

Why she’ll love it: The mug is fully hand washable so cleanup is a breeze.

19. Neato D8 Intelligent Robot Vacuum

A black robot vacuum on a wood and carpeted floor

There was a time when gifting mom a vacuum was a no-no, but not anymore thanks to cool products like robot vacuums! For moms who love a clean house, but don’t always have the time to clean it themselves, the Neato D8 Intelligent robot vacuum gives mom the gift of free time as it zips around the house sucking up dirt, crumbs and pet hair.

Price: $199.99

Why she’ll love it: It runs up to a hundred hours off a single charge, meaning it can keep going until the job is done. As far as practical gifts for busy moms go, this one is pretty much the best!

20. Smeg Retro Style Coffee Maker Machine

A cream-colored coffee machine on a white background

Elevate her daily caffeine with this super stylish coffee maker by well-known appliance brand Smeg. Not only will one of the many colors - like red, pink, blue and black - look great in her kitchen, there’s a reason high-end coffee machines cost more. They make better-tasting coffee!

Price: $229.95

Why she’ll love it: She can replace her plain ol’ coffee maker with one that’s as cool as she is. 

21. Coway Airmega 150

A light blue air purifier in a living room

For moms with allergies, pets or who just want their home to be filled with the freshest air possible. Not only does the Coway Airmega 150 have a pre-filter and deodorizing filter, it also has a one-of-a-kind Green True HEPA filter that captures 99.9% of particles including viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Price: $142.49

Why she’ll love it: The Coway Airmega comes in fun colors like sage green and peony pink, meaning mom can have clean air without worrying about an unsightly piece of technology messing up her home decor style

22. Delilah 100% Organic Hemp Bed Sheet Collection

A folded set of luxury bed sheets

Handmade in a family-run factory in Portugal, these luxurious hemp sheets are a cozy gift that shows mom you’re thinking of her well-being. And once she realizes how soft they are, you can be sure she’ll be sleeping on them every night so they check two boxes - thoughtful and useful!

Price: $249.99

Why she’ll love it: Not only is hemp a sustainable material, it’s also cooling so it’s perfect for hot sleepers.

23. Classiky Wooden Sewing Box 

A light wooden sewing box on a dark wooden background

Know a crafty mom? Then you should definitely check out this Classiky wooden sewing box, which comes with perfectly sized compartments for everything from bobbins, to threads, to pincushions and more. Handmade in Japan, this sewing box has seven compartments in total.

Price: $265.00

Why she’ll love it: It’s easy to carry design means she can tote it around home, or bring it with her out into the world so she can have her supplies close at hand whenever she needs them.

24. Bose Sleepbuds II 

A woman with white earphones in her ears

For moms who use a sound machine to fall asleep, her own personal Sleepbuds will mean she can enjoy her soundscapes all to herself. With fifty different sounds such as waterfall, forest, waves and white noise, mom can choose whichever sound she finds most relaxing. Comes with three different sizes of ear tips for a snug fit that feels custom.

Price: $212.00

Why she’ll love it: These Sleepbuds can go for a full 10 hours on a single charge, so she won’t have to worry about waking too soon the sounds of traffic from outdoors or a noisy family.

25. Our Place Perfect Pot

An off-white pot with a lid being placed into an open oven

It’s the pot everyone is talking about by the brand everyone loves. From the makers of the famous Always Pan comes another addition to must-have cookware - the Perfect Pot. But what exactly makes it perfect? Well, it bakes, steams, crisps and boils - all while looking beautiful and holding up wonderfully. As any well-made pot should!

Price: $115.00

Why she’ll love it: It comes in a whopping eleven shades, so you can show mom you remember her favorite color when she unwraps her gift.

And there you have it! 25 gifts for mom that she’ll not only love - she’ll actually use! Here’s hoping you found the perfect gift on this list and - if the gift you’ve chosen is Lomi - read some of the amazing reviews left by happy Lomi gift buyers and gift recipients alike!

Written by: Larissa Swayze